THE WAR: Expansion

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Have you heard about a war in Chad? Why would you? It’s just another “intervention in accordance with the International law”, right?

Did we break the news already? Third World War is going on and stronger. Take the interactive World map and see all the conflict points…

The World’s Conflicts-cr.jpg

OK, that was yesterday’s map. Today you have to add a red point over the Central African country of Chad. A French airforce just attacked positions of rebels, helping the Chadian army in preventing a coup. Noble, isn’t it? France, valiantly defending the International law, like its foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian clearly said, right?


Gues how Chadian president Idriss Deby came to power? By a coup, some 30 years ago! With a full support of French army since then! It really doesn’t matter that Chad’s population is starving, that “president” is making a mockery of Constitution, and there are no traces of any democracy whatsoever…

Duration: 8:16

Well, that should explain the position of France in supporting a coup candidate in Venezuela. They simply consider “International Law” only those things that they find useful. It really doesn’t have anything with truth, justice, democracy or freedom. Damn with the planet. They have to protect their interests!

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