THE WAR: Corporate Media Wants Blood!

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“The Empire” cannot live without war any more, and it is getting hard to find the enemy weak enough to ensure the realization of plutocracy interests. The “Deep State” mechanism is launched, and the victim is selected…

No, it’s not North Korea, since it has nuclear weapons. It is not Iran, since it has strong allies. It’s Venezuela.


Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro revealed the U.S. ‘blackmail campaign’ — Washington is threatening every single member of the Organisation of American States (OAS), in a bid to influence the vote on Venezuela's suspension from the group. Leaving the country without any help on the continent, would be ideal theater for a merciless military attack. And the corporate media, embedded Deep State bullhorn, started pumping texts about the “dictator Maduro”, and about the “restoration of legitimate constitutional democracy”, like it is a natural outcome of coups and junta takeovers.

Yes, Venezuela is close enough to U.S. and far enough from those meddling Russians and Chinese. Ideal target…

Duration: 4:02

And you have usual media clowns with their “care” for the people:

…For safety and security of all peoples in Latin America…
— Nikki Haley

Yes, ambassador Helly… Haley, like your army has “taken care” of all the people all over Middle East and Libya. Fine job of “restoring democracy” your military has done, like everyone can see.

The people are suffering. And they’re dying…

And the Clown in Chief has to take care about the people that suffer. BTW, where was he while people were dying in Puerto Rico last year, which is even closer? They are still suffering there, why is he not there to help? Oh, yes… There are a few people at the top of oil corporations that are terribly suffering because they can’t get their greedy hands over the Venezuelan oil reserves. They are going to die of that unfulfilled greed if POTUS does not immediately take an action to relieve their suffering, right?

So, be prepared to see a changed corporate media title: Instead of “Assad must go”, now we’ll have media drill with “Maduro must go”.

May God have mercy on the people of Venezuela.


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