Resource Credit (RC), Curating Power (CP), and How to Get ERC-20 Rewards on Wormhole3

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Hello Steem Alliance friends, may we all be blessed by God. It's great that this time I can return to share posts in this beloved community.

In this post I want to explain about the Wormhole3 Team, Resource Credit (RC), Curating Power (CP), and How to Get ERC-20 Rewards. This post is based on my experience and analysis through the Wormhole3 web, Discord, Twitter and other sources of information such as DApp Radar and DoraHacks.

From a usage experience, I like using wormhole DApps because they are very dynamic and interesting. They also provide a number of interesting features and support the distribution of rewards through unique curation. On the other hand, I also like to hunt for rewards from various tokens that are supported on the ERC-20 network by completing tasks.

What is Womhole3?

In my opinion, a brief analysis of Wormhole3 is A social curation technology that is decentralized and modular. Anyone can use it to create a social network and a content curation platform for their project, community, brand or content. Wormhole3 enables you to build and control your own social tokens, pay contributors and curators, and find new communities and content across many platforms and blockchains.


According to DoraHacks, Wormhole3 has a reliable and experienced team. At Steemit they are the great people behind projects like WhereIn and Nutbox. Here is the great Wormhole3 team :

  • 0xNought, Founder & Project Manager, 6+ years experience in blockchain, Founder of Nutbox(no-code platform for creating staking DAOs, raised seed round) and Peanut.

  • Terry, Co-Founder & CTO, 3 years in blockchain development, Core developer of Nutbox and Peanut.

  • Necklace, Core Developer, Founder of a game project, core contributor of Bitshare

  • Armonio, Co-Founder & Token Economist, Dual Masters from SWUFE and KTH, Analyst for a VC research arm, Co-founder of Xianggu Think Tank

  • Vivian, Co-Founder & CMO, Masters from LSE, former management consultant, researcher in organizational behavior

  • Benson, Community Leader, Masters from Tianjin University, Former Oasis Protocol Ambassador

The team continues to innovate and develop platforms and enable multi-blockchain bridges. Find and build your ideas and communicate with them through Discord. I myself have communicated with Benson, they are friendly and responsive people.

Resource Credit & Curating Power

The latest version of Wormhole3 has provided Resource Credit & Curating Power. These two features are the most important things in supporting activities and maintaining stability in the Wormhole3 ecosystem which allows users to operate fairly, dynamically and periodically.

Each of your operations on wormhole3 will incur a resource credit (RC) charge which you can review in the user profile section. So when your RC is too low, all your operations or activities on the platform will not be synchronized. But unique, they are dynamic and fast period, RC will recover 100% every day within 24 hours, counting from the last time you were operating on the network.

RC is needed to carry out activities such as: posting, liking, replying, retweeting, following, quoting, tipping, and transferring. All actions in Wormhole3 mentioned above require consuming RC. In their release they mention that each user has a fixed initial RC value of 1000 in 100% or about 100 values in every 10% RC consumption.

The specific use or consumption of RC from each action is as follows:

  • POST : 200 (20%)
  • QUOTE : 20 (2%)
  • RETWEET : 15 (1.5%)
  • COMMENTS : 15 (1.5%)
  • LIKES : 5 (0.5%)
  • TIPS/TRANSFER : 10 (1%)
  • FOLLOW : 5 (0.5%)

Meanwhile, Curating Power (CP) is the resource needed to like, quote or retweet. User actions such as liking, quoting, and retweeting posts that we do are considered curation actions. The curation category at Wormhole3 consists of 3 specifics:

  • Like
  • Quoting
  • Retweet

Each user has a maximum of 100 (100%) CP value. The level of resource consumption is as follows:

  • Like : 5%
  • Quoting : 20%
  • Retweet : 15%

CP will be fully restored every 24 hours. Users can continue to engage with posts after their CP is used up (this is if you still have RC available), but these actions will not count towards curation.

It should be noted that action operations such as like in Wormhole3 will not use up your Voting Power on the Steem network ( nor when your Resource Credit has run out in Wormhole3, it has no impact on RC consumption in Steem.

How to Get Multichains Token Rewards?

Wormhole3 allows users to earn rewards and generate bridged tokes via multichains. Currently the use of ERC-20 tokens can be run through Wormhole3. To get Rewards tokens other than Steem you can participate in completing tasks.

Some users promote their posts by distributing rewards to other users with ERC-20 tokens. If you want to get tokens such as WNULS, TACO, or other tokens, you can participate in completing tasks.

Screenshot (993).png

For example see this post :

Click on the sign of the fund (coin/token) to see what tokens are available, click on the post and see what tokens are available, if there are tokens other than PNUT, it means that the user is Created Promotion for that post.

Screenshot (994).png

In post M ON (@0xMonroeee) there are 0.1000 WNULS provided as post promotion rewards, each user can get rewardsd by completing tasks.

Screenshot (995).png

Look at the Created Promotion section in the Tasks section, what needs to be completed, in this task you must click on Like, Retweet and Follow.

After completing the tasks the marks in the task section will be colored, distribution of rewards will be given after Expiration time.


Wormhole3 is a platform for sharing content, curating, promoting and building community strength and growing your network token. Wormhole3's highly dynamic and unique curation system and development model have enabled multichain bridging into the Wormhole3 platform network. Getting more rewards from Steem and the main token (PNUT), we can get ERC2O tokens with easy steps in participating in Tasks.


Important Post

Thank you for reading and responding to my post, have a nice day ♥️☺️

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