6 Steemit Community That Has Been Integrated With Wormhole3

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Hello Steem Alliance friends, may God always bless us and always be in good health. In this post I want to share information about the Womrhole3 project.

In addition to building partnerships with a number of crypto, blockchain, DAO, wormhole3 projects, it also provides opportunities for the Steemit community to work together on this project. Wormhole3 wants to connect with many users and communities in Steemit which provides opportunities for every user and community to produce content, generate rewards and connect to wormhole3 more easily.

Become more flexible and dynamic, where all users and communities can build their networks in the wormhole3 by sharing content and curating. Wormhole3 is a free space for steemit users and communities to build curation projects and make it easier for Steemit users and communities to increase their popularity on web2 like Twitter.

Wormhole is not only focused as a curation project, but also a space for everyone and the community to express through content and achieve their goals on web3. Thus, wormhole3 has been developed to be used en masse and connect members of the Steemit community to enter the Dapp wormhole.

During the development journey, the wormhole has provided instant access to the Steemit community to connect to wormhole3 while still actively producing content and curating in their respective communities. In this post we will reach out to any community that has collaborated and is connected systematically in the wormhole3 project.

Steemit Community That Has Been Integrated With Wormhole3

This integration in the sense is a publication and curation network connection that can be connected from Twitter to Wormhole3 and also runs directly to each community in Steemit. With this integration, wormhole3 supports and connects curation and content published in each community in an instant where they can connect in wormhole3 as well as Steemit. Below is a community on Steemit that is instantly integrated with the wormhole platform.

Community NameDescription
wormhole3A decentralization curation platform
WhereINChinese Community House
CCSCamping Club Steemit : Share your travel experiences whether you travel by camping, cycling and hiking...
Comunidad LatinaBringing Latin American content creators to the forefront
Steem JapanIf it's about Japan, anyone can do anything. A place where people living in Japan (regardless of nationality) and Japanese people living abroad gather.
Tron Fan ClubTron & Blockchain lover's Fan Club

Mandatory hashtags

For every community in Steemit that has collaborated with the wormhole3 project, they get instant access to content publication through mandatory hashtags. Wormhole3 has supported and connected the use of the main tags from each community, where their publication via Twitter will directly enter the desired Steemit community. For users who want to publish their posts to each of these communities, they must use the hashtag in the tweet on chain (twitter).

By using this mandatory hashtag, their content will immediately enter and be published to the community they want. The number of active posts below is the number of active posts that I checked manually on the Wormhole3 web. The active number of this post is calculated for the duration of the last 7 days based on the use of hashtags that appear on the platform.

Community NameMandatory hashtagsNumber of Active Posts
wormhole3#iweb3+1 K on #iweb3
WhereIN#iweb3 & #wherein+130 on #wherein
CCS#iweb3 & #ccs29 on #ccs
Comunidad Latina#iweb3 & #cotina5 on #cotina
Steem Japan#iweb3 & #steemjapan15 on #steemjapan
Tron Fan Club#iweb3 & #Tronfanclub5 #Tronfanclub

Wormhole3 and a number of the above communities have reached a strategic collaboration agreement that aims to provide better content output services for fans of each community in Steemit. Wormhole3 will support the output of content from each community that has joined the collaboration program, this allows users, communities and members in steemit to create and publish their content more comfortably and enjoy the discounts and benefits provided by Wormhole3.

At the same time, Wormhole3 will also support steemit users in promoting their content by automatically uploading Twitter posts tagged with #iweb3 and mandatory tags from each community. Thus, you can earn rewards in Wormhole3, adding to the overall value of this collaboration. Post relevant articles to the Steemit community for a chance to win an Upvote.

On Steemit, wormhole3 has a steem curation project supported via @wherein and @nubox.mine. This collaboration further provides opportunities for each user and community to increase value in both ecosystems.

Wormhole3 is a decentralized and composable social curation protocol that allows anyone to create a social network and curate their communities, projects and content, making them popular and influential.

Join us in advancing the Wormhole3 ecosystem and supporting progress for the Steem ecosystem network!

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Important Post

Thus my post hopefully can help provide guidance and education to carry out functions in Wormhole3. Thank you for reading and responding to my post, have a nice day ♥️☺️

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Best regard,


Thanks to @stephenkendal @hungry-griffin @visionaer3003 @wormhole3

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