TRADE WAR: Burning Down the Planet

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The things are getting tense in the Trade War, and closer to a hot war. Everyone fears that planet could burn into nuclear holocaust. Unfortunately, the planet may be burned in a various ways…

This August was marked in history by the catastrophic fires in Siberia, Russia and in the tropical Amazon rainforests, in Brazil. You might think it was normal consequence of global warming. On a second thought, it is a normal consequence of disaster capitalism that will inevitably lead to a global warming. And the hypocrisy usually come to the surface first. You see, according to NASA, the area scorched every year by wildfires has dropped 24 percent since 2003…


That can’t be because there is less forests to burn with every coming year, right? Because University of Maryland/NASA study in 2018 discovered that forest growth over the last 35 years has more than offset losses through deforestation, and the forest cover worldwide has increased by an area the size of Texas and Alaska combined — all of it thanks to human-led replanting efforts! Nothing to worry about, right? Then why this puppet — you know, the one that couldn’t save Notre Dam — is playing panic?


Oh, BTW, the pic he used is not from this year. Is he trying to settle counts with a fine fascist Bolsonaro? Why then would Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel joined him? Why Austrian MPs are demanding revision of the draft for a EU-Mercosur free trade agreement? And look who else has awaken to the corporate destruction of the World?


How can we know that this is a corporate destruction of the World? Of course, there are other studies except the NASA ones, which give a bit different picture…

A usual manipulative strategy in ‘liberal’ capitalism is to talk one thing while doing completely opposite. While the ‘elite leaders’ have a mouth full of environmental protection, they are doing nothing to prevent predatory corporations like Cargill, ADM and JBS in the job of deforestation, and with full financial support of the big Western banks like Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Vanguard and BlackRock…

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OK, but what does a trade war have to do with it?

You may remember a famous sentence from the classic Woody Woodpecker cartoon: If Woody had gone right to the police, this would never happen… Well, if Trump had not start a trade war, this would never happen. China has retaliated putting up tariffs on soy bean, making it too expensive for the massive Chinese population. China was the greatest importer of soy bean from the U.S. and that was not an easy decision — they have targeted Trump’s electorate, expecting repercussions in the near term of the American elections. On the other side, they had to find another soy bean producer which could replace import from the U.S. Until 2018, U.S. was the greatest soy bean producer with 108 million metric tons (data from August 30, 2018) Let’s see who is the second largest producer. Oh, it’s Brazil! In August 2018. they had a production of 86.8 million metric tons. Guess where China go for cheap soy bean? And here are the data from September 2019:

Soybean Production by Country
(Values in Metric Tons)

  1. Brazil: 123,000,000
  2. United States: 98,865,000

It doesn’t have to be a genius to understand how big food corporations (and banks) had a small talk with Bolsonaro, he gave permission to the Brazilian farmers for a large scale deforestation which would allow larger areas for planting soybeans and for the raising of livestock, for the small price of… destroying “the lungs of the Earth”. Should I tell you what Angela Merkel have done to prevent destruction by restraining Deutche Bank? Or Macron restraining BNP Paribas?

While I was preparing this text, the news just come in: China cancels plans to visit with US farmers next week. They have found their soy bean alternative… and now are working intensively on their space program probably in search for the alternative planet.

And, BTW, watch what will happen with the land under burned forests in Siberia. If soy bean starts to grow there, then you can be sure that a virus of rabid capitalism have also infected Russia…

* * *

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