The Right Way To Create and Connect Metamask To Claim Rewards on Wormhole3

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Hello Steem Alliance friends wherever you are, may God always bless us all! So glad I can come back to share posts about wormhole3.

General Issues

Several friends asked me about how to claim their rewards in the wormhole wallet3. Maybe even many steem users have joined the wormhole3, but they don't understand how to claim their rewards in the wormhole3 wallet.

Even some users complain that they cannot perform even though they have connected the metamask wallet. Some users have been mistaken in the problem, maybe they have used their previous metamask wallet instead of the metamask wallet that was created via wormhole3.

So this post will focus on solving some of the problems faced by users. This guide focuses on how to create import metamask wallet addresses from wormhole3 and how to claim rewards.

The Process of Creating a Metamask Wallet Through a Wormhole3

Screenshot (1259).png

Do you still remember, when you started signing up via the link, at this stage you have to register by activating the wallet in the "Active Your Wallet" section. The wallet created via wormhole3 is the wallet address for the metamask wallet.


After that, you will get a 12-word mnemonic phrase. Those 12 phrases are what you have to keep safely, after going through all the registration processes by connecting your Twitter and Steem accounts to wormhole3, your wormhole3 wallet has been successfully created.

So, via wormhole3, you have created a metamask wallet automatically. This wallet address is what you must use to claim your rewards on the wormhole3 wallet by connecting metamask.

Start To Create a Metamask Wallet

Make sure you have saved the 12 word mnemonic phrase that was given when you registered at Womhole3. Those 12 mnemonic phrases are what you can use to create a metamask wallet and claim your rewards at the wormhole3.

Screenshot (1261).png

If you have saved the 12 word mnemonic phrase , please download the Metamask application in the mobile version or download metamask via chrome web store. A browser extension version is available in the chrome web store which you can use to import your metamask wallet addresses that have been automatically generated via wormhole3.

Screenshot (1265).png

After downloading, please open metamask and follow the guide:

  • click check on "i agree to metamask terms of use"
  • Click "Import an existing wallet" to import a wallet that has been created via the wormhole page3

Screenshot (1266).png

Read the following guide carefully and pay attention to what you can and can't do with your metamask wallet, and then click "Agree" to continue the wallet import stage.

Screenshot (1267).png

Then, you must enter the 12 word mnemonic phrase that you got during wormhole3 registration, enter these words one by one starting with the sequential number. The number sequence for the 12 mnemonic phrase words on the wormhole3 web view is starting from the left, sequentially going to the right, going down to the left and continuing to the right until the end is the 12th sequence.

After that, create your wallet and at the next stage enter a password which can be random numbers that you want. This password is a password in the form of numbers that you can make yourself and make sure you can remember these numbers well.

Then your metamask wallet has been created and make sure that your metamask wallet address is the same as the wallet address in your account profile in wormhole3. You can see your wallet address in wormhole3 on your profile.

Claim your Rewards

Screenshot (1262).png

For example, to see my profile, click this link, replace username with your wormhole3 (twitter) account name to see your profile and wallet address. My wallet address is 0xcAFe651DEc726692F81B6EE0d40c4D28b2C03090 which is also the same address on the metamask wallet that I created via the 12 word mnemonic phrase given during wormhole3 registration.

Screenshot (1268).png

After login in to wormhole3, go to the wallet section available on the left bar in the desktop browser version view. Here you can see the rewards you have generated through the wormhole3 platform, both author rewards and curation rewards.

You can claim a number of ecosystem tokens by connecting the metamask wallet that you created earlier. Connect the metamask wallet and allow it to sync with the token network, after that, your token rewards will go to the metamask wallet which you can trade on the exchange.

I will explain the procedure for trading tokens available in the wormhole3 ecosystem in the next post. Hopefully this post has provided a guide for you on how to create a wallet and claim your rewards to metamask.

Wormhole3 is a decentralized and composable social curation protocol that allows anyone to create a social network and curate their communities, projects and content, making them popular and influential.

Join us in advancing the Wormhole3 ecosystem and supporting progress for the Steem ecosystem network!

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Important Post

Thus my post hopefully can help provide guidance and education to carry out functions in Wormhole3. Thank you for reading and responding to my post, have a nice day ♥️☺️

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