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Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well, and anticipating the launch of HIVE in the very near future. I'm not sure exactly when it starts up however I don't think it has happened yet. I've been thinking about what a last post of steem may look like and couldn't really decide, or come up with anything profound...So you get this one.

P2250167 (1).jpeg

I've been on steem for 1010 days and have made 1542 blog posts...Over that time I've enjoyed writing, mainly for myself, but also for some of you guys who have followed along and today, for what may be my last post here before head on over to HIVE I thought I'd share a few.

I figure it may leave a reasonable history of my time here as a sample of what my steem journey was all about, what I'm interested in and well...About me in general. So, here goes.

In no particular order:

Light horse: A historical post on the Australian Light Horse of WWI.

The witness: A story of a much-loved time of my childhood.

The boys eyes - One: A historical account of some of my father's war time experiences.

The boys eyes - Two: A historical account of some of my father's war time experiences.

The boys eyes - Three: A historical account of some of my father's war time experiences.

SPQR: A post about the Roman legions.

Open road: A piece about me and my love of motorcycle riding.

Pine cone war: A story about me as a kid growing up in a small country town.

Boss Camping: A post about my love of the outdoors and camping.

The summit - Adventure weekend one: A hiking post about a climb my wife and I made in the Australian outback.

Yakking - Adventure weekend two: Part two of the kayaking leg of the hiking/yakking adventure weekend my wife had a while back.

Out-backing in Australia: A post about preparing for remote travel and camping in the Australian outback.

Port Arthur's dark past: Port Arthur is one Australia's most infamous places for a couple reasons...This post outlines them.

The knight: A fictional piece about a knight and battle.

Girl with stars for eyes: A follow up on the above fictional piece.

Mini camping: This post talks about low-fuss camping.

The Nek: This historical post introduces a battle on the Gallipoli Peninsular fought by the Australian Light Horse.

Swagging: Another camping post, this time about my swag (bedroll).

Kokoda: A four part series about my Trek on the Kokoda Trail, Papua new Guinea and the WW2 Australian campaign fought there in 1942.




Sending it: A gun post that discusses a few concepts around my long range shooting.

Sporting prowess: A humorous, but true, story from my youth - Just one of the stupid things I did.

Ball sports on a bike: Another stupid thing I did on my bike as a kid. I'm surprised I survived my childhood.

Swimming pool greatness: Yes, another stupid thing I did as a kid...This one was really dumb!

A football story: This post talks about my days playing American football and the fact that I got old(er) and had to stop.

Draw and fire: A post about a day at the range practicing my technique.

Cyclops: A funny true-story account of a moment from school during lunch time.

Wind uncertainty: A post about calling the wind in respect of long range rifle shooting.

Black: This post talks about the process of customising the paint work on one of my guns.

Helicopter flight in New Zealand: A travel post on our trip to New Zealand and the helicopter flight we took to Mt Earnslaw Burn.

Steampunk: A post about our visit to the Steampunk museum at Oamaru, New Zealand.

Vikings | Normans | Warriors | Peasants | Miners | Kings: A post about a Norman Castle we visited in Devon, England.

Blue and green: A travel post about a spot we stayed in called Bideford, England.

Foodies: A post about some of the great food we had whilst traveling in England.

Corfe Castle: A historical piece about a castle ruins.

Tobruk: A six part series on the Rats of Tobruk and the Australian defence against The Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel.






Showcasing my artwork: An amazing post about my incredible drawing skills.

Colourful desert: My post about making one the most tasty, but difficult to master, deserts known to mankind.

Street racers: this post discusses the dangerous past time of illegal street racing with pictures I captured of two such racers.

Lego Landrover Defender: The final in a post on my build of a Lego Landrover - The post contains the links to the other 5 posts.

OK, so I think you get the idea. I assume none of you will go through this list, or read the posts, but that's cool because I wrote them for me anyway.

You see, that's what this is all about for me...Enjoyment. I enjoy the process of writing and pouring my memories, skills, opinions and thoughts out as words. Of course, I love the interaction I've gained and hope that continues on HIVE when we move over there.

I will probably be back here from time to time, and of course, if HIVE has teething problems may post here again too...Only time will tell. For now, well...I hope some of y'all take a look at something in this list and take the time to have a read and comment back. That's what means the most to me...Your engagement.

Later y'all...See you on HIVE if you come across.


See you on the other side.

Yep...I logged into HIVE but it's not really working properly. I guess it'll come good over time.

I doubt it.

Time will tell. I've been at steem for a long time and see no reason why a person cannot work over both, just like a person may have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

Whatever happens will happen. This is a hobby for me rather than a vehicle to make money or secure my financial future; I have the real world to do those things.

Thanks for your comment; I believe it's the first time you've ever commented on anything I've posted. Much appreciated.

No problem. You seem to be taking this all way less to heart so I figured my opinion wouldnt offend you. I think your right. I think using both and seeing what happens from here out instead of having hard feelings either way will prove which project will prove themself, or maybe they both will. Im excited. A split is better than continued infighting. Hope this divorce makes everyone happy.

Everyone won't be happy...Not when humans are involved.

Me? Well, I just want to create content and have fun...As a person who doesn't like social media I found that ability on steem. If HIVE also gives me that ability, to have fun, then why wouldn't I work on both?

Getting butt-hurt because a couple of millionaires came up with a plan to make more money isn't my style...Living life to the best of my ability is...

It's all quite elementary really.

If he only cared about making more money, he wouldnt have invested in steem. Its potential for defi, his vision for decentralized data and content is why he chose to buy steemit of ned. As someone who is a Tron 'fanboy' or so they like to call me, I love what tron is doing, i love how btfs and BitTorrent speed are evolving, he brought back poloniex to be a reputatable exchange, he made dlive more fun and profitable with btt usdt and trx implementation and it wont be long until he makes steemit more awesome too. Hive could be cool aswell, Im just personally someone who see's the Tron vision and am only disappointed that it didnt click for steem users too.

One thing a person can't do is make other people do what they don't want to...Not without a lot of effort, and even then history shows us it is not sustainable.

I don't know about all those things you mentioned, and so can't comment...I just write stuff and post it...I don't know who is right, who is wrong and don't really care...Money isn't my motivating factor here, or on HIVE...I prefer to take care of that in the real world. If tron, steem, hive or any other social media fails it makes no difference to me, there's always something new on the horizon.

People need to make their own decisions and then act on them...Doing anything else makes a person a lemming, a sheep, following along blindly and without individual thought.

See you on the other side 👍

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Yeah man. I'm not sure when it all happens but I think the snapshot of steem has taken place...So, figured I'd leave a little something here to be remembered by. Lol.

Thats the stuff. It's all about the enjoyment of writing. I am not going to leave Steem but I am going to enjoy being on Hive.

I have seen some narky comments about people doing anything on steem being bad bassas but feck em. I choose what I do. Not others

Yep, I agree...I may use steem to do shorter posts, more of an Instagram thing...Photo with a few lines, and HIVE for my longer stuff. Haven't really decided. I have value at steem, so makes sense to curate and maybe post here and there.

We'll have to see how it plays out.

P.s. Was at the supermarket early this morning...Had a loaf of bread, pump thing of body wash, 2 boxes of cat food and 6 cans of vegetables: Peas and carrots, champignon mushrooms and beetroot.

Check out girl says, nope, you can only have 2 cans total.

[G-dog busts out a blank stare at her and says, "peas."]

And they say there's enough food.


Enough food... yeah right! They are doing that here too, two each of everything.

That is a very good idea. A good way of keeping the lights on as it were. It would be silly to abandoin an investment of time and effort.

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Brilliant post !! I hope you dont mind if I do a copycat post with some of my favorite or (for me) memorable posts. That way I will also have a quick reference.

Go ahead. I had 1540 or so to choose from so it was quite easy...They're not all favorites but are a snapshot about some of the stuff I've written about. Just seemed appropriate.

Hello..My friend
She's a beautiful woman
I am sure you love him very much.

See you on HIVE. Hopefully it will work through any issues quickly.

That post; Port Arthur's deep secrets immediately grabbed my attention.
I knew that convicts were sent to Aus. but not where and when.
A haunted past indeed and you come from good stock as your ancestors made it. Many times have I wondered what goes through a persons mind when they just up and kill innocent people.

I named our charity Papillon, as it is the story about an innocent prisoner's struggle for freedom, as he was locked up at Devil's island.
It fitted our purpose very well, as we empower struggling poor communities to escape from their poor mental captivity.
Blessings mate and a good read!

Hi there, and thank you for reading that post. Yes, the British send the naughty people here a while back...And we thrived. Port Arthur was an especially brutal and unforgiving place. Many years later the brutality of the place was to strike once more.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and all the best for your charity work.

My pleasure to comment and I see that you have many other interesting posts on there. But no time now to read, as battling to cope with all of the changes on here. I posted my first post in HIVE and it failed. Then I posted it in Steempeak and it disappeared! Poof! Gone!
So I had to make a new post and I placed it with success directly in OCD a while ago.
What a day!

Yes, it's been a busy day...Those posts will wait for you if you care to go back and read.

I just put my first post on HIVE and it worked. Try https://beta.peakd.com/

Well, 20 hours later I also managed to get a post in today Lol.
Will go a support yours!


I will follow......

But not too close....!!!

I do not tailgate.......

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