THE WAR: Use of Sports in a Hybrid War

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Imperial idea of a Hybrid War encompasses war on every field: hot war against the interest of ‘enemy’ states, propaganda war, economic war, financial war, trade war, culture war, cyber war, neocortical war… you name it. And don’t forget sports war.

Someone could argue that professional sport has become a war theater since cold war and missing American athletes at Moscow Olympic games in 1980, as well as Soviet athletes at Los Angeles Olympic games in 1984. Not so. Olympic movement was never a noble idea. In the ancient Greece it was a call to war, and it’s ‘reincarnation’ in modern era was actually a fascist idea of “mass education”, well documented in the books of Philosophy PhD Ljubodrag Simonović (like for example The Olympic Deceit of the ‘Divine Baron’ – Pierre de Coubertin) and his documentary movie “Olympic Flame” (60 min) available for viewing in English, Spanish, Russian and Serbian language.

Attacking Russia

Russia underwent a full scale attack in hybrid war since the advent of Vladimir Putin, and his rejection to bow to the globalist ‘elite’. And we had hot wars (in Checenya, in Georgia against Russian peacekeepers, started on 08.08.2008 — during the Olympic games in Beijing, in Ukraine, in Syria), propaganda war (everlasting ‘Russiagate’), economic war (sanctions), financial war (threats to remove Russia from the SWIFT system), trade war (‘Democratis’ LNG), culture war (‘identity politics’ against Christian believes), cyber war (attacking critical state systems over the net), neocortical war (numerous attempts to twist history and force people to accept ‘Imperial’ version)… and in everyone of these attacks Russia has reacted rationally, searching for solutions through alternatives. Everyone except the sport attack…

Professional Sports — A Domain of Fascist Mafia

If there wasn’t a tragically weak reaction to the ‘Doping Affair’, we could be considering current Russian political leadership as a very rational and pragmatical. The attack begun four years ago, after the WADA leadership launched an affair beginning with a doping results from the Sochi Winter Olympics. And very soon, without any evidences or even proper investigation, Russian athletic team was banned from the Rio Olympics in 2016, and in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics they have been humiliated not only by ban to their best athletes, but they were also forced to perform without their national insignia! For some reason, they have accepted this, probably expecting that Russian athletes will be cleared of false accusations in a subsequent investigation and court rulings. Pipe dreams… The have even made a documentary named Doping X-Files. Continuing Russian doping scandal: fight to clean up sport or witch-hunt? in an attempt to present their side — like it was relevant for the ‘Empire’! Well, it isn’t.


All along as Russia insists on ‘clarifications’, Imperial fascists who own WADA system will be using it to smear the Russian state and its athletes on the big (and spectacular) sports scene — it’s their free propaganda domain!

Solution? Dissolution!

‘Russian doping’ affair is not a glitch in the system. It is a system made to “put in place” everybody who resist ‘imperial’ will. One of the most drastic examples was stealing gold medal from the Serbian swimmer Milorad Čavić, and giving it to TWICE caught cocaine user, Michael Phelps! A year later Omega admitted that Čavić made the first contact, insisting on the strange explanation that ‘Čavić didn’t push the touchpad hard enough’! Makes you wonder why it’s called a ‘touch pad’ and not a ‘push pad’. And what’s the purpose of underwater photo-finish cameras? Omega even sent an email to Mark Spitz, former Olympic recorder by the number of gold medals, saying Phelps has lost:

“I was sent an email posted by Omega that said he had lost the race. If they were the official time keeper why wasn’t that available moments after the race? I don’t believe he won the race but he’s still the greatest swimmer in the world, with or without that medal.”

Nobody did bother to correct injustice, but someone did a few efforts to remove links to the incriminating evidences, just so the “Empire” could have another hero in a spectacle of showing small countries where they belong:

Russia will never be let of the hook of this corrupted system. What they could do? In the documentary they have shown the origin of the discrepancies between two databases. It is clear that centralized database cannot be trusted, as it can be changed by anyone. If the Russian computer experts are wise enough, they could suggest creation of a new system, based on blockchain, where it would be exactly clear who and when has changed database. But even if they do remember of blockchain, WADA will not accept their proposal. They do not intend to let anyone but them in control. Therefore, expect a new set of humiliation for the Russian athletes in Japan.

That leaves the dissolution as the only solution. All of that global sport system under the control of the “Empire” must be dismantled. As in every other aspect of the hybrid war, Russia must create an alternative. Dissolution of a current system of professional sports institutions will be one very good sign of vanishing ‘Imperial’ power, and a good step towards a better World.

* * *

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