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That post; Port Arthur's deep secrets immediately grabbed my attention.
I knew that convicts were sent to Aus. but not where and when.
A haunted past indeed and you come from good stock as your ancestors made it. Many times have I wondered what goes through a persons mind when they just up and kill innocent people.

I named our charity Papillon, as it is the story about an innocent prisoner's struggle for freedom, as he was locked up at Devil's island.
It fitted our purpose very well, as we empower struggling poor communities to escape from their poor mental captivity.
Blessings mate and a good read!


Hi there, and thank you for reading that post. Yes, the British send the naughty people here a while back...And we thrived. Port Arthur was an especially brutal and unforgiving place. Many years later the brutality of the place was to strike once more.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and all the best for your charity work.

My pleasure to comment and I see that you have many other interesting posts on there. But no time now to read, as battling to cope with all of the changes on here. I posted my first post in HIVE and it failed. Then I posted it in Steempeak and it disappeared! Poof! Gone!
So I had to make a new post and I placed it with success directly in OCD a while ago.
What a day!

Yes, it's been a busy day...Those posts will wait for you if you care to go back and read.

I just put my first post on HIVE and it worked. Try

Well, 20 hours later I also managed to get a post in today Lol.
Will go a support yours!

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