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[Текст на српском] I wouldn't like to scare you, dear fellow Steemians, but you have to be aware of the developments. Financial plutocracy takes maximum efforts to instigate a great war. As great as they can get…

The big wheel of events was launched by publishing the new US National Defense Strategy. In that document Russia and China were designated as “revisionist powers”, and North Korea and Iran as “rogue regimes”.

That kind of “classification” immediately provoked the answer from Russia, whose president has announced new, advanced weapons for the reacquiring strategic balance between superpowers.

In fact, the new arms race has started. Without any reason at all, 'cause there are experts who will tell you that the anti-ballistic missile shield was completely ineffective against the weapons Russia already had, even before this new announcement. Putin just wanted attention of “the Empire” in function of negotiations. “The Empire” refused.

But that was just a “colder” part of the coming events.

Trade war against China

A trade war which have started with a “great and easy to win” tariffs to the US steel and aluminium import, was just the beginning.

Much hotter part was coming after the Shanghai International Energy Exchange announced they will unveil on March 26th an oil-futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan rather than U.S. dollars. On Thursday, March 22nd, POTUS signed an order that paves the way for imposing tariffs on as much as $60 billion worth of Chinese imports. Which is an official start of a trade war against the largest economy of the World. History teaching us that trade wars are a second stage in the genesis of any hot war. It goes always like this: Currency War — Trade War — Hot War.

The ink didn't dry yet, and markets reacted: On Thursday DJI fell 724.42 points…


…and on Friday further 424.69 point. Almost 5% in just two days.


So, what else do we have in preparations for the WWIII?

New people in the Administration.

The next step was “streamlining” the diplomacy. That is, removing any diplomatic voices around POTUS. The only dissenting voice on the topic of Iran nuclear deal was eliminated on March 13th with one simple tweet — State Secretary Rex Tillerson was fired, and his place given to the CIA chief, Mike Pompeo. Pompeo is a pompous destroyer. He knows how to destroy states, bring down governments and kill people, but he does not know anything on diplomacy and negotiations. Look at his take on Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

And instead of him, the head of CIA place was designated to a proven war criminal, Gina Haspel, who supervised torture at a secret prisons. You can also see the testimony of a former CIA officer who blew a whistle on torture program, John Kiriakou.

The cherry on top was firing Herbert McMaster, and replacing him with former US ambassador at the UNSC, John Bolton, as a new National Security Advisor. Calling Bolton “McCainiac” would be an undeserved compliment. And he might take it as an offensive remark aimed towards emphasizing his softness. Who is he? A chicken (refused to go to Vietnam war) who would like to be an ultrahawk! As every coward, he is ever ready to send someone else's children to war, and is always for bombing and killing wherever he can send troops. Great proponent of pre-emptive strikes. See him talking on the United Nations…

One does not choose such people for a politics of peace and coexistence…

“Omnibus” Spending Bill

Then comes the Spending Bill. $1.3 TRILLION, and more then half going for military expenditures. Trump ‘unhappily’ signed the 2232 page-long bill that nobody had a chance to read…

Shame, shame. A pox on both Houses — and parties. Here’s the 2,232 page, $1.3 trillion, budget-busting Omnibus spending bill.

— Senator Rand Paul

Well, Senator Rand Paul at least tried. And he found some very interesting stuff just in first 600 pages:

Rand Paul - 2018-03-25_143853.jpg

Rand Paul - 2018-03-25_144136.jpg

If you care to read all his interesting findings, you can do it here…

Page 278. (1954 to go!)

$961 million to destroy our chemical weapons. Who was it, exactly, who convinced our government to pay billions to develop weapons we now find deplorable?

— Senator Rand Paul

Even Fox News put up a question — “Omnibus Spending Bill: A score for the Swamp?”

It is the most blatant and shameless robbery of US taxpayers in history. And history also teaches us that wars are ALWAYS waged with someone else's money…

Nuclear weapons to Saudi Kingdom

And the worst signal of a coming war has come at the end of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's “weapons of mass destruction shopping tour” to the old and new “Empire”.

You see, despite all the self-perceived power, “the Empire” does not wish to be found responsible for the initiation of a great war. “The Empire” needs a madman to start it, and to serve as a scapegoat in case the plan doesn't go well. Like the financial plutocracy did when they choose Hitler for the instigation of the WWII, and then helped him to build a powerful military machinery for an attack at Soviet Union. Now they have found a new candidate.

Of course, “the Empire's” corporate media has offered a “clean” formulation: Prince Mohammed bin Salman is pressing the US to allow Saudi Arabia to enrich uranium in return for choosing American nuclear technology.

“Saudi Arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb, but without a doubt, if Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we will follow suit as soon as possible”

— Mohammed bin Salman for the CBS television

Imagine that! Mohammed bin Salman is pressing mighty “Empire”! The truth is, of course, that US Administration has removed all voices of reason who wanted to keep Iran nuclear deal intact. The plan is to destroy that deal, and then deliver nuclear weapons (presumably, at an exorbitant price) to Saudi Kingdom under the guise of “self-defense”.

Do I have to explain how dangerous this is? If Saudi Kingdom gets the bomb, ISIS will have it too!

Is there a hope?

Believe it or not, there is. The times are changing fast, and “the Empire” is too stupid to learn on its own mistakes. Financial plutocracy is in the state of pure panic, and is not able to think reasonably, or to take history lessons. And history always repeats, only as a farce. There are too many new elements in those events for keeping under control. With the chosen people, “The Empire” will probably self-destruct before it makes a fatal damage to the planet.

And if I'm wrong, it won't really matter any more.

Comment as you see fit


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I just shared article from Sputnik , US piling up military vehicles in Jordan . They are totally INSANE !!!

@smidge-tv, I wanted to inform you about this text, but you were really fast :)

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

The times are changing fast, and “the Empire” is too stupid to learn on it's own mistakes.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

RandPaul Senator Rand Paul tweeted @ 22 Mar 2018 - 22:01 UTC

Page 376 of terrible, rotten, no-good budget busting bill:

I found it! I found it! Border security, what Preside……

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I'm sorry, friend. I can not write my reputation any more. Attack of the Nazis. They do not like Russians very much. I will support the vote. I will trade on the stock exchange. I can not write comments or an article any more. Reputation was 14.

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