Introducing @steemcommunity - A Witness Project by @abh12345 and @paulag

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Empowering Curators, Community Leaders, and Minnows. Valuing engagement and positive interactions.

Witness Team Core Values

@steemcommunity core values stem around empowerment.

· We believe in growing awesome curators - upvotes are only half the story!
· We believe in community leaders trying to gain influence on the Steem Blockchain
· We believe in educating minnows

@steemcommunity will empower these with delegations, votes, and prizes. @abh12345 will be looking after curation and engagement, and @paulag will be focusing on community leaders and taking the lead on educating minnows.

How we differ

Many Witnesses run a business from Steemit, they lease SP or run Bid-bots. We will not be offering Bid-bots or trying to profit from delegation. Instead we will champion growth on Steemit by rewarding those that really engage with the platform and within the communities that are already established, and those seeking growth.

The Team

Thanks to @spiritualmax for the cards :)


With a background in IT, and many hours spent moderating internet video chat rooms, Asher found his way to the Steem Blockchain in 2016, becoming very active in early 2017 as a content creator.

During the past year, he attended SteemFest 2 and left his most recent employment to go ‘full-time’ on Steem.

Current projects and initiatives:

  • Creator and host of the Curation and Engagement Leagues, which now have over 300 participants - The weekly post regularly hitting the top 10 most commented on posts of the day.

  • A Delegator (without charge) to around 20 Steem user accounts - based on performance in the 'Engagement' League

  • Very active on Steem as a content creator and manual curator - working for @curie since January 2018

  • A Delegator to anti-abuse and other Steem projects such as @spaminator and @utopian-io

  • @utopian-io content producer (earning a resteem from @elear) and recent ‘Analysis’ moderator


Well known for her Steemit Data Posts, Paula joined Steemit in June ’17. Paula came on board with a wealth of experience and qualifications. Paula is a CPA Accountant by profession, however for the last 10 years has worked online managing communities, blogging, Youtubing and creating and selling online courses.

Since joining Steemit, Paula established the Blockchain Business Intelligence Community (#blockchainBI) and has trained many Steemains, making her online courses freely available for those wishing to learn data skills.

She is also Admin in the SteemitBC community on discord, helping minnows and community leaders on a daily basis on discord.

SteemitBC on Discord:

Paula currently delegates 88% of her SP to help and support community leaders establish and educate their communities (also without charge), and is hoping to see a shift towards a more gender balanced witness team.

Server Specifications

Intel i7
1gbit/s network

The Steem Blockchain is growing on a daily basis and within time we will need to upgrade our hardware to ensure we can continue to support a stable platform.

First block produced:


We hope to become a hands-on, community witness that empowers and encourages younger accounts to ‘stick through the grind’ of the early months and continue to grow their accounts into dolphin status and beyond.

How to vote


Thank you for your time and consideration as witness

@steemcommunity - Asher @abh12345 and Paula @paulag

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You got my vote. Well done guys :)

Good that guys like you are appreciating good things :)

yeah, this is super awesome.

Thank you, Queen of the Steem @stellabelle!

I wish to see you as a witness and contribute more than what you did for us as a Gondor in #stewardsofgondor. Thanks for everything @fulltimegeek.

Thank you very much Steem legend @fulltimegeek! :D

I suspected you would support something like this!!! <3

Thank you very much @fulltimegeek - for all of your support over the last number of months

I had to search for my active key so I could make my witness vote! (still at work)

So this is your stay-tuned! I'm very happy to see this event @abh12345. There is no one better I would trust with the steemit platform than you and @paulag. I haven't met her acquaintance yet, but my teammate @mellofello has and he is impressed by her talent and commitment to this platform. We are impressed with you both!! You have a 📌 for our team's witness vote.

Just tagging several members of our team so they don't miss this exciting news (I do hate to mention tag, but this time is an exception)

@davemccoy, @simplymike, @bashadow, @lynncoyle1, @themanwithnoname, @amariespeaks, @maverickinvictus. @leeart, @jorlauski, @doomsdaychassis.

Thank you for the mention Beeyou! This is not even a question. I will take my less than one MV and move one of my vote over here!

I don't mind mentions. And my vote was cast.

Thanks for the mention tag. You shouldn’t worry about it on a post like this :0)
I had already seen this one, but I would have hated if I had missed it.
Will cast my vote later today. For obvious reasons, I got a little paranoia when it comes to using my private active key on my mobile - lol

hi @beeyou, another awesome female on the steemit platform, so happy to get your vote. Lets keep this steem train rolling :-)

Hi @paulag. It is very nice to meet you! I know Mello mentioned you from the BI discord room. He is very impressed. I'm happy to finally have a chance to say hi. Also, to thank you for sponsoring Asher's leagues with Carl. I am a recipient of the engagement league prize but is NOT the reason why I support you both as a witness. I admire the individuals that support community building here on steemit and are thinking of others beside themselves.

We can only grow as a platform if we have community leaders on the witness ranks. Who else would support the redfish and minnows out there? I am very happy to see an awesome female as yourself teaming up with my favorite SOG steward!


Everyone loves well-placed mentions!

Thank you for your support!

You should know by now that we all support you!

I will most certainly add you to my voting slate. I have actively removed the most obvious reward rapists.

Thank you very much @funkit, I hope we can do the the community proud and push for a better place going forward. Cheers!

This is really amazing and I think it deserve my vote and that of my comminity
Great job

Thank you @samiwhyte 😁

You are welcome sir

I just happened to have a spare witness vote so I didn't have to find one. :) Thank you for for all the support you have given me.

Congrats on your first block!

Thank you @patrice!

We are very grateful for your work and are a 'must vote for' Witness :)

@patrice thanks for stopping by, you offer a valuable service here on steemit with @steemcleaners and getting your vote means a lot. hope others reading this will also consider you as a witness if they have not already

yeah, the first block is an amazing milestone, i can imagine! Patrice!!!!! it's always fun when you emerge!

Hey @patrice. Interesting to see that your post managed to get flagged by serial flag abusers @heather2000 @thinkingtime and @ninjapiraterobot

I just voted for you two, I like this initiative and both of you have earned the respect and admiration of the community. Best of luck!

Oh wow! Thank you!

I'm very grateful to have your vote here, on top of the others in recent months which have really helped me out.

Thank you @v4vapid, we will do our best!

you will have my vote too :) thank you @paulag and @abh12345

If there is anything I can do to help, DM me whenever you want.

Thank you very much @tarazkp, that's very kind of you to offer your support with a vote and DM.

Glad to have you onboard with our intentions, as I know you've been quite outspoken about a couple of things recently.

The @steemitblog looked very promising today though eh :D

Yes, I am writing a little bit more of a fun one based on it, keep an eye out soon ;)

Glad to hear that, I think the post came at a really good time.

Ginabot will help me out with yours :)

cool thanks so much for your support but you might regret opening up DMs with me lol

haha, I'm not saying anything! :D

This is awesome! I vouch for @abh12345 all the way!

Good luck guys!

Plus: I love the MTG format I used to play that at school.

Thanks man, I appreciate your support! :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You got my vote! ;) And I love the idea of communal witness servers.

I was about to come get you, ha!

I voted for @steemcommunity for witness before it was cool. B)

Hahahaha classic me, always a bit late

Thank you very much! :D

Yeah i think it makes sense, more hands on deck!

awesome - I knew I could count on the women of steemit

I'm very much aware of Paula's efforts and her ethos... I'm shifting my votes right now. :)

Thank you @meno :D

wow thank you very much

Sounds great, you two! I have only voted for one witness, who ended up dropping out. I can support this kind of community building. I look forward to seeing you two grow Steemit and hopefully my efforts help as well.😀

thank you for your support @s-h-e-p

Thank you @s-h-e-p, very kind of you. Good luck with your new project too, I'm very keen to see how that progresses :)

I had a feeling after reading some of Asher’s comments elsewhere it be a good idea to at least leave a witness slot open. There were some hints and this is bigger than I was expecting!

Two people, I’ve enjoyed engagement with from time to time in as one witness! I have always enjoyed the analytic sides of both of you so I’m extremely excited to see where this leads to.

aww haha, I pretty much gave the game away didn't I!?

Thank you for your support @enjar, we hope to fulfill expectations and continue doing what we can for the communities we are involved in, and hopefully soon to be involved in.


When one creates conversions about witness voting and mentions things like an un-named project they are hoping to be worthwhile that will take a large portion of their time. One does hope it’s a witness that promotes community and engaged.

It is interesting this account is 165 days old as well. Something tells me you have put great thought for a while into this creating it that long ago. I only wish I had noticed this sooner as I would have followed it out of curiosity!

you got me, and very well spotted on the age of the account!

Honestly, it wasn't my intention for the account but as names were discussed a few weeks ago, I remembered I'd parked this one and I think it fits the ethos and plans nicely :)

hi @enjar exciting times ahead indeed - watch this space cos it will lead somewhere :-)

I look forward to seeing this grow into a power house.

Will you two be able to run your SQL query’s using this or is it not that type of node? I really got spend some time one of these days and get a better understanding of things.

we have no intentions on pushing the data into an sql database at the moment. @arcange already does an awesome job with this and we will be continuing to use his services

Great! Already voted, congratulations for the work ;)

thank you @casgrande

Thank you! :D

@abh12345 and @paulag , my voice with you. I-vote and support.

Thank you @madlenfox! :D

hi @madlenfox thank you for your support

I understand Your huge contribution to community development ( that's no exaggeration) and what's more, I see in your tandem with Asher a great potential for further action. I wish you success!

OMG This is soooooooo brilliant! 2 of my favorite people joining forces! I am very happy to see you both taking on leadership activities bc truth be told, if there were more people like you, the ecosystem would look sooooo different. YAY!

And this too!

I hope we can make a good job of it, we have some fab people backing us already - like you!

hay @stellabelle thank you for stopping by. There is a lot to learn on the technical side, a bit of a mountain to climb so I hope that we can do this successfully :-)

Two of the most trustworthy people in Steem Land!

Aww! Thank you!

That's very kind of you to say so, I can speak for both of us when I say we appreciate you very much!

I am so happy you guys are doing this and I applaud you for focusing on the people that are trying to make the steemit platform a thriving place to be by encouraging new and old users to grow to dolphin level. Great work! :D you have my vote ;)

Thank you very much! Is this UK support I see :D

We'll continue doing what we can, and hopefully be able to reach further in time. Thanks again!

Yep, good old english vote lol I hope it helps! :D

They all do :)

I'm a Macclesfield lad myself, living over here in Mallorca for a bit less rain and a bit more sol!

haha nice! We had snow again today here in Nottingham so we are off to Cyprus next week to see that big yellow thing in the sky haha

Im so sick of the snow

Yep it is getting boring now, I really need some sun! Although I have enjoyed the snow photography and practicing my icicle macro shots lol

Very nice!

Funny, Nottingham is my second home as I studied there and didn't leave until a few years ago!

small world! :D

@beautifulbullies thank you for your vote. We need more dolphins (Im still a minnow - but hope to be a dolphin real soon)

I dream of being a dolphin one day too lol I think I am almost half way there! If you have any tips on how to get there faster, please let me know lol ;)

Power up everything and live off hope and cheap coffee. :P

haha already dong that! xD

I am so close to 8000 SP I can smell it!!!

lol I want to know what 8000 Sp smells like xD

Like fear. Like powering up your income for March.

love it - but true - power up ( or take 50/50 and use the sbd to get more steem to power up)

I've voted for your witness. Hope you can climb the rankings. We need witnesses who are not just out to exploit the system.

Thank you @steevc for your support.

Honestly, I think we'll be doing great to reach the top 100 - much of the bigger stakes are involved with what we are less interested in here, but lets see. Thanks!

There's a lot of witnesses these days, but that's a good thing. I've nearly used up my votes now. I'm keeping an eye on which ones are active.

Yes I saw over 400 in the list, but quite a lot with the 'lights out'.

I've been checking here:

@justyy told me about his tool that checks the witnesses you have voted on.

@justyy shared that tool with me too last week, it is useful.

Thanks for your vote @steevc

Two of the best analysts I have ever seen in here.
Not to mention I love @abh12345 Curation and Engagement Leagues. Voted and Congratulations on your first block. :)

thank you very much @jlordc - exciting times ahead

Thank you @jlordc 😁

No brainer vote for me. Thanks for taking the initiative for fellow new steemians I am incredibly excited for you and the fresh look you can bring to the platform. As someone who always has your ear to the ground on here abd12345. It's also amazing that we are finding someone @paulag as talented in the business side intermingling with tech, embodies the true spirit of steemit in building up others while you build yourself, and of all that great stuff just happens to be a woman as well providing even more perspective day to day. This made my day seeing this announcement.

Congratulations! You were upvoted to the cryptkeeper17 hybrid auto/manual curation trail! To have all of your posts upvoted like this and take advantage of great curation rewards as well contact me here or on discord cryptkeeper17#6637 anytime!

Thank you!

Very kind of you to say so and offer your support 😁

Good luck to you! It is great to have a witness really interested in not only own wealth but in the growing of the whole Steemit community. We have not much people who care about it...
You will get my tiny vote when I reach my PC (can't find witness voting in eSteem)

all votes are welcome, and growing the steemit community is an awesome challange and something I look forward to continue doing ;-)

Thank you Erika!

As Paula says, every vote is welcome 😁

Awesome... Now I know I have another project to support! ;)

Great job @abh12345 and @paulag... Of course you have my vote and I imagine many many more of the people I come in contact with! ;)

I'm very happy to see this and will be switching my vote to you now!

Congrats to you both and I will be happy to do anything to support your efforts!!!

hay @davemccoy thank you for stopping by and for the vote and I do hope we can support your effort too. You do a lot of work behind the scenes, we really must hook up on discord for a chat

I would love that @paulag... is your discord name the same as here? do you know the little number at the end?

And I think it is important that we do work together but what you two are doing is very important and needed right now... So it will get my full attention! :)

same name. no 0515

gotcha over there... just message me if I can help you in any way... I will do my best to get the word out for you and asher! My kinda witnesses for sure ;)

Thank you Dave!

I was counting on you to be our bannerman actually 😀😀

Actually the #newbieresteemday is the perfect match for what we have in mind for this witness, and so much credit to you and the team for what you do here.

Thanks for your support!

I will be honored to be yours and @paulag's bannerman! ;) (and I think we can get you 50 to 100 more bannermen/women too :P )

Thanks for the kind words about #newbieresteemday and I agree we should have plenty of support behind your effort!

We will take a squad of bannerpeople for sure!

Sorry I've not caught up with my discord messages, that should happen later today/tomorrow.

Thanks for all your great work @davemccoy!

Exciting stuff! I also have a spare witness vote and am happy to cast it for you guys.

another one of the fine ladies of steemit - thank you for your support and vote :-)

Oooh hellz yes!!! Going to vote now!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 SOLID you guys!!!

Thank you Lyndsay!!

This is not even a question! I placed my tiny vote for this one! The platform needs this.

Thank you very much! Looking for 1 million tiny votes 😀

I am lobbying you to some of the communities that I moderate on :) So we'll get you there :)

Awesome, thank you!

You have my support and I am encouraging the Japanese community to support you as well. Best wishes!

Thanks @rt395 for the vote and the post yesterday, very kind of you!

OH YEAH! Two great people who understand the value of Steemit. My vote is coming your way @paulag and @abh12345!

and what a great following and support we have too, thank you for your votes @soyrosa

Thank you @soyrosa! 😀

They should create a label so that it is easier for them to choose a quality publication that you can support with your upvote ... they have my vote as a witness.

community features are coming to steemit. I believe this will really help with sorting and finding good content... good time ahead

That's so great! I just voted and was happy to do it. I've really appreciated the analyses that both of you provide. And your sense of community through engagement. And specifically not community by bid bots!

Thank you very much for your kind works and support @haphazard-hstead!

Hey congratulations @abh12345 and @paulag! I gave you my proxy the other day Asher, so fill it up baby!! I trust you 100%, and although I've not met @paulag yet, anyone you trust to team up with is just as amazing as you in my eyes ;) Well done you guys...I will spread the word for sure!

And thank you @beeyou for notifying me! You've always got my back and I appreciate that so very much:)

Thank you @lynncoyle1

A proxy vote is a big honour, I'll do my best with it!

I hope you are relaxing a little this week after the previous wordathon 😀

You are welcome Asher! I know you'll do your best, that's why I gave it to you ;) FYI, I don't give away my control lightly...just ask Brian haha, but I totally trust you!

I did take today off, but yet, here I am...

Voted on the post and cast my witness vote about 4 hours ago, but had to run to town and just got back. I am not sure what a proxy vote is, for awhile I thought you bother were running witness accounts but my votes would not register, so if someone can explain in layman's terms, what the "set Proxy" is I would appreciate it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you!

Yeah if you add my account as proxy, your vests are counted as mine and go towards the witness I vote for.

So all the votes you have already done yourself will clear and you'll just see the proxy.

A vote or proxy is fine by @steemcommunity 😀

My steem power won't go to zero will it? I am less than 14,000 vest til the, 1mv and my very own slider. I'm fine with my witness list being cleared, I can always change my mind about proxy vote right?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Are you not at 500 SP yet? For some reason I thought you were.

Your vests will stay where they are, it's just a proxy for witness and not delegation. And yes, you can change your mind any time 🙂

Edit: ahh, almost at 500SP of your own, nice!!

I proxyed my witness votes to you. Yes very close, to my own 500SP, then you and dave can redistribute if you want, of course you can redistribute when ever you feel like it, and I do appreciate both you and dave helping me out.

Thank you!

In the future I will be looking to re-distribute SP to those under the 500 but happy to stick with the key engagers for now :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow! I would definitely root for you guys! Steemians need more of projects and initiatives like this! Done casting my vote for you, thanks Asher and Paula! Please if there's something we could contribute for this community, just let us know :) God speed. I resteemed this post for visibility.

Thank you @asbonclz, for the vote and the resteem - we will try our best 😀

You are welcome man!

I haven't casted many votes for Witnesses yet, but you two are amongst them.

cheers @enforcer48 I hope we can do you all proud

That sounds great. Picked you up from tarazkp's post. How does one vote and am I eligible to vote yet. Don't know if there are rules etc. If I can will definetely vote for you 2.

Anyone can vote. Just pick "vote for witness" in the menu on the right.

Ahh cool! :)

You can vote as soon as you have a Steem account (which you do :) ) here:

Only the top 50 are listed and so to nudge us up you'll need to add steemcommunity into the box below the list.


thanks @cryptoandcoffee - beside your image on the top right of your screen there are 3 lines, this will open a menu - select vote for witness and then just enter @steemcommunity and press vote :-)

Ok. That sounds easy. Doing it now. thank you.

Wow! What a great project! Already following @paulag and I love her posts. I wish you success and have started to follow @steemcommunity :)