[LEARN & EARN - Week #LAST] No more asking of what did you learn in the last couple of days :/

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Thanks to everyone for creating and using #learnandearn tag :) It was a nice ride buut I'm taking a break from running this..


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Break? Why? We're rolling!

Hah, I have couple of reasons :) Here are some of them:
  • Suuper-low interaction from participants - yupp, most of people just came here and dropped their post or comment. Got upvote on the comment, got upvote on the post, got bounty...and bounced till next week. I kinda hoped people would read each other's submissions as well. Only person who was doing this regularly was @trincowski and @brittandjosie. I was always happy to see them commenting around
  • Noone really cared about my learnings :D - Ok..I know this might sound selfish..but there were cca 13 participants for last 4 weeks straight and every single week of them, I posted same 5 things over and over again. Noone even noticed that I don't update my learnings -> means noone even bothered to read it. It really felt very disappointing as I've taken time to always read and reply to what you've learned last couple of weeks. And also given out 40 STEEM to run all this... Funny enough, the only person who repeatedly reacted to what I've learned was @liltammy who's not even entering the contest. Go check her out, cool girl!
  • Although contest was gaining some steam last couple of weeks, we never really became independent...means, I was always waiting if we get upvote from @knircky, @blockbrothers and my beloved @steemitbloggers (POWERHOUSECREATIVES) to cover the bounty expenses...at the end of the day, I hoped the contest to be profitable for me as well, no shame in that, right? We're all kinda here for rewards as well
  • No sponsors to increase the prize pool. Only one ever was @simplymike. Thanks!!
  • Boxwise - I'm getting really busy with the refugee app we're developing soo I'm quite cutting on my Steemit time


Learners' table

Here's the final table without this week as I'm lazy to update it. Also, @knircky and @steem-bounty are not replying regarding last week issues with payout of rewards...what a sad ending to this :D

LearnerCurrent streakWeeks attendedEarned Learned together
@brittandjosie9153.66 STEEM
@manoldonchev15152.86 STEEM
@trincowski10143.49 STEEM
@viking-ventures13133.44 STEEM
@hockney10122.84 STEEM
@fitinfun580.88 STEEM
@darrenfj471.34 STEEM
@simplymike271 STEEM
@wakeupkitty340.61 STEEM
@aliciasteyn330.54 STEEM
@mariannewest260.73 STEEM
@shari-loveurlife220.32 STEEM
@blueeyes8960110.16 STEEM
@bil.prag110.08 STEEM
@ganjafarmer110.08 STEEM
@audreybits010.122 STEEM
@wonderwop020.204 STEEM
@botefarm020.282 STEEM
tryskele020.336 STEEM
thekittygirl010.182 STEEM
aezakmi010.093 STEEM
dmilliz010.093 STEEM
ajorundon010.186 STEEM
sartigas16010.122 STEEM
usman119010.115 STEEM
sifondeseltz010.115 STEEM
prasasth010.173 STEEM
mimismartypants010.253 STEEM
botefarm010.126 STEEM
bxlphabet010.126 STEEM
declutter69010.126 STEEM
blanchy061.325 STEEM
felt.buzz020.358 STEEM
delishtreats041.113 STEEM
zekepickleman030.477 STEEM
rjoshicool010.146 STEEM
dosdudes010.146 STEEM
oclinton010.280 STEEM
mattifer040.604 STEEM
theadmiral0010.128 STEEM
booster916020.306 STEEM
romaldos010.169 STEEM
zzuzza010.355 STEEM
cloudblade010.18 STEEM
macchiata010.128 STEEM
el-nailul010.101 STEEM
gmatthe2010.057 STEEM
akomoajong010.057 STEEM
nickyhavey010.188 STEEM
vimukthi010.062 STEEM

I'll be untagging people (removing @ sign) after two weeks of inactivity so that they don't get unnecessary notifications.

Previous weeks can be found here:

Thanks for everyone for taking part, altho it feels a bit bittersweet to end this on this note haha :D Onto the next one. Peace! Matko.

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Ok intermittent fasting dude Matko here is blondie Britt from the Netherlands on Saturday morning kinda disappointed but glad to........

I thought about this comment a few days and decided to reply on the day I have submitted my blogs #learnandearn for the last I don’t know how may #learnandearn weeks. Offcourse I read the learning curve about the skiwasser, the cherrypick a offcourse I saw that you did the same copy paste thing for three weeks , the blog before that were just as little words about insta and Linq I believe, but he it’s your blog, and contest, so I don’t want to to say anything to the initiator of the contest challenge.
But you punished me along the way for copy pasting the same blog by mistake !!!! and I wasn’t about to be a mum and do the same, I do this for me and even played around with some apps to create art with your face, you didn’t see that..... and the reason is time and about 20.000 other accounts you have to see , view or read. Plus 12 discords, 3 telegram groups and so on. Mixed with that challenge of yours of fasting LIFE IS TOUGH DEAR !!
And you take a break on week 20, that is a nice achievement if you ask me. I supported with Blockbrothers because I think it’s a nice initiative!


I think it’s a waste to through it away so with your permission I will keep doing the #learnandearn tag and challenge it’s yours and I will reward 1 steem to number 1,2 and 3 or a SBI but I agree in your earlier reply I have to look into it first and I am changing the rule that you have to use the picture with your notebook. I just love the creative side of making a blog!
When you feel up to it again it’s yours again and you can take it back.
I am not as great magician in reproducing the data but sure I am gonna try MAYBE I WILL LEARN SOMETHING!

For the record I appreciated the contest the effort and the replies, and the fact that your developing an app for the refugees. Ok enough ,
blog to you soon and stay healthy
And let me know if you don’t want me to go on with the blog,
I will DM you this reply too!


Oh, I just wrote about the probability of somebody taking on the role of host...and I read your comment afterwards. To find it already there. Let us know what happens :)


I Will blog about it today, thanks


I Made the first blog the contest is till sunday 😉

I am sorry I didn't participate more. I always meant to come back and check people's posts, but I didn't always remember. I did sometimes comment when I saw something interesting though. I know some people enjoyed reading my entries as well.

I have been keeping my interesting new tidbits tabs open as I find things, so I would have something to post... You know... I may just keep on doing it anyway - because it's fun.
I'm sorry it didn't work out as hoped. Even the PIFC, we keep talking about what we can do to encourage more engagement. It's not easy.

I understand the bittersweet feeling, but there is actually no need for that (easier said than done, I know). Look back at it, and realize you motivated people - even if it weren't that many - to reflect on their lives and their growth. It may not feel like an achievement right now, but it really is.

I ain't easy to keep a recurring thing going here. It's like you say: so many things are going on here. Most times, it were @brittanjosie's posts that reminded me to come over to your contest. I would come across one of her posts in PHC and every single time I planned to join. But always there were two more posts to check out (oh, how I hate those rules), which means I got completely distracted and often forgot all about it. I'm sure that goes for a lot of people. If only a day would have 72 hours...

19 weeks... I think you should feel proud more than anything else.

at the end of the day, I hoped the contest to be profitable for me as well, no shame in that, right? We're all kinda here for rewards as well.

Absolutely no shame in that. But unfortunately, the harsh truth is that in my experience, contests are seldom profitable. I have run my fair share - still do - and I think the only contest that was ever profitable was the appreciation contest, but that's about it.

I hope a time will come when you will realize what a valuable thing you have been doing all these weeks - maybe not monetary-wide, but in so many other ways.

And good luck with the new project!!!


Thxx for the kind words :) I don't really take it so tragic as it might sound - I was writing it in my final hours of my 72 hour fast :D So I was totally hangry :D hahah true, PHC is full of rules :D but that's what makes the group work I feel..

And I know you're running your gardening contest :) I have a post for June saved from last june haha :D cuz I've written it late soo decided I'll wait till the next year hahaha :D So pls keep going at least till then :D

Also, thx for the sponsorship once again :)


You're welcome.
Actually a very original idea to keep the June post for this year. Very creative 😂

But that post is a perfect example of what I mean. I put a steem-bounty on the comments section, and reward 2 posts with 3SBD - which isn't exactly a whole lot of money.

Some time this week (or maybe next week), it'll be 1 year since the first contest. I don't even want to do the math on how much I have spent on it, but I'm 100% sure I have put in alot more than I got out of it. Monetary-wise, I mean.

For every edition, I have about 5 to 13 participants. Not a whole lot, but I enjoy doing it - in spite of the fact that it takes up a lot of time to read all the posts and leave a comment, and it costs me even more VP.
Now, if I only would be able to get my own gardening update up... lol. My pictures are on my phone since 2 weeks, I simply haven't gotten to it it yet :0)

i was here for only 2 weeks but the python and potato mash were suspicious. i just thought you are learning python so it is something new, and you just love potato mash :D and did not bother to check. thought you are organising this there were be no point in you cheating, my biggest problem, trusting people :D


Hah no big deal really :) I bet some people noticed it...but the whole steemit is all kinda hurry...you have limited time to get in, post, comment a bit and get out...unless you wanna spend hours and hours here...sooo I get it that even if you notice, you don't necessarily point it out immediately..if there'd be just that, I'd keep going for sure. It's the mix of all the points...I dind't want to half-ass it so I was really spending my time to read those posts of participants...but I mean..it was really just costing me time :D Soo F it :D I'll make sunday my Appics day :D


how is Appics holding on? i did download the app, try it but i feel guilty to only post a photo and a short comment :D i thought i will use it for photo contests but it is a hustle to transfer photos on the phone and then post from it.


Well, I used to feel guilty as well...but don't worry, noone really cares. Microblogging is actually only format people really "read" :D So give them what they want :D


my last post is an example of that :D


This thread is a great discussion of the reality of blogging.

One has the desire of posting and commenting but realizes they have to do it within a week, and then balancing that with the realities of todays social media where the attention spans are small and the microblogging is the norm of the time..


I spend hours, actuallyday and night and frequently feel I do the rest in between. Till the day of today I still am not writing what I like to write most of all. I believe too it is all about fast now and being productive. Even commenting is seen as a waste of time.

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Sorry it didn’t work out as planned z😐I thought it was a cool initiative. I feel guilty now for not participating although it is not due to lack of interest I swear... anyways I think it’s still cool to write about random stuff you learn even if it’s not in a contest type of scenario

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Hah I feel the same with all @phortun 's contest. They are pretty cool and quite easily doable..and I still almost never take part :D

The refugee app sounds interesting. Is that through your work?

I hear you on the running of contests. It is a lot of work and the rewards are not always much. I have been running contests through the Freewrite House now for a long time and it is like a full-time job with very little pay.

In reality, the big accounts have tons of people who are trying to get their attention. And they already have their friends and favorites. And the little accounts can't give much of an upvote - even if they want to.
If you do a contest again, I suggest you give away SBI as prizes. that way, it helps you build your account as well and in the end, is a much better thing to have than a little bit of Steem. The upvotes keep on coming. It is a long term investment, but if we all hope that Steem will go somewhere - then it is the way to go.
Also, you seem to be doing very well with your DTube posts, so, keep doing what works for you.
And about the learning something. A lot of the things you have learned have no meaning in my world (like anything having to do with coding and such) so, it doesn't stick in my brain. And I read tons of posts - so, by the time a week has gone by, I probably already forgot what you had learned - after all, that is yours to remember, not mine LOL


Yah, I was thinking about switching to SBI...but I'm still not sure about it...I remember when doing myresearch on it, ROI was pretty bad....I also wanted to rewards everyone and not have to choose winners every time cuz that might be subjective...soo steem-bounty it was :) And yah, your freewrite is probably the longest running contest on this blockchain, right? Nice job!

Musela som :D
Ale neé.. je mi luto tvojej série..fňuk :D


:D co uz :D aspon usetrim 2 steemy tyzdenne :D

It's been a nice initiative and it was great of you to do it, no matter what the expectations and results. People did learn from others ;)

So, that was what bugged me... It seems I've noticed the things you repeated since I'm always checking those. But on some sub level where I never fully realized they were 100% the same. Just seemed very familiar. "Oh, he's on that voodoo thing again, that's not exactly voodoo... Doesn't matter, keep on doing what you love...".

I don't know why my mind is so scrambled lately, except that I know why. I just won't post most of it for now. Personal stuff is sometimes personal ;)

Let's hide a sentence in here and see what happens. Somebody else might decide to take up the initiative and continue it in their own way. I won't be too surprised to see it return to Steem at some point. But the network is small, yet, and that's the truth. (I wrote that because it sounded cool like in The Dark Tower books, not because I'm a specialist on truths. Oh, wait, on paper I am something as close to that as it gets. Whatever.)

I support your decision because it's yours to make. Just be yourself. You're doing a great job of it, actually, you don't need me to say that ;)

I learned a lot of new routes to and from my new neighborhood, other things about logistics here and other information about the area. But that's of no value to anybody else until I collect it and make a story out of it.

See you around!

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Aw! I'm sorry to hear this. You have to do what works for you here, and this initiative was a lot of work. I really appreciated and I hope your next endeavors work out better!

sad to see it go.. but didn't realize it was totally out of pocket for you.

I will likely continue to post since daily learning is something I've been doling for some time now..

Maybe if I ever end up as a Dolphin we can chat again about some kind of weekly bot that creates the initial post and bounty and then a discord group that rotates people with ownership who go in and vet the posts for upvotes?

Also: nice trick never changing your updates for the last few ;) You caught me at my busy season at work, so sad I missed it, trickster.. :D

You get the Loki token, if there was one..

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I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors @matkodurko. Hope to see you again on the steemit platform my friend :) Take care.

It is understandable you quit there are so many contests here that it is hard to join them all. I noticed most struggle with very less participants.
And if it comes to what you "learned" if a post always looks nearly the same it is seen as a example how to make it. Or did you make a separate post as well?

Most of all I wish you fun!

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well I was happy with number of participants...it was relatively high..but they werent engaging that much..and nope, every post had a part which I've actualized on weekly basis with stuff I've learned..anyway, not important anymore :D


lifelong learning is always important!!! 😝

I did like that you mixed up technical stuff with stuff like 'learned a new wrestling move'

I am glad you took it on and it reminded me, particularly, that even though I do coding everyday.. what else am I learning? What life skills or new field or completely new thing?

Thanks for that