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The war has evolved. There is no clear front line any more. The war is happening all over the globe, right now…

Wars in the 19th Century started with a line of soldiers who marched to one another, first row shot a salvo, then kneel down and reload while second row shot a salvo. Cavalry still existed and heavy canons were the most powerful weapon. The Great War, at the opening of the 20th Century started with an enormous technological advancement in the department of the death machinery, brought by the industrial revolution. Cavalry has gone, rifles and automatic guns evolved blasting many cartridges in a short time, canons grow to Big Bertha dimensions, defensive fortifications were built, and for the first time mankind witnessed use of airforce and chemical warfare.

WWII rendered great fortification (like Maginot Line) useless, weapons of mass destruction were enormously improved in a short time, and the war ended with the first use of the most destructive weapon in the history of mankind — nuclear bomb.

It was just 74 years ago, and the war evolved to the next level — hybrid war that encompasses all spheres of life, including the virtual one. The Internet allowed development of a technological “remote war” — a war that could be waged against the perceived enemy and own citizens simultaneously. The key word is — technology. A leader in technology has the most powerful weapons. USA considered itself an undisputed technological leader… until China accepted the game:

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Launching a spectacular mission to the far side of the Moon, China just pointed out that it has grown up to the position of the greatest global technological power. They are leaders in robotics, AI and communications technology. And the declining power now is going straight to the Thucydides Trap. USA does not have any means to prevent China rise — except war!

That was the origin of Trump’s trade war under the disguise of retaliation for the “technology theft”, and as a rule (Currency war — Trade war — Hot war) it has to evolve into a hot war. Taking Meng Wanzhou (47), Chief Financial Official of a Chinese techno giant Huawei in Canada, was formalized taking a prisoners of war. China responded by taking two Canadian citizens, and today we have news that Poland has arrested Huawei’s sales director, named as Weijinga W., over allegations of spying for China!

Declining power does not have much time left. According to data from Standard Chartered Bank, the United States of America could lose its position as the world's biggest economy as soon as next year — and once that happens, it is unlikely to regain the top spot as developing Asian economies (China AND India) power ahead.

Unfortunately, trend does not indicate calming down…

* * *

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