THE WAR: Nuclear Tripwire

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The Third World War is already under way. The question is: Will it become a nuclear one?

While I thought the Third World War has officially begun when NATO rejected its defense use and became aggresive alliance (with the bombing of Federeal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999), Saifedean Ammous, author of the excellent book “The Bitcoin Standard — The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking”, thinks that we are actually living one perpetual war since 1913 and formation of the Central Banking system. That perpetual war is just changing its nature. Since World War II it morphed to ‘cold war’, and then morphed into the ‘war against terrorism’, and then to a ‘hybrid war’… At the end of the line there is clear and present nuclear war threat. Will it explode?

Well, one more big step in that direction was made. Pentagon is now openly speaking about the possibility of ‘first nuclear strike’ and dreaming about the ‘winnable nuclear war’…

Most Americans believe, mistakenly, that the US, like Russia and China, has always vowed not to use nuclear weapons first, but only in retaliation. The reality is the US government not only has never renounced initiating nuclear war, As Michio Kaku and Daniel Axelrod documented in their excellent book To Win a Nuclear War, and as Daniel Ellsberg more recently documented covering a later period in his book The Doomsday Machine, the US has repeatedly come close to launching, and has even more often threatened to launch a nuclear war.

Dave Lindorff

In January, several Democratic candidates running for president in 2020, including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, have co-sponsored a bill which would legally bind U.S. not be the first to use nuclear weapons. In response, Joint Chiefs Chairman, General Joseph Dunford said that he “can also imagine a few situations where we wouldn’t want to remove that option from the president.” Not only that, but U.S. has deployed the B-52 strategic bombers, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, to Georgia, very close to Russia's southern border, only a few days after that response…

Duration: 3:10

In response, Russia deployed two Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers and Iskander systems to Crimea. That means, the time for correcting a possible mistake in recognizing the nuclear attack is reduced from 10-12 minutes, to a few minutes only. It’s another nuclear tripwire.

The trajectory to a great war is so clear, and it had to be attributed to the most deserving: U.S. military/industrial complex, insatiable financial corporations and neocon psychopats in the U.S. Administration. Are they unstoppable?

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