The Importance of Follow Your Wormhole3 Fellow on Twitter !

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Hello Steem Alliance friends wherever you are, may God always bless us all! I am very happy to be back to share the latest information and updates about projects in the Steem network.

I am a user and lover for Dapp Wormhole3, in this post I invite all Wormhole3 users and lovers to participate in F4F on Web2 activity. F4F on Web2 stands for Follow for Follow on Web 2. As we know, web2 networks like Twitter are social media and public spaces filled with millions of users.

I am looking for all wormhole3 users to cooperate with each other in increasing followers on Twitter in our internal circles with fellow Wormhole3 users. Twitter becomes a useful Web2 for Wormhole3 users, because currently the only web2 that has been integrated into Womhole3 is Twitter. All publications and content must first be published via Twitter and will also be published to the Wormhole, but the first step is via Twitter.

We can do all our activities in terms of publications, comments and quotes via Twitter without having to go to the Wormhole3 page. Both publications, comments and quotes (retweets) will be published to Wormhole3 only by using the hashtag #iweb3 via Twitter. When should the user open and run Wormhole3 ? The thing that users need to get Wormhole3 up and running is when they want to curate Wormhole3.

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That is one of the uniqueness developed through Dapp Wormhole3, the main control of content or publication can be done via Twitter. While in a curation project, wormhole3 supports distribution in various token networks. The main token currently being distributed through curation in wormhole3 is Peanut (PNUT), there are also other tokens such as: tokens from the Polygon, Enuls, Moonbeam, and Steem networks.

Content published on Twitter that has been registered with Wormhole3, is not only published to the website, but also published to The main community on is wormhole3 ( and can also be published to other communities using only the community address hashtag. For Steem curation, it can be run through and token distribution is the same as usual.

Even so, all activities such as interactions with likes and comments can be carried out and controlled via Twitter. In terms of engagement, we need to increase our interactions via Web2 (Twitter), because that will strengthen our community network via Twitter. Instead of interacting via Twitter, all engagements can also be integrated into the Wormhole3 page which automatically means there is engagement on the Wormhole3 mainnet.

Activities like this provide a very beneficial trade-off in both networks. Therefore, it is very important that we follow each other on Twitter. So, also follow your fellow Wormhole3 on Twitter to increase the number of followers and we can connect with each other on Twitter.

In many cases that occur, for example promotional activities, marketing, or discussions about a topic, we can connect with each other and strengthen the community on Twitter. The strength of the community is very important in expanding our network on Web2 and awakening other users on Web2 to the value and benefits they can find in the Wormhole3 community. This seems simple, but has a powerful impact on growing the strength of a community on mainstream social media like Twitter.

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To follow your fellow wormhole3 on Twitter is very easy, go to their profile on the Wormhole3 page and click the Twitter logo icon. Wormhole3 will redirect you to their main Twitter profile. We can also easily connect to their original Tweets on Twitter and connect to interact with each other and build engagement among users.

This is one of the unique features offered in the Dapp Wormhole3 development concept. Wormhole3 can connect us to Twitter, as well as to easily through the ID of the hashtag on their profile after their main name on Twitter. The features available on the profile page can connect us with their ID on the Twitter and networks.

Some accounts of friends that you should follow on Twitter are:

Also follow my account on Twitter via this link: Please take a screenshot and leave a comment on this post if you have followed me on Twitter. Follow back will be done soon and a little upvote rewards for your comments on this post (curated by @hive-163291 and @steem-database).

How to increase our engagement on Twitter:

  • Mutual follow, like and comment
  • Like, Comment and Retweet every tweet published by (worhole3's official Twitter account)
  • Increasing Wormhole3 and Steemit promotions
  • Steem users should use the main hashtags, namely: #iweb3 #Steemit and #Steem
  • Actively participate in various campaigns run by the official Worhole3 account on Twitter

By connecting with each other on web2 (Twitter) we can strengthen the community in increasing the value of publications (engagement and impressions) on Twitter. Concepts and techniques like these can go a long way towards growing our strengths on Twitter and showing those out there that this project exists and is strong.

Thank you for reading and responding to my post, have a nice day ♥️☺️

Check it out and subscribe to us on YouTube! This will be a potential account for steemit promotion via YouTube, help and support us to grow!

I also invite you to support the witnesses who focus on community development, they are @bangla.witness @visionaer3003, Please review and vote for them as witness !

Via steemit wallet

Via steemworld

Vote for @bangla.witness via steem connect

Vote for @visionaer3003

Best regard,


cc @steemcurator01 @stephenkendal @hungry-griffin

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