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I spoke to my Mama today! 'Tears & unfell tears' filled the spaces but we spoke all the same. 

The woman loves me like crazy; believes in my like crazy!

As for "touching the world; fixing it to more tears-of-joy"; she spotted that in me, really early. It's a tough route and she knew it. 

My dad took that route and he crumbled. We watched it, we watched it; but she knew "that route" to be my route as well and she relegated her feelings, to let me take it!

Today, when she said "Terry" again, she said them with fell tears!

Earlier today, i took a video call, that i was afraid to take. I didn't want to look at my mama's sore face and not be physically there to pat it. I love her like crazy!

This woman is special! She bore me but every time she says "Terry", it is obvious, that she lets other mamas have me too! 

Fellas go love your mama. Read this to understand what i mean!

In the communities, as a young boy, it used to be "Terry", "Terry" everywhere and she noticed it. 

Even as a kid, people spoke greatly of me! I had sharp shoes on; i did loving stuff; people saw something!

Well, people would called my mama "Mama Terry" too and my dad was "Baba Terry"; everywhere! 

My pupsy was a beautiful man too! A huge man and there was something about him and you would feel it. These things have nothing to do with black-or-white; fine-or-ugly; be you black-or-white; fine-or-ugly, you would feel something when you around this man!

His simple handshake means everything!

He was also an intensely good man!

Even likely dislikers of good, knew this!

There used to be armed robbers when i was younger and they would always visit the large compound in which we lived in and they would raid 'house to house' and somehow they would always skip our house. 

Prayers helped!

We always had a big hole in our rusted metal gate as well, yet, these robbers will spend hours, trying to wreck the metal gates or windows of the houses beside us, to break in!

They would carry an entire car engine (there is an old car engine always laying around in the compound and the robbers knew these details, for these robbers come from around the hood) and they'll keep hitting at these other metal gates and windows all night, to break in; when they could just crawl easily into our house. 

Next, day we would walk the streets and it will be "Baba Terry" everywhere, for he was a good man. Many people had "kept his change". 

As he walked past places, disputes were getting settled. 

Hahaha, i used to be the proud Terry by his side. I was short and he was giant; now i am tall. 

He never got to know of steemit, but he was whale by every standard. 

Even when he got dead broke, "Baba Terry" were the words on the streets, still!

In Manila, Philippines, i am not with family, neither i have been around them for ages and there have been a ton of times, when i didn't have a dime! 

Plus, people here would constantly think i have loads of money, but don't i have money? "Oh i do!" 

Because, i would still tell you to keep the change!

And people will instantly say, "Terry, they are cheating you; they are exploiting you" and here is what i say in return;

These tiny good deeds can even save my life tomorrow!

And if someone is dead bent and wants to makes his entire ambition about exploiting me of 20 pesos, then perhaps i can afford that too, while i shoot for moon! 

Yes, i have been object of many not-so-good things here but i stay staunch when it comes to loving still. 

I am alive!

Love Me

You don't have to have nothing, to love like crazy. You simply need to be a hefty dreamer and love like crazy. Love is not just a feeling, it is strong like crazy!

Now, this route is dead hard!

You may need genes, specially cut out for this route; because the world is cruel! So not everyone has to go this exact route and but you can improvise!

We can improvise! 

"Love the person, next to you!"

Yes, loving a stranger out there is testimonial, so go for it!

If you can't find a stranger to love, love me!

Entertain freedom when you love me! 

Relegate reservations when you love me!

I got stronger today, so let's go!

Move we must! 

Below is my ringtone for today as i speak to "setbacks". Basically, i can't see "setbacks", so this is to imaginary "setbacks", if they exist:

Helm what u think you can.
But helm nothing pertaining to me.
Let your wits stay captive in your thoughts.
Keys untouched.
Cos' the Cragger of all goals.
Is captain of this ship.
No anchor, endless sail.
"Morever, morever, moreover"
Is the constancy with which
You should sleep to my attainments 

This (my) goal is concave
Your liquid schemes will only slide over
The Maker of orangutans, I'm his pot
What have u made?
Your existence? Lighter than fragments in my thoughts.

Do Look me eye to eye
Say you are not envious of hearts
Hearts with peace.
Tell me your not a fan of my met-goals

Resist for once, this once.
A gymed face toward goodness; my goodness!
Prince of persia? I'm that un-circumventable cessa, Princessa!
Number 5 is far better than S
No thanks but a heaving plea
This goal, gravity is letting it float
This particular goal, every wind vane supports
So this time, bikini-up & go have a tan!

an endless tan!

Dear Steemian Family, power up, let's go, for move we must!

Your Boy Terry



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 @sunnylife potatotized me & you with some love! 


And you got me all smiles and "awwwwing" when I had been with wet eyes just a few moments back....being confused and unhappy and plan tired about not getting much from my life like i want to....stumbling on your post put some smile on my face n m grateful...keep loving up and on Terry ....just keep on

Awwwww... Good that the post put a smile on you!

I am so so so glad about that. Read my last post

i will definitely do that..

lol am so sorry... it's just a habit that my friends like to do, I don't understand why @surpassinggoogle.. what is the maze of this? but you are so creative! hahaha wow!

Proud FILIPINOS!!!! <3


Those words of yours made me feel "Motherly love" i feel love of my mothers voice, calls me her most favourite beautiful name in a beautiful manner while smiles filled her faces.... omg you are so good @surpassinggoogle you made memories flows , how dad will throw me into air and caught me with loads of kisses .......... Joy overwhelmed me because i am going to have a beautiful day full of smiles

You gave me the word of the day ;

These tiny good deeds can even save my life tomorrow!- Terry
You are just more than a blessing to me Terry, have a pleasant days

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.

Mahatma Gandhi

I think everyone has the capacity to love and actively wants to love, but some are scared to love, fear misinterprets love as weakness and finds reason to justify this.

Very motivational piece, even with nothing but a dream and love you seem like someone with much more than you physically possess. Cool poem too.

So on point on every front

Exactly, we all need to be loved and we need to love, but we have choose the cruelty of what is in others. We have studied it and mastered and we preach it, it appears to be normal.

I met this old man, his 73 now am 23. i was off campus for four months and when he saw me. He looked at me, maybe he thought i would act like any other student and just ignore him passby after all i dont lose anything. But boy, when i got close i felt it was so heavy i gave him a hand shake and we just hugged for some time. This feeling is the sweetest and will always stay in my heart. What makes it special is like my white grandfather, friend, colleague, wonderful lecturer. I realised despite the race, color, tribe, we all humans and need to be loved.

@surpassinggoogle thanks for letting us (me)know one can choose to love unconditionally and the fruits from such love are the finest. There is so much love in our hearts, i think we need to let loose and accept to be hurt and love back.

We all have the ability.

Look at what you did to me. You made me teary-eyed while reading through this.Haha I can feel the love and the warmth. Your parents are wonderful! you are very proud of them but I'm sure that they're feeling the same thing towards you because you grow to be like them. You have a kind heart and that's what's special about you. Please continue to be a blessing to others. ❤

Tears aren't waste.

Terry-eyed? Special!

Thank you

Haha yes love that! Tears of joy it is. 😁☺️ Wishing you happiness as always!

Dear Terry, First Off - It's sad to know about your story. You love you father, mother and family very much as it's depicted in your writing - though not the exact representation of your feelings for them. I don't know much about the history of Philippines but it's true that good and bad people are everywhere. Those robbers vs your father or in today's scenario, it's you serving the humanity in general. I've have been curious to know your story but I was waiting for the right time. It's good that you shared this with us all. Though there is still some ambiguity and I want to learn more about it. May be, I missed something.
The world is a dangerous place and we see more negativity and less positivty in it.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein

Anyway, this path of your father and all the good human beings has always been difficult and it will be the same for you. However, you're a blessed soul so you will be able to travel through it.


Steem On!

You didn't miss anything. You are so onpoint with the ambiguity part. The story itself will come out in due time but only so that this story, however sad, teaches, upbuild and strengthens others

I see. So, the ambiguity part was on purpose? Can't wait to read the full story. My curiosity is touching its heights.

Yes soon. I have a new post. You may want to participate

it's a wonderful story and it's something i was thinking aout today! i have post an article about Water Lantern Festival a bit earlier, it's an event where people can make a wish and send a lantern onto water with it so it would come true... and one of the wishes was "Love", and i thought, it's not complicated to have love in your life, love the person next to you!

Hahaha yes. Very uncomplicated

The narrative of life that is exceptionally touching, ascent from affliction is a thing we generally need to experience, some are effective and some are not, ideally your days are enjoyable. @surpassinggoogle

Hi @surpassinggoogle, It was one of the best emotional blog I ever read. You can't believe while reading the words, tears were came in my eyes several times. What a writer you're man???
Great job dome man, and no doubt you're a true boy of your Mama. You always come with great stuff, but this is matchless, as its all about "MOTHER". I just want to share this poster only for you @surpassinggoogle:


Keep smiling & Stay blessed!

Cos you are awesome human, that's why tears flowed

Might be you are right @surpassinggoogle, but indeed you desrve lots of love only due to your generosity. You're the only one who commented on every sigle comment with an upvote of reasonable value. Stay blessed man!

Welcome anytime @surpassinggoogle!


I am sorry you have to go through all that. And i am more sorry that you have to use your sad story as motivation for others. I said you have a heart of gold. I meant it and i wasnt just saying that to tease.

Most times when we see someone probably dressed in nice clothes and driving a big car. We tend not to bother about what the person has gone through to get to where he is. We just interpret the physical things we see. Though on the outside the person might be happy but on the inside might be a person that has gone through a lot of struggles to get to where he is. But we dont know that and sometimes we do not even bother. How can we even bother? It us the human nature in most of us.

The rich also cry

You have a loving mum and i have a loving mum too. We just need to find a lasting happiness for these women for their love, care, courage and strength. But my dad................hmmmmm. Well i think i will just say nobody is perfect and everybody deserves to be loved no matter what they have done.

Love them both. No loss!

Do i have a choice. They are the reason i am able to have this conversation with you

By the way, the post hit me so hard that i kind of made a new post on its basis, referred to it, talking about the awesome personalities one gets to meet in steemit... Thank you once again

So touching @surpassinggoogle... Who wouldn't want to love a stranger? You showed me that love even when you didn't know me... My first 'heavy gift' from steemit was from you... Yes i know why i chose the world 'heavy gift'... You're a blessing to many!

Cute pictures... Keep being strong from them.


More to come in due time. You are on my mind. You don't know that enough yet

@sweetestglo-eu shaybi you know that you are my best friend

u get mouth. steem on

Salamat, lol, Google gave me that! Gracias!

Hahahahahaha... Nice one

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giphy (1).gif

Thank you for feelings, love and effort

your welcome . @surpassinggoogle

Wow! another inspiring story :), we shouldnt let setbacks took over us, power up more! Lets Go! Thanks Again Terry because you helped us get over with our setbacks here on steemit community. You gave us advises when no one else would attempt to or interested in newbies like us, your uplifting comments made us believe in ourselves so in return I'll be praying for your more successful life and to be strong in your path that will take. God bless you more @surpassinggoogle! Power up !

Steem wolverines

When I celebrate my birthday and mum greets me 'happy birthday', I always joke her that she's wrong it's not only my birthday but also her 'labor day' that we celebrate. I might not be the kind of person that speaks love but I understand the feeling very well. And I think that love between a mother and her child is one of the strongest forces in this vast expanse we call universe. An invisible yet inseparable connection. Thank you sir for reminding me a very important thing. And that poem of yours is simply awesome. Good luck to us and God bless.

Jehovah bless us

Just made my eyes water. You're a good kid, @surpassinggoogle !

You are awesome human. Even Jesus gave way to tears. He knew he resurrect Lazarus tho

A genuine person needs way more than love! I ran out of words. You inspire me every time, and of course most of us!

Run back into words by hopefully participating in my last post. Share too

"You don't have to have nothing, to love like crazy. "

So true brotha! I was so happy to see you supporting my friend @daudimitch after the Irma disaster!


Stay such an honest person, and keep producing all the good for our community!

I already told you people like you make this world a better place!

God bless!

Hahaha thank you!

Jehovah God bless!

Mahh Man!:))

Hey bro... You make me cry again... ☺ thank you for listening to me and your advice. Great things are what you have to say to me and I am encouraged to continue. From now on, I will expand my agenda. And if I have other questions, I will consult you.
thank you,


Great. Everytime you cry, resolve anew.

Getting back up is tough but you made it T, lets go kick some Steem-Butt🤗

Hey Terry! Your mum is beautiful with an angellic heart. You know that feeling of love that makes you cry, that is how i felt with your post. Guess i was carried away and called you Terry. Sometimes i wish my parents dont die, cos i am scared if anyone would love me as they do when they are gone.

Sorry about your parents. Hang in there, there will be beautiful times ahead. Life can be very complicated really. Look at my last post and participate freely. Shed more tears too as you participate

A very piercing story @surpassinggoogle, reading your post I was convinced that your love for the mame is sincere and her love for you, her Terry is also selfless and it deserves attention and respect! Today, all of us have learned a lot about you and about your life and I increasingly understand that you are a man of sparks and open to us. Thank you for your attention to us and our business. By the way, an excellent ringtone :)

Sweet comment. You took time to feel and grasp

Thank you, @surpassinggoogle, I think we all need to try to penetrate the meaning and thoughts of the person who leaves a message for us, only so we can be on the same wavelength with him and answer the message correctly!

Mums are very special people God created to look over us, no love will ever be greater than the love of a mother to her child, if we all could love the next person next to us like crazy, then the world would be a better place..let's show some love like our friend @surpassinggoogle

Most times I actually say that life is unfair the way it dishes us very unpleasant meals. But you know what? You are a survivor and with a heart of gold, you are yet to go places.

Thank you so much ma'am and I look forward to more of your of your posts

Just when I thought I have bigger problems then on a comment you told me that you'd post about yours. Reading this made me sad but made me smile as well. Keep moving! You are an inspiration to many. 💖

Sometimes it is not about the size of the problem. If you are deep, with hefty dreams etc, you simple suffer more.

Beautiful as always. I got here by my own choice, stayed for love. Finally was able to do a community service where I was able to talk briefly about Steemit. This is my first memory of you in this platform. You once said that "a better way to help is get them into Steemit". Now once is not enough for sure.

Will continue sharing the love where I can. I may not come close to your big loving heart, but will go on trying. Thanks for always being an inspiration. Poverty is no reason to not love, pain is no reason to not love, no reason is enough to not love.

Hey Terry my brother,

it's​ so good to see you blogging and your positivity in your Post.
These old Pictures are so cute :)

May God bless you my brother :)

Hi brother, Jehovah bless us in Jesus name amen

thank you, ​my friend :)

I don't care anymore hahahaha I am rich!! hahaha

Thanks you ...
mag tagalog ka nga! please!! 10M pa more! hahaha

bahala ka na sa korona ko! #shakitmosabangz!!!

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awww cute post Terry, cuteee baby pics, glad to know you are better today and hope your mom is doing well also. I share the same sentiment with you on shooting for the moon, only good and pure thoughts here.

Shoot for the moon!

sweet potatoes @sunnylife, you have a bountiful garden :)

I think this is a very happy family,
I am very lucky to have such a happy family ...
what I may ask you, please see my article,, @surpassinggoogle

I have two beautiful poems do you want to help me @surpassinggoogle

Key words from this masterpiece are: motherhood, good name, love and prayers! Good name is really important and we need to show people love wherever we go. Thanks for this sir!

There are more keywords but kosi wahala. you picked some amazing ones

@surpassinggoogle this is an awesome post about mother love...very touching indeed

You are a great person and your post is alwayes awesome...everybidy wait of your posting ..you should make daily..thanks for sharing

Hahaha. I will try

What a lovely family, filled with God's blessings. Cary go baba. You're an inspiration to many. Including myself.

I am awed by this post. I could feel the love in your heart as i read through the lines of this writeup. Our mama and papa are always close to our hearts, the are our superheros. Even the Holy Book says lets us love one another, for love comes from God.

I am awed by your loving comment

Hi @surpassinggoogle, I can feel the pain in your writing. One's love for family is a natural thing. I can't console you or even say the words of kindness at this time. However, there is one thing, my feeling that I can share with you. You remind me of this man in the video. Compassion is a blessing my friend. God bless you!

Will take time to digest its content. Thank you for a heartfelt comment

It's a pleasure. I'm sure you like it because it spells as COMPASSION and that's what you're in a word.

Very soulful story of him, I realized that you are a good kind person. Many thanks to your mother for this.

Really encouraging! Mothers are great beings! Love can turn any negative to positives!

Thanks for reminding us about the benefits of good name!

Mom is a name thats never hurts you

Tnx for sharing such a lovely story!

You are welcome

Very nice story....God bless your family @surpassinggoole:).
Na touch po ako sa story about your life @surpassinggoogle.. I hope your mama will be okay..:)

I am glad to have touched. I was touched by your comment as well

Loving you

Touching touching and so touching.... I admire you so much because you teach love well in your actions on this platform. Thanks for sharing this. I am happy I read through. Thanks @surpassinggoogle

Indeed family is the most important
They will be yours in good and bad times,

I know that feeling that you missed someone but you cant be with
Because of the distance between!

But life is what it is,
We keep moving,
Keep loving,
And stay strong and positive

We support you surpassinggogle
Indeed you are a real person and beautiful

It is beyond that. I haven't bought them skyscrapers yet. I am behind schedule. Deep things

No matter what
We are here to support you
In every struggle you are into

This so touching @surpassinggoogle , thank you very much for sharing this. Life is just full of ups and downs all we have to do is just pray for a better future

In truth @surpassinggoogle, the power of prayer and faith is very huge, the most important thing is sincerity and we will be heard!

Thanks @surpassinggoogle

100% like and resteem

The story of life that is very touching, rise from adversity is a thing we always want to go through, some are successful and some are not, hopefully your days are fun. @surpassinggoogle

Thank you for awesome well-wishes. There will be good times Jehovah's willing

The part that touches me the most is how you talked about your mom. I could feel a lot of love and it reminded me of my own mom. I love her so much it breaks my heart when she cries. She had a stroke a few years ago. I die each time she tells me she's already tired of living. I do my best to make her happy, to let her know that we, her family, is worth living for. Thanks @surpassinggoggle for all the love you gave in this post.

I got touched by your comment in return. Hold her close, love her. And even when you can't give as much as your intentions, make your intentions known to her still. She will understand still

I will do my best to make her feel loved. Thanks @surpassinggoogle. Now I know why many users love you. Your words are truly touching and inspiring.

that's really a strong and sentimental post.....u just spoke out your feelings in very constructive manner....thanks for this article

Awesome post @surpassinggoogle.

It made me kind of emotional and i do like to say ,there is some magic in moms that drives us crazy towards them .
Love you mom ,Just love you
To my mom :)

lovely story, touched my heart...
really good one..

I can imagine the feeling you mom had, I can imagine the fear she has,.. I can imagine the tears,... I know you will take care for her, even in this difficult time

Thank you for selflessly imagining. Yes, there will be great times

Life is short, so go take risks for love. 😎😎

There is love and there is love

it was such a heart touching article touch thanks for sharing :) @surpassinggoogle

Ouh very nice and so touching boss. Great!! Great!!Great. We love mama very much

I did look again this post, and now I found the interesting pictures with the family. That sure will bring back memories from early years. I see/read also pictures where taken in Greece. So nice to see sharing good times.


Thank you

Powerful words, brother! I'm sure Baba Terry would be proud of everything you have achieved here. I told you before that your words would one day resonate throughout the whole platform, now a lot of people owes their time on Steemit to you. You are truly on your way to surpassing Google!

If you can't find a stranger to love, love me!

Entertain freedom when you love me!

Relegate reservations when you love me!

I had also been loving strangers for so long, having spent most of my adult life outside family arms. Strangers had love me, i had also love strangers, moreso i am still loving both strangers, family and friends.
I love the fact that you put yourself out to be loved, of course not many can do that especially on this space. Freedom and relegation of reservations is a big access to making people expressing their wits around you. Great one @surpassinggoogle. You are unarguably lovable.

You are so cute boy... Best regards to your beloved mama and baba terry...
Nice to meet you 😊😊😊😊

Hahaha yes, when i was baby.

Please follow me back... And I have add you in my facebook thanks.

LOVE this words is so powerful which can bring lot of smile on face then its anyone even stranger or not, like right now you bringing smile on lots of faces and i am sure after reading daily your post at least some people change and think positive or can say start to enjoy life which they not did before,you are doing great work and god bless you and your family.Amen

No doubt. Thank you

I Love to read what you shared.. Specially about your mother... Wow.. Touches my heart.. Keep it up!

Inspired truly

Such a touching story @surpassinggoogle, one day I could also share my story too here in steemit. A story of an illegitimate child......My Story :'(

Exercise freedom but pace things and speak these stories at the right time or moment

Sometimes I just ask myself why do I live in this world but thanks to some friends of mine who always keep me strong.. :'(