Wormhole3 : Development of a Curation Model for Tasks, Challenges or Campaigns to Increase the Audience of Your Project

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Hi everyone, I hope you are always in good health and blessed.

wormhole3 is indeed unique and looks so interesting. The wormhole3 upgrade has enabled curated distribution with USDT on the https://alpha.wormhole3.io/ page.

With some updated features, governance and support, it seems to me that wormhole3 is a unique web on the Steem blockchain network. Besides being able to connect Twitter users to the Steem blockchain which has directly integrated users from web 2 into web 3.

Developed Rewards Curation Model

This time, with the developed models and concepts, wormhole3 is like a web for holding challenges, tasks, or campaigns with the support of offering unique rewards.

With the curation model developed at Wormhole3, it has enabled certain users or project actors to increase influencer and engagement for the content they post on social media, such as Twitter.

The curation model developed will be able to invite more audiences to improve content or task/challenge/campaign implementing accounts.


How Curation Works

Executing the task/challenge/campaign will provide curation to the participants or what is known as the curator. So, the participants here are acting as curators.

They are curators to carry out a task through verification of clicks to follow or reply to posts. After clicking verification, participants (curators) will be directed to the Twitter page to complete tasks, for example tasks to follow or reply to tweets.

This is a unique model and system that allows stakeholders to campaign their projects and get a wider audience.

The term that needs to be known is that the executor of the challenge is called the giver of curation (rewards). Meanwhile, the participants who click to carry out the task are curators.


Curation Distribution Method

The wormhole3 team claims that the curation distribution method is automatic with the following conditions; The ERC20 tokens must be staked to the Wormhole3 contract when the curation is made via this approach. This reward fund is just for content curators who promote your work. All awards will be automatically given to the curators after the curation reaches its completion date, and the amount for each curator will depend on his or her Twitter Reputation NFT score and spread influence (Which is caculated by the upvotes of his quote tweet).


Network Support

This curation model is supported by the Polygon network and BNB-Chain through the Metamask wallet. So connect your Metamask wallet to enjoy this feature and share USDT curation with curators who have participated in your project.


Reach More Audiences and Rewards

This model provides a very good advantage for both parties. Some of the reasons that I consider why this will benefit both:

First, task/challenge/campaign posts will be published to the Steem blockchain allowing implementers to reach audiences in the Steem ecosystem and also enable them to earn STEEM/SBD/TRX rewards.

Second, participants who are known as curators will receive automatic distribution of rewards based on their ranking on Twitter. The number of ratings can be calculated from the number of followers, engagement and influence of the Twitter account.

Third, participants or what are known as curators can get additional rewards in the form of USDT which will be curated by the organizers.

How to Create a Project Curation/Task/Challenge/Campaign

Here's how to create a Curation/Task/Challenge/Campaign Project:


  • First, go to your profile page on wormhole3 web https://alpha.wormhole3.io/#/profile/@username/curations

  • Then, create the task/challenge/campaign you want according to your goals.

  • Add a description to "Related Tweet", a maximum of 100 characters, your tweet will be linked to Twitter and Steemit.

  • Set "Requirements", choose to "Quote" or "Reply", tick follow and like, this will be a task/challenge/campaign or goal of boosting your content on twitter.


  • Add a description, relevant related to the task/challenge/campaign to achieve your goal.

  • Set the final schedule for the task/challenge/campaign, after the schedule ends, the curation will be distributed automatically to curators.


  • Then you will be brought to the next stage, fill in the number of users who will receive curation (rewards), you can also set no limit.

  • Select the network and rewards amount to determine the amount of USDT that you will distribute as rewards to curators.

  • Click submit, your campaign is published on wormhole3, twitter and steem blockchain network.

How, the curation model developed on the wormhole3 web is quite unique, isn't it? interested in learning more? Please visit the link below!

Join now !!! https://alpha.wormhole3.io/#/square/948604847665725440



Thus my post, I hope this post can provide benefits and education. Thank you for reading, responding and supporting my creativity in Steemit.

I am very open to receiving feedback, criticism or suggestions. Success for all of us!

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