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Hello Steem Alliance friends, I hope you are healthy and blessed. This time I want to review the Wormhole3 DApp and the initiatives I did in the Steem Marketing community.

Connect Twitter to Steemit

A Decentralized Curation Platform called Wormhole3 enables users to link the Steem Blockchain network and Twitter. For instance, this is similar to posting material on Twitter to chain and receive rewards. Users of web 2 services like Twitter can access web 3 services like Steemit through Wormhole3.

Users of Steemit can immediately link their Twitter accounts to the Wormhole3 platform, allowing them to integrate Twitter content into Steemit. How do I register for Wormhole3? how do you post? See the review below!

Every user has the option to set up an account and a Web 3 wallet through Wormhole3. Additionally, it can give Twitter users access to integrate their accounts and material into web 3 platforms like Steemit and Wormhole3 web. Users can earn rewards for the content they post from Twitter to Wormhole3 or Steemit instead of integrating their accounts and content.

Currently, Twitter users can log in to Steemit using Wormhole3, which has been merged with Steemit. In order to reward users for the content they post from Twitter to Steemit via the Wormhole3 project, Wormhole3 is integrated into Steemit. In the end, each individual must first have a Steem account in order to receive STEEM/SBD rewards.

How Can I Connect My Steemit Account to Wormhole3?

The Steem Blockchain network, which also provides access to Steemit, has been integrated with this initiative. A guidance to registering is provided here!

  • Please first view the signup page at

  • Select Activate Your Wallet next.

  • Your access to Wormhole3 will be through a password that Wormhole3 will provide in the shape of numbers and letters. Each time, a unique passcode is chosen. Please store this private key in an extremely secure location. Nobody will ever be able to locate this account again if you don't save the key because we won't ever save it.

  • You must first validate that you have saved the password before making sure it is saved in a safe and secure location. To move on to the following step, click and accept.

  • You will then be prompted to log into your Steemit account. Just your username and the posting key are required. Please take notice that only posting keys may be used for access, to link to your Twitter account, select Got Bind.

  • Once you've logged into your Twitter account, you will then be routed to Twitter. With the help of Wormhole3 automatic Tweet format, you can now verify account establishment and approval. You connected to Wormhole3 and asked the creation of an account by clicking the tweet.

  • Your browser will then take you to the website where you can log in. You just have to connect to Wormhole3 and input your verified Twitter username to log in. Next, press Enter.

How to Post Steemit Promotional Assets from Twitter to Steem Marketing Community ?

The direct posting of material via Twitter is an option. Only 280 characters are currently allowed on Twitter. You are able to upload a picture and write a brief description for Twitter. On the Wormhole3 and Steemit pages, your tweets will be immediately integrated.

The Create Tweet feature, which is accessible on the main page of the Wormhole3 website, can also be used to send a tweet, which will then take you to the Twitter website.

To post content from Twitter to Wormhole3 and Steemit, tweets only need to include the hashtag #iweb3, which is the only one that is required. In order to tweet your article, write a brief description first.

Promote Steemit via Twitter and Connect to the Steem Marketing Community

Use the #iweb3 tag on Twitter for all of your postings, and feel free to add any additional pertinent keywords. You must add a community page tag, for example #hive-153176, to a post if you want to connect to Steem Marketing community (

The following is a specific guide for posting about Steemit promotions via Twitter and connecting publications automatically to Steemit via DApp Wormhole3, please read the guide below:

  • Create steem promotional assets, whether in the form of graphic designs, animations, gifts or videos
  • Post must be at least 3 images or 1 video (steemit promotional asset) through a Twitter account that has been connected to the DApp Wormhole3
  • Write a short description that is relevant to building Steemit marketing
  • Use tags #iweb3, #hive-153176, #STEEM, #Steemit, #blockchain
  • Mention Steem Marketing account ( via Twitter
  • If you want to add a description, you can edit it in Steemit, or simply with the description you have written via tweet

We really appreciate every promotional activity of Steeemit, Steem or Tron. All posts that meet the requirements with quality promotional materials, will get our full support. We appreciate every graphic design work, animation, video editor, or gift that plays an important role in the Steem promotion project via Twitter.

In the near future, we will also release an official post about the collaboration of the Steem Marketing community ( with DApp Wormhole3. I invite all users to actively promote Steem via Twitter and join the Steem Marketing community to generate rewards for steem promotion activities that have been carried out on Twitter through the DApp Wormhole3.


This initiative, which enables users of the Twitter platform to log into Steemit, is innovative. connecting Twitter users to Web3 so they can easily reach their digital wallets. This includes rewarding them for the content they contribute. As a web 3 social media foundation, this is a pertinent micro post format on the Steem Blockchain. I'm hoping that a few of the support features will shortly function.

Through this DApp it will also provide effective efficiency for users to promote Steem via Twitter, because tweets about steem promotions on Twitter can be connected automatically to Steemit. Instead of creating Steem tweets and promotions via Twitter, they can generate rewards for promotional activities if they link tweets to the Steem Marketing community ( ( #hive-153176 )

Important link regarding DApp Wormhole3

Thank you for reading and responding to my post, have a nice day ♥️☺️

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Very intersting but users face difficulty until familiar with it.

But it will get good rests in the upcoming future.

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