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Hello Steem Database friends, I hope you are in good health and blessed.

In this post I want to explain about the Wormhole3 project that has been integrated into the Steem Blockchain network. Let's see a brief explanation below!

What is Wormhole3 ?

Wormhole3 is A Decentralized Curation Platform that allows users to connect Twitter to the Steem Blockchain network. This is for example like posting twitter content to chain and earn rewards. Wormhole3 can bridge users on web 2 such as twitter to enter into web 3 like Steemit.

Wormhole3 provides an opportunity for every user to create their account and wallet on Web 3. In addition, it can also give Twitter users access to integrate their account and content into web 3 such as Wormhole3 web and Steemit. Instead of account and content integration, users can generate rewards for the content they share from Twitter to Wormhole3 or Steemit.

Currently Wormhole3 has been integrated into Steemit which can allow Twitter users to log into Steemit. Wormhole3 is integrated into Steemit which can provide users with STEEM/SBD Rewards for content they share from Twitter to Steemit through the Wormhole3 project. In the end, every user who wants to get STEEM/SBD rewards must first have a Steem account.

For Steemit users, you can directly connect your Twitter account to the Wormhole3 platform which allows you to integrate content from Twitter into Steemit. How to create an account on Wormhole3 ? How do I post? Check out the reviews below!

How to Connect Steemit Account to Wormhole3?

The good news, this project has been integrated with the Steem Blockchain network which also allows access on Steemit. The following is a guide on how to Sign Up!

First, please visit the website pagehttps://steem.wormhole3.io/#/signup

Then, Click Active Your Wallet...
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Wormhole3 will give you a password in the form of numbers and letters which will be your access to login to Wormhole3. This password is randomly assigned every time. Please store this private key in a very secure place. We will never store this key, so if you don't save it, no one will be able to find this account again.

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Make sure you have saved the password in a safe and secure place, after that you need to confirm that you have saved the password. Click and confirm to go to the next stage.

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Then you will be asked to enter your Steemit account. You just need to enter your username and post key. Please note, only need to use access with post key. then click Got Bind to connect you to Twitter account . These nodes and blocks may be linked to https://ecosynthesizer.com.

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Next you will be redirected to Twitter, make sure you have first logged into your Twitter account. At this stage you will confirm account creation and approval with the automatic Tweet format provided by Wormhole3. With a click of a tweet you have requested an account creation and are connected to Wormhole3.

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After that you will be redirected or returned to the https://alpha.wormhole3.io page to be able to login. To login, you only need to enter your Twitter account username which has been confirmed and connected to Wormhole3. Then click sign in!

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This is how my account that has logged into Wormhole3 looks like. All account profile information is the profile of the Twitter account.

Screenshot (667).png

How to Post Content?

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To post content, you can post content directly via Twitter. Currently Twitter only supports about 280 characters of writing. You can create a short description on Twitter and include an image. Your posts on twitter will be integrated directly into the Wormhole3 and Steemit pages.

If you are on the Wormhole3 page, you can also use the Create Tweet feature available on the main page and then you will be redirected to the twitter page.

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Then a feature will be provided to connect you to Twitter, click Go Twitter. Because basically content must be published via Twitter which will automatically be published on Wormhole3 and Steemit.

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Posting via twitter only needs to use the hashtag #iweb3, it is a hashtag that must be used so that content on Twitter can be published on Wormhole3 and Steemit. Create a short description on Twitter and tweet your post. Your post will be automatically published to https://steemit.com/trending/hive-163341.

Screenshot (673).png

Make sure you use the #iweb3 tag for every post on Twitter, you can also add a number of other relevant tags. If you want to link a post to a specific Community page on Steemit, you have to add a community page tag, for example #hive-153176. Posts will be automatically published to the Steem Database community.


This project is an innovative project that can allow users on the Twitter platform to log into Steemit. Bridging users on Twitter to login to web3 and access to their digital wallets in a simple way. Including giving rewards for the content they share. This is a relevant micro post model on Steem Blockchain as a web 3 social media base. Hope some support features will work soon.

More Information

I'm always open to criticism and suggestions, so don't hesitate to comment or even debate. Thanks for reading, supporting and commenting. Good luck to all!

Many thanks to @hungry-griffin for supporting funding for advertising via upvotes.

Help us to grow, please follow us on:

Steemit promotional video through Youtube that I have published

I also invite you to support the witnesses who focus on community development, they are @bangla.witness @visionaer3003 @pennsif.witness @stmpak.wit. Please review and vote for them as witness !

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Cc @wormhole3 @steemcurator01 @stephenkendal @pennsif




Congratulations!Your post was officially selected by Wormhole3 and recommended to Steemit. Keep up it, let's create more&better content.
Wormhole3 (https://steem.wormhole3.io/) is a Social Auth and Curation Platform where we encourage the creation and curation of quality content, making it popular.

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