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This is my profile/index page. It will be updated as and when and I hope you find it useful.

If you have any suggestions on how this page can be improved, please let me know.

Last update: 30th November 2018



  • An introduction
  • Personal posts
  • Current delegations to/from
  • Witness votes
  • Other posts
  • Bookmarks/links

Brief introduction

Hello! I'm Asher from England, currently living in Majorca, Spain.

I found Steemit.com via @stephenkendal (Twitter) and signed up in August 2016, ID: 67657. My work background is in IT, but when I joined I knew nothing about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. My content at present generally relates to data gathering, curation, myself, utopian-io, and Steem/Steemit.

I'm a part of the witness @steemcommunity, a Community Manager for 'Analysis' contributions at @utopian-io, and a 'casual'. I currently delegate to various communities and individuals.

Big on: Community, Engagement, SMT potential
Low on: Self-votes, Bot usage

I like sunshine, football, salads, beer, cycling, and Steem. Throw a swimming pool / the sea in there and i'm set.

'Personal' posts to go here

Get to know the author better by short-cutting straight to his blockchain 'self-posts'?

Coming soon :P


actifit250.193 SP2018-06-27, 23:28
beeyou75.162 SP2018-03-04, 12:31
comedyopenmic200.533 SP2018-04-13, 20:48
cryptkeeper1775.567 SP2018-02-18, 21:24
curie502.466 SP2018-04-09, 11:54
dustsweeper200.642 SP2018-05-12, 11:51
friendsofgondor100.606 SP2018-03-19, 02:44
fullcoverbetting150.747 SP2018-03-18, 11:44
ivoted150.293 SP2018-06-05, 12:59
johndoer123150.529 SP2018-04-15, 12:11
lynncoyle1201.146 SP2018-02-25, 14:28
melvadg100.316 SP2018-05-06, 08:19
minnowsupport100.000 SP2017-09-05, 21:13
ofildutemps100.877 SP2018-01-26, 15:48
osm0sis250.539 SP2017-10-25, 18:56
reazuliqbal150.157 SP2018-06-22, 17:24
spaminator58.877 SP2017-11-15, 17:54
utopian-io101.199 SP2017-11-15, 17:55
youarehope100.470 SP2018-04-13, 20:49
stevenwood500.000 SP2018-07-14, 00:54


DelegatorAmountVesting SharesDelegation Time
fulltimegeek12,050.749 SP24.265 MVests2018-09-13
yabapmatt2,011.724 SP4.051 MVests2018-08-13
v4vapid2,010.490 SP4.048 MVests2018-08-25
blocktrades506.815 SP1.020 MVests2018-09-26
krnel501.669 SP1.010 MVests2018-09-30

Witness Votes

My current witness votes, with extremely brief reason as to why:


Curation / Engagement League History

The leagues span two calendar years and have gifted over 440 STEEM/SBD to over 115 different accounts.

These links may be handy to the entrants?

1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 ,12 ,13.
14 ,15 ,16 ,17 ,18 ,19 ,20 ,21 ,22 ,23 24 ,25 , 26 ,27 28 ,29 ,30 ,31 ,32 ,33 ,34 ,35 ,36 ,37 ,38 ,39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57.

My own favourite posts

My favourite posts by other authors




Steem Tools


Witness Related


To create the following link for your account, title the post 'profile', and set the first tag as 'index'.





This reminds me of @kaliju's @reviewme initiative wherein you create a post detailing what your interests are, where you from and even how can people contact you. Basically all about YOU. From there people will rate and leave feedback about you.

It's a great idea really to somewhat know the "true" reputation of a user. With the coming unlimited editing feature, people can now go back to their previous review me post and edit it all up. :)

Yep that sounds much the same, but now just the single 'profile' link can exist :)

The 'true' reputation, heh :)

Hello @reviewme fan :) Or maybe you're not aware of the latest craze :) Give it a visit and tell me what you think and maybe we can do something together? Check out our witness @derangedvisions profile in there as well ✌ And would be nice to see you guys join the walk with @paulag :)

Glad to see you up and around. was wondering how it went.

I have the #engagement league in the discord along with #witness-information rooms. I will add a #reviewme room also.
I have been putting some of @abh12345 witness reports into the witness room myself. @derangedevisions has been doing great keeping people up to date and @paulag has just started, 👍👍 to her.

Thanks for the heads-up @kaliju, I shall take a closer look...

With the forthcoming ability to edit posts older than 7 days

I had no idea! Is this for everyone?

I'll be looking for ideas from others who do the same (starting with a better profile image!)

hahaha that made me laugh! I'd say it's "solid" right now, but a little sprucing up might be nice too :)

Asher, I had no idea you delegated so much! I'm still shaking my head at that list, and so proud to have been included on it.

I really like the idea of a witness profile page too, one that you can update whenever you want. I've always thought the 7-day thing weird here, and perhaps you can enlighten me on its original purpose, but I'm glad it's heading in a different direction.

Nice work here; a very very good idea to help people better choose their witnesses. It will also show which witnesses actually take the time to create a profile too.


Yes it's coming soon, as announced the other day by @steemitblog - I think the witnesses just need to update their servers, and we are go at steemit.com at least.

The delegations have come down a little recently, and of course I could delegate it all - but it's a fair list I guess (at present).

The 7 day post life is due to a technical aspect in the main I think. The post is held in memory for 7 days, with all its comments, votes, etc. Then when the post 'closes' the payouts, etc are calculated. When would you get paid otherwise? I think eternal/rolling payouts would be a huge resource strain. I wonder if someone could add more details here, or has a link to share?

For you as my proxy (still I think), it's a quick reference page for you to see who you are voting for - that was the plan anyway :)

Of course, I didn't even think of post payout. Duh! :)

Yes, you're still my proxy buddy, I wouldn't break up with you without saying anything! I do like the idea of seeing "why?" you vote for people too. It's a good tool for sure; you probably notice me pimping you as a proxy around here whenever people say they "just don't know who to vote for", so now I can send them here as well! Win-win my friend.

WoW! asher the more I see of you the more I like.
I am going to put this in our #witness-information room in the discord.
Thanks for your list of witness have to compare it with mine
I don't have any suggestion yet, but , well, maybe your delegation but should probably not say any thing but -- ex na ona,- lynn -,ola xa-,coyle-, gu na xray just saying. (thats supposed to be big Latin) LOL

Hello my friend @lynncoyl1 :) well done lynn

It's a good thing Asher or myself are not fluent in pig latin, or you'd be in some serious kaka :)

He is pretty awesome!

You...are simply weird lol

Ok. You're a pretty good guy too!

I;m so tired nothing makes senses. I just rattle on and on
OOhh were no longer at my post LOL
God am I going to sleep

Get some sleep tonight buddy! Sounds like you need it 😅

Great call @abh12345 very well thought out, the more transparency the better. I would also like to see something like this for the bid bots, not necessarily the fixed or promo bots, but the bots that have dynamic bidding. Not that I am a hater of them, they do give us hayseeds out the middle of nowhere a chance to further our influence on here (the vast majority of the time, lol). I think it would actually show how well they perform, and will give hard data on how they do stack up, and nicely enough there are posts that are beginning to pop up on the steembottracker site, I congratulate all bots that are participating in that study/survey.

Hi, thanks!

Yes I think the Bots could have some sort of profile page too - if not just for the 'fixed' rules and regulations.

Hi Asher, it's good to get to know you a little better. I've started to follow your journey just recently so I'm happy that you have shared this today! 😊

Hello again @delishtreats

I think with the addition of some 'personal' posts, getting to know people would be a bit easier - i'll be working on that soon. I wonder if others will do the same?

I think they would as people like to follow an example and they don't want to miss a new 'trend'. So if you start, you will see such posts from many Steemians very soon - just my opinion.

That's going to change Steemit if you can edit posts older than 7 days. Then it won't really be stuck there forever. People will be able to see what it was before by looking at the data, but if you just look at the UI, someone could change it after payout. Hmmm.

It was fun to get a glimpse into your steemit life. Looking forward to seeing it develop.

if you just look at the UI, someone could change it after payout. Hmmm.

This is the part that could well be mis-leading, but it is going to be a feature so we'll just have to see how many people choose to go edit their old works (for spelling errors or to mislead!)

I think that's a very good and appropriate use, Asher. I think another really good use — especially for prolific publishers with niches — would be ongoing "library pages" where you could index your post history:

All my psychology posts
All my cat photo posts
All my Roman history posts (or whatever)

These could have links, then, to your entire post history within each niche.


Yes that's exactly my thinking :)

The page is already out of date, but I will stick to the plan of trying to keep it current.


Hi Asher, first of all thank you, it's an honor to be on the list above, I came to you by chance and I thank you very much, I always tell you that you are my favorite statesman and you have been a thrust in my journey through steemit with all that I have learned in the league that you successfully carry, I love that you are so transparent because it generates confidence, I applaud all the work you do here and I am sure is not reflected in this publication, the truth is that I would not doubt that every week you will have new achievements to share with us, a big hug..
PS: thanks for this information from the witnesses, very objective and accurate, remember that my English is very bad in case you don't understand something :)

Your English is fine @melvadg

Thank you for the kind words, i'm happy that you found the Engagement League :)

At some point the delegations will have be removed, but hopefully you will be closer to 500 SP by then.

Thank you!


It'd be awesome to edit posts older than 7 days. Is it part of changes to happen in HF 20?

I think it will be here sooner as its in the github as a pull request.

More details, without the satire (at least until the comments?!), in a recent @steemitblog :)

Oh, let's see how that goes :)

Great idea. I might copy your example here.


With the amount of projects you see to have on the go at present, I'd look forward to seeing yours!

A profile page like this is a great use case for post edits beyond 7 days! For everything else I'm not so sure if the ability to edit after 7 days / the payout is really a good idea. Steem is currently lacking some ways to easily see how a post/comment looked like in earlier revisions...

I agree with all of the above!

Do you think many people with bother? The bandwidth cost could be relatively high?

Wow! This is one of the great surprises here that I look forward to. A lot of my earlier post needs to be edited so badly..or even wished to be deleted!😂.. reason I'm glad you come up with this great idea... a big wow!

It wasn't my idea! ha :)

But yes the editing should be possible soon, but could be 'expensive' as far as Bandwidth.

ah ok!...😂...but this is really great. This is a big relief to steemian like me whose english is not my first language, and whose earlier posts were almost broom! broom!😅

Broom! Broom!? :D

So your English has got better since you started?

a hahaha, I think so cause sometimes grammarly told me so.😅

Looks like a free bookshelf to me. About time we start getting some options for having organization of our works. Amazing thing should not be lost into the void.

A bookshelf, yes :)

Hi Asher. So that is you in a nutshell. Gives a good but brief oversight.

Yes it's a placeholder with a bit of content right now, more to come :)

Looking forward to seeing the finished profile! I wish I were a bit more tech-savvy but I need more time to learn. Perhaps if someone could extend my day to 36 hours...

I'm not sure you have to be tech savvy, I guess it should just relate to you :) Lots of data can be sourced from various tools, but if you've got an Art-based blog, you are going to want lots of awesome photos and not tables :)

Can't say mine is an art based blog...

Sorry, that was just an example :)

I would expect most profile pages to be more colourful than mine!

That depends on what you mean by colourful...I would much prefer photos of landscapes or flowers for mine...but right now circumstances are very different.

Sounds like a great idea @abh12345. I have been thinking about making index type pages for my posts about the same subject. Not sure I have the time though but we'll see. 😁

I think in the first instance it'll be quite time consuming - this took way longer than first thought, and isn't complete. But when you have the many body sorted, it might only take 30 mins a week - or whenever you feel like updating?

Yeah. It will take quite a time to go through my posts and organise them onto index pages but it will save time we new posts because I'll only need to ad the index page link rather all the other ones.

Any spare time I have at the moment I'm still spending on sorting out my photographs again having had my computer wiped.

But, hopefully, I'll get around to it sometime. 😊

That's a really good idea @gillianpearce! I was trying to figure out a way to put all my mural ones together, for example.

It would be great for your murals @lynnecoyle1. I was thinking as I was reading your latest post that I'd like to be able to see them in one place.

You asked which one we liked the best and I realised I couldn't remember them all. 😁

I got looking back at my posts the other day, and even I'd forgotten about some of them!

I'm not surprised, you've done a lot of them @lynncoyle1. What would be really good would be to work out how to do a thumbnail of the main image to add to the links. 😊

don't push it @gillianpearce :)

You let me know when you figure that one out please lol

Hey!! @gillianpearce, @lynncoyle1, @abh12345 and even everyone else. I think you could use AskSteem for now to quickly go through the 'majority' of your past posts to pick the ones you are looking for and those you like the most. It's just a cool shortcut where you just have to change my username to yours. And... ¡Bob's your uncle! };)

I hope you find this hint useful Hahahaha.

Cheers!! ;)

This is an interesting idea. I think you've got something here. You'd certainly have to link it to your posts or it would lose visibility fast.

You can stick it in the footer of each post, and I've just added it here:

This is a great use of this new addition, I plan to make and index page of all my posts which should have been in Chronological order but I got a bit carried away at the start of my steem adventures. Glad to see there is movement in development of the blockchain. Thing like this definitely making it more user friendly.

Ahh cool, glad you think so :)

I think listing your posts in theme/category would work pretty well - a full on list of everything might not be as useful? Not sure, looking forward to see what others do :)

This is a great idea. Especially as people are continually joining, finding each other. You can't keep bumping your introductory post but a brief summary is helpful. It also gives a clearer picture of each other. England? I never would've imagined. Although Spain must be magnificent.

Thank you ☺️

I think it makes sense with the new rules, we shall see on the take up!

It is definitely helpful when it comes to d0ing things like editing your old posts in order to visually fit the posting/format style you adapted to over the course of your posting history.

People like me who use a certain picture as a way to have their posts stand out in a certain way can go back to older posts and have them follow suit for example.

If you want to incorporate some older posts to other platforms, the ability to edit/copy may also become helpful.

That's true. I wonder how many will choose to go back and edit their posting for improved formatting/spelling/etc.

I guess you'd want to do the ones you included in an index at least.

And yep, edit/copy might come in handy too :)

The index at the end of my post is always dynamic, I only list the posts that have been posted recently over the course of the last week.

But I am considering to drop it. For one because updating it with every post is tiresome but also because I want to try out something that may end up being counter intuitive with that system I am having at the moment.

Yes that 'latest posts' at in the footer was quite a popular choice in the past - i see less of it these days.

Trial and error, and be monetized for it :)

Yeah, Steemit is a place of interesting possibilities.

Hi Asher. I am late in commenting here! :)

Thank you so much for your support all these months. The kindness you've shown to me and others at the beginning of our journey is one of the reasons we are all still here. Imagine, someone with a high Reputation showing support to us small fishes. :) It was more than the SP delegation to us. You provided guidance, advice, and friendship to us all. It was a surprising act of kindness, that is for sure!

I could have reached 500 SP if I had powered up, but I am saving my liquid steem/sbd for steemmonsters cards. :) As a compromise, I decided to send some steem to myself from binance. So now that I have powered up and at 500 SP, please undelegate so you can show the same kindness and support to others. I am having it noted on the blockchain that you have delegated 150 SP to me for many, many months to help me along.

I am also taking a page out of the paying-it-forward chapter. It is not much, but I am delegating 100 SP to you so you can continue your effort in helping others. I trust your judgment and know you will show support to another soul on here that could benefit from the SP delegation, as you did for me all these months.

Thank you so much for all you do!

Hi @beeyou

This is a very nice message, thank you very much for taking the time to write it 😊

You probably know what I am going to say, but I'll say it anyway. If it were not for the actions of @fulltimegeek, my Steem journey may well have been very different. It is because of him, still supporting me with content votes, MVEST witness proxy, and delegated SP, that I have been able to support others.

The arrivals around Christmas time have mostly packed up, but I guess I found a good bunch, and I'm very happy to see most of this group at 500 SP or more, especially considering the trickier times we have faced the past 6 months.

You really don't need to delegate me any, but you know it will either boost my vote to others, or allow me to choose someone else to increase their vote.

Thanks for sticking around, I really hope things inprove towards the end of the year, you deserve it 😊

My admiration and respect for both you and FTG is due to the support you both give to others, support that is freely given with nothing asked in return. My steemit experience would have been different as well if I hadn't met you and Dave, and later Matt and FTG. I would have quit way long ago but here I am, still chugging along when my teammates hop in/out of this steemit world (men!) :)

The minuscule delegation is a small gesture of paying it forward (please don't even note it above!). You leave your delegations with us for many months. I'm not active enough to know who to support, and since you put your faith in me to grow, I trust you to find another soul to support. Also, comment upvotes can take a toll on your VP!

I am happy many of the friends I met early in my journey are still typing away, yourself included!

Hey Asher, just a suggestion to add steempeak.com to your list of 'front-ends'. I've recently come across it and am finding it superb. In the discussions I was reading that steeminc have deliberately let the UI development on steemit slide, in order that other devs can fill the gaps (and take the responsibility :). Steempeak has all the features that busy.org offers, and more. Defo worth checking out IMO.

In the discussions I was reading that steeminc have deliberately let the UI development on steemit slide, in order that other devs can fill the gaps (and take the responsibility

Yes this is my take from Steemfest 2 and from what i've read this past year. This is why I think steemit.com will always be 'beta' :)

Good find, as soon as we are able to edit old posts I will add it to the list and update the other content which is out of date already.


Just typing out loud.


Here: Curating
Auto-voter: On

This is a great use case Asher. Unlimited editing opens up the possibility to keep up to date profile and index posts.

I have a question though. For regular users, is unlimited editing on yet? I see only a handful of witnesses upgraded to 0.19.10.

It wont be available until most/all the top 20 are upgraded - If they haven't already.

Yeah, I thought so. And no, they aren't yet.

It simply looks brilliant. Waiting eagerly for it.

Can't wait for the finished profile

With an interesting pic to share on the profile page (maybe a banner or footer) that linked to a personal galeries, and on a left or right side of chronical old post in cathegories ..this kind of profile page will be so cool.

So, there's a possibility to edit older than 7 days post soon, it would be helpful.. because many FAQ page will be updated to the latest development.

Maybe you should add a short post or an FAQ sheet about @steemcommunity, contest, delegation,witness, etc and put an automatic recognizing q&a small box just like troubleshooting box on the window computer😊so we don't have to open so many pages to read a 5-8 lines answer.

This is a lazy and always struggling on slow internet connection with an old computer user suggestion😊 a five star to rate just like in the @reviewme or other mobile apps will be so cool.

Sorry about the england team @abh12345... perhaps they'd finish at 3rd place against belgium

...because many FAQ page will be updated to the latest development.

I'm hoping that those with these type of guides/faq's will index them all on their profile pages :)

I'll be working on something for steemcommunity soon and think it will suit witness 'profile' pages well.

England did better than expected, just not quite good enough on the day :)

Currently @ginabot is notifying linked accounts with each edit I make- not sure if that is expected behavior - it could get a bit annoying for the accounts linked?

I wouldn't worry we will know you are finishes when she stops :)

This is great! With the ability to edit and update I think a lot of people would do one. I am sure I will.

I'm interested to see who will go for it :)

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