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Hello Steem Alliance friends, may God always bless us all! So glad I can come back to share an update post about Wormhole3.

As you know, I am a Wormhole3 user and lover, so I am very happy to share anything about the Wormhole3 project. I am very happy to support this project and see it continue to grow. In developing curation projects, Wormhole3 continues to develop networks with multichain integration that can make it easier for users, businesses or communities to increase their popularity on social networks.

Wormhole3 is a decentralized and modular social curation system that allows anyone to build a social network and manage their groups, businesses and information to gain popularity and influence on social media directly integrated in social network web2.

Wormhole3 can also help grow the popularity of content by using the promote tweet feature. This feature can help distribute rewards to contributors (curators) who have participated in promotional tasks. To reward curators who participate in promotional tasks, multichain token rewards on the ERC-20 network can be used as rewards to invite interest and higher numbers of participation in promotional tasks so as to grow content popularity on social networks.

Previously there were a number of chains that had been integrated into Wormhole3, such as: BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, ENULS, Moonbeam and Steem. This morning I opened Wormhole3 and saw that the developer has added the Arbitrum chain as a new ecosystem that can be used on the Wormhole3 network to run promotional tweets.

Screenshot (1026).png

What is Arbitrum ?

Reporting from coinmarketcap, cointelegraph and zipmex :

Arbitrum is one of the Layer-2 applications built on the Ethereum network. The Layer-2 protocol allows the Ethereum network to increase transaction speed and efficiency in addition to reducing excessive transaction fees. Arbitrum uses optimistic rollup technology. Transactions are collected by Arbitrum, finalized on Arbitrum's rollup chain, and then transaction data is injected back into the Ethereum blockchain.

These are the advantages of this project:

  • Increase the efficiency and speed of transactions on the Ethereum network to promote wider adoption of blockchain technology.
  • Gives administrators and deployments more flexibility in managing and delivering dApps by allowing developers to move their programs easily between the Ethereum and Arbitrum networks.
  • Using technology that can improve the security and consistency of online transactions, such as optimistic rollup and multiple anti-fraud verification.

Tokens that can be used from the Arbitrum chain that are supported in wormhole3 include: Ethereum (ETH), Arbitrum (ARB), USD Coin (USDC), Tether USD (USDT) and Dai Stablecoin (DAI).

Screenshot (1027).png

The fact that Wormhole3 continues to support multiple chains shows that the product is comprehensive and universal and users have many supported options when they use Wormhole3 to get rewards or promote their projects.

With the integration of the Arbitrum chain in wormhole3, Wormhole3 users now have more options to choose from when creating curation work (promoted tweets), and they can also participate in promotional projects by completing tasks on promoted tweets (contributors) to win even more prizes in many chains used to promote content (projects).

So, it's very interesting and wormhole3 will continue to be developed in the future for multichain integration into this curated protocol Dapp. Wormhole3 is a decentralized and composable social curation protocol that allows anyone to create a social network and curate their communities, projects and content, making them popular and influential.

Join us in advancing the Wormhole3 ecosystem and supporting progress for the Steem ecosystem network!

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