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Hello Steem Alliance friends, may God bless us all. In this post I would like to invite you to participate in the wormhole3 campaign to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day.

History of Bitcoin Pizza Day

As I have read on Coindesk, I found the information I quoted and shared with you here.

As we all know, May 22 is a historic day in Bitcoin history which is known as Bitcoin Pizza Day. This was praised the first time because Bitcoin has been used to buy goods in the real world, this is a very historic milestone and momentum in the crypto world, especially Bitcoin. To celebrate this momentum, crypto and Bitcoin activists, have made May 22 Bitcoin Pizza Day, and we will celebrate this together.

As how went down in history in the crypto world on May 22, 2010, an incident occurred to commemorate the first day bitcoin (BTC) could be used to buy real goods, most notably two pans of pizza. At the time, Laszlo Hanyecz, was a Floridian programmer and early bitcoin miner and purchased the pizza using Bitcoin. Meanwhile, various analyzes suggest that before bitcoin halved in 2012, each miner who found a new block received 50 BTC.

That means, to earn 10,000 BTC, one only needed to mine 200 blocks, which wasn't difficult considering there weren't many people competing to mine it back then. At first he bought pizza, when Hanyecz posted on the Bitcointalk.org forum that he wanted to use bitcoins to buy two very large pizza pans. He offered 10,000 BTC to anyone who would order, collect and send it to him.

Someone mentioned that he would probably get 41 US dollars for this amount of bitcoins (10,000 BTC) on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Though Hanyecz could have made over $690 million in profit if he sold all 10,000 BTC for an all-time high bitcoin price of $68,990. Imagine the fantastic amount he could possibly have in 2021, but various news media say that he has never regretted buying 2 pans of pizza in 2010 at a price of 10K BTC.

Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day with Wormhole3

In commemoration of Bitcoin Pizza Day, Wormhole3 would like to share this joy with crypto enthusiasts and adherents by sponsoring your Pizza Fund. Wormhole3 invites all crypto fans and adherents to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day through the Wormhole3 platform and the impact is that you will get a prize for that. Celebrating this historic day with Wormhole3 is very easy, you only need to participate in the tasks below:

Screenshot (1116).png

This tweet is the original tweet (https://twitter.com/wormhole_3/status/1660496651977621504). Quote the initial tweet (origin) then add #iweb3 #BitcoinPizzaDay to create the first block tweet. Quote the first block tweet (add #iweb3 #BitcoinPizzaDay) to create the second block tweet. Repeat this process to tweet the third, fourth, fifth block and so on.

Win 552 Pizza NFT & 552 USDT

By participating in this task, you can claim your prize on the Wormhole3 platform. The creator of the longest block tweet chain will receive 522 Pizza NFT and share 522 USDT. So, to win this challenge you have to create relevant long content and use the mandatory hashtag #iweb3 #BitcoinPizzaDay to create a tweet block.
long (long content) you can read the guidelines on the link provided in this post.

Screenshot (1115).png

This challenge has no time limit, the target is up to 552 people to participate and do it. The earlier you participate and create long tweet blocks, the more potential you will get rewards. In addition, posts published to Steemit will also get upvote support by @wherein or @nutbox.mine.

Currently the number of hashtags #BitcoinPizzaDay is quite high and popular on Twitter. Tweeting and using the hashtag #iweb3 together with the hashtag #BitcoinPizzaDay will increase the wormhole3 project's campaign and reach popularity on Twitter. So your participation in this task is very much needed, by supporting the Wormhole3 network, it means that you have also participated in building progress for the Steem ecosystem.

Let's join in this work and we celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day together and embrace the spirit of crypto and Wormhole3 ecosystem campaign via tweet.

Wormhole3 is a decentralized and composable social curation protocol that allows anyone to create a social network and curate their communities, projects and content, making them popular and influential.

Join us in advancing the Wormhole3 ecosystem and supporting progress for the Steem ecosystem network!

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Important Post

Thus my post hopefully can help provide guidance and education to carry out functions in Wormhole3. Thank you for reading and responding to my post, have a nice day ♥️☺️

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I remember that day, May 22.

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