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Hello Steem Alliance friends, may God always bless us all. I am very happy that in this post I will share a guide about the Wormhole3 project.

In this guide post I will share information about curation and rewards that will be received by users on the Wormhole3 network. In general, there are three types of rewards that users will receive.

  • PNUT Rewards
  • Promotion Task Rewards (BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, ENULS, Moonbeam)
  • Rewards Steem

As I explained, users who have integrated their Steem account into the Wormhole3 platform automatically when their content is published via Twitter will be published to Wormhole3 and Steemit. With integration in these 2 platform chains, it has enabled content creators to generate more rewards both from curating activities and from content publication.

Curation on Wormhole3

Users can participate to generate and provide rewards by curating content on the Wormhole3 platform. Curation activity in Wormhole3 includes 3 categories, namely: Like, Quoting and Retweet. Like, Quoting and Retweet activities are referred to as curation, to be able to carry out this operation each user must have a sufficient percentage of their Curating Power (CP) system.

Each user has a maximum of 100 (100%) Curating Power values available. Curating Power will be fully restored automatically every 24 hours. Each curating activity will consume CP as follows:

  • Like : 5%
  • Quoting : 20%
  • Retweets : 15%

Curation Rewards

Content curation activities through the Wormhole3 platform can provide and generate rewards in the form of PNUT. Content creators will receive rewards and curators will also earn Curation Rewards. So, regular curation activities on content will generate Curation Rewards in the form of PNUT. Meanwhile if you participate in curation activities on their promotional content we will be able to earn ERC-20 token rewards from various chains.

Rewards PNUT

The main reward available on the Wormhole3 platform network is PNUT, content creators and curators can earn PNUT through curating activities or sharing content on the Wormhole3 platform network. Rewards for posts automatically clear at 00:00 UTC after the post is three days old.

To get rewards that have been entered into the wormhole3 wallet, you need to make a claim by connecting your Metamask wallet account. In the official notification by the wormhole3, they inform that:

Rewards for user curation are calculated based on CC value, it is a weighted sum of your Twitter reputation and PNUT-BNB LP staked in the Walnut and Peanut. Currently, account reputation is 40% and account staking is 60%.

Rewards Task Promotion

In addition to PNUT, users can also get more rewards by curating and participating in promotional content. Wormhole3 allows users to get prizes and generate tokens that are bridged through multichain.

Currently the use of ERC-20 tokens can be run through Wormhole3. To get more Rewards tokens, you can participate in completing tasks on promotional content. There are a number of other tokens that you may receive by participating in promotional content, you have the opportunity to generate rewards from the BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, ENULS, or Moonbeam chain.

Rewards Steem

Apart from curating and generating rewards at wormhole3, Steem users also have the opportunity to generate Steem rewards. Posts published on can be curated (upvoted) by other users. Meanwhile, the wormhole3 project also has curation support for content published via Wormhole3. Their curated accounts on Steemit are @wherein and @nutbox.mine, thereby increasing the value of your posts on Steemit.

Proof of Rewards

Below is a screenshot of the rewards and curation support I have received.

Screenshot (1100).png
Rewards PNUT

Screenshot (1101).png
Rewards from participated in completed the tasks on promotional content - BUSD on BNB Smart Chain

Screenshot (1102).png
Upvote by @nutbox.mine on Steemit

Screenshot (1103).png
Upvote by @wherein on Steemit

Wormhole3 lets you generate more rewards, either through content or curation. The more users create posts, the higher the author's earnings. The more curators a post has, the more prizes the author and curator will receive. Authors of curated posts can receive curation bounty rewards.

Wormhole3 is a decentralized and composable social curation protocol that allows anyone to create a social network and curate their communities, projects and content, making them popular and influential.

Join us in advancing the Wormhole3 ecosystem and supporting progress for the Steem ecosystem network!

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Important Post

Thus my post hopefully can help provide guidance and education to carry out functions in Wormhole3. Thank you for reading and responding to my post, have a nice day ♥️☺️

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