THE WAR: Monkey Wrench Out of the U.S. Policy

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Good news from the Trump’s administration are as rare as a honest centralized bitcoin exchanges. So we really are looking forward even to the tiniest one…

It’s not a spectacular good news, but it is at least one small step towards sanity: The National Security Walrus, whose worst nightmare was a world at peace, just got sacked!

You may remember him from the text “Firm Steps to WWIII”. It’s a turd… excuse me, third National Security Advisor dumped during Trump’s tenure. There were expectations this might happen, but nobody could bet on the right timing. And it has happened early in the morning on September 10th, suddenly, in a tweet:

You are fired-2019-09-11_115221.jpg

What would you give to be in the Oval Cabinet with those two together? At Steemit, you have the most reliable insider report:

You are fired-3a95sv.jpg

This ‘all options are on the table’ clown never managed to our “Clown of the Month” competition just because we didn’t have a ‘Psycho’ category in it. Still, you really can’t resist searching for “B-memes” all over Internet, do you?


Understandable. Humor is a natural relief reaction when you step back from a nuclear holocaust — however small that step might be. Despite all the vitty titles, like for example…

  • Mustached Out!
  • Hawk Down
  • John Bolt-off

…for a serious part of this post, your @Lighteye would choose Ron Paul’s characterization of this expulsion, as: “getting a monkey wrench out of the policy”.

Duration: 7:23

Bolton was known for running his own show side by side with POTUS, but with opposite agenda. We could find a few reasons more, but the key was… It just couldn’t be tolerated any longer. And you could see some happy faces after John was bolted out:


But the really serious question would be:

Boltoff laughing-download.jpeg

Can we expect a sane person at the position of National Security Advisor?

I am not an optimist. How about you?

* * *

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I am also very happy to see him go.
He must have panicked when Trump wanted to talk to the Taliban.

He must have panicked when Trump wanted to talk to the Taliban.

Yes, probably that too, @tarotbyfergus. Thanks for the addition to the text :)

Какая разница в жопе какой марионетки рука кукловода? Болтон или другой, ничего не поменяется.

Совершенно верно, @rosgard.

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Frederick Fleitz has been rumored to be on the short list. He was considered for DNI and has been John Bolton's chief of staff in the past. He seems to say nice things about Trump, so Trump likes him. Hopefully Trump can see that he has the same policy views as Bolton and goes another direction.

Arianna Huffington described Fleitz in a 2005 article as "Bolton's chief enforcer."

Oh, great… a chip of the same log :(

thanks for your comment, @chieppa1

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