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in OCD4 years ago

Thats the stuff. It's all about the enjoyment of writing. I am not going to leave Steem but I am going to enjoy being on Hive.

I have seen some narky comments about people doing anything on steem being bad bassas but feck em. I choose what I do. Not others


Yep, I agree...I may use steem to do shorter posts, more of an Instagram thing...Photo with a few lines, and HIVE for my longer stuff. Haven't really decided. I have value at steem, so makes sense to curate and maybe post here and there.

We'll have to see how it plays out.

P.s. Was at the supermarket early this morning...Had a loaf of bread, pump thing of body wash, 2 boxes of cat food and 6 cans of vegetables: Peas and carrots, champignon mushrooms and beetroot.

Check out girl says, nope, you can only have 2 cans total.

[G-dog busts out a blank stare at her and says, "peas."]

And they say there's enough food.


Enough food... yeah right! They are doing that here too, two each of everything.

That is a very good idea. A good way of keeping the lights on as it were. It would be silly to abandoin an investment of time and effort.

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