Matter? "A Dream Is Anything That Has Weight And Occupy Space!!!" My Most Untold Crap!

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"Matter is anything that has weight and occupy space?" Hahaha, are you mistaken? 

"Dreams" are anything that has weight and occupy space! If doubt that a dream has weight, carry one and see! 

Hahaha, i carry two, mine and my dad's and my dad's dreams alone can cater to an entire country and fill that much expanse. I tell you this thing is heavy and occupies a ton of space!

Down to my posture has gone bad! I am currently doing physical therapy and waiting to see a psychiatrist this Sunday and i am not crazy! 

During therapy, no bone in me is any longer aligned and that is not because a pretty girl with soft hands was tending to me, it has most because i have been carrying very very heavy dreams for ages!

"The dreams of two hefty men!"

Hahaha, even my left and right rib have grown alignments apart; "one is higher than the other". My back-axle has loose nuts! My shoulder blade was unmovable, from too much stiffness! My collar bone lost its collar! My two buttocks have shrunk, for even when i am seated, i am heavily-ladened with heavy-weight dreams!

"Terry close your eyes; relax, so i can stretch you out"; she kept saying. Hahaha, more like saying; "Mr Stress relax, so i can de-stress you!"

My middle name is Stress and it has been this way for more than a decade now!

I'm i born for this? Perhaps! Because i tell you, if you carry this load that i have carried and you weren't born for it and didn't have some divine Grace; your crank-shaft would have knocked blatantly out

I am alive!

Dreams can be heavy! Weight depends on what type of dreams you carry! "You want to go to the moon, in the 17th century"; that is a heavy dream! "You want to find cure for AIDs"; that is heavy dream! "You want to feed nations"; that is a heavy dream. "You want to poke the globe from its outskirts and rain upon it, tears of joy"; that is a really heavy dream!

But just if you find yourself with these dreams on your head; up against a world of high mountain, with every other person going down the mountain and waiting for you come down with a scroll of good news; and with no food, water, pillow or pat on the back; then your middle name will be "Stress".

Dreams have weight and occupy space! 

Sometimes, i throw my two dreams down that mountain; hear it clatter and shatter and walk back all the way down that mountain, to look for the pieces of my dreams and my dad's; puzzle them back together; carry them all the way back up the mountain, only to throw them back down!

My very being is too lazy to quit, so the only way to pull myself out, from underneath this dream, is to fruition these dreams into reality.

"If DREAMS are anything that has weight and occupy space"; then "REALITY" must certainly have a whole different definition.

Stay tuned because this year, your boy Terry, will be able to define "REALITY"!

"Daddy, i will make those dreams of yours that you weren't able to bring to reality; a REALITY and to ice the cake; i will make my own dreams a reality too and with the computational weight of these dreams, we will occupy the spaces and fix nations to beautiful tears of joy!

"Not by my might, not by might"; for our Divine Creator Jehovah, is ultimately in charge of affairs!"

Dear internet user out there, if you want to be there when i define "Reality"; simply leave me a comment!

Your Boy Terry


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So much sweetness in this comment! You did well to read the post and really engage! For many "reality" bring "tears of joy"!

and we shall all share the "tears of joy", as we celebrate as a community. thank you @unmean-stweets

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thanks a bunch @unmean-stweets , will join. good day!

I haven't seen this in many years, but it seemed right!


Heavy dreams, you've nailed it bud. I have back and neck issues too, so I can relate. I hope you can begin to relax and unwind those those tortured muscles soon!

Sending Reiki Healing Energy and Love your way @surpassinggoogle <3 Thank you for all your help and most importantly ~ Thank you for BEING YOU! :)


Nothing worth having ever comes easy. Take care of yourself as you chase down your dreams, my friend!