How to Create Posts and Promote Tweets on Wormhole3

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Hello Steem Alliance friends wherever you are, I hope you are always healthy and blessed. I'm so happy to be back to share posts with all of you.

In this post I want to share a guide on how to create posts and promote tweets via the Wormhole3 platform. This guide is based on my analysis and experience using the interface. Please refer to this guide post until it's finished:

How to Post

If you have signed up and binded your Twitter account to the Wormhole3 platform, you can directly login to Wormhole3 by using the Twitter account that has been linked to Wormhole3. On the main page, in the upper right corner near your profile photo, there is a "Create" feature which functions to create posts.

Screenshot (1043).png

First, please click on the "Create" feature in the upper right corner and adjacent to your profile photo on the wormhole3 main page.

Screenshot (1045).png

Click "Create" to create a post, here there are 2 post options, namely:

  1. Tweet on chain (useful for posting content to wormhole pages and also directly integrated into
  2. Tweet and promote (useful for making promotional tweets that aim to increase the popularity of tweets by giving rewards to contributors who have participated in the task)

Screenshot (1044).png

To create content or tweets, you can directly click on the "Go tweet" feature which has the Twitter logo icon. After that you will be automatically redirected to the Twitter page to create a tweet. So to post content to Wormhole3 you need to tweet via Twitter.

Screenshot (1046).png

Once on the Twitter page, make sure you have logged in to the Twitter account that is binded with Wormhole3. You can create tweets (content) by adding a description or image. You can add #iweb3 tag to your tweet and automatically sign tweet on-chain (Wormhole3). Your tweet will go directly to Wormhole3 and will also be posted to on the page

Screenshot (1047).png

If you want to publish your tweet/content/post to a different community page, you only need to add the community id hashtag, for example when I want to publish to the Steem Alliance community page, I add the hashtags #iweb3 and #hive-150122.

Screenshot (1053).png

After I click "Tweet" to publish the content, my post from Twitter will be published directly to Wormhole3 and also to the page in the Steem Alliance community (

How to Promote a Tweet

Screenshot (1048).png

On this page you need to enter a number of detailed information needed, first please create a tweet that you will promote or copy the link of the tweet that you want to promote. Then select the "Requirements" section which will be the task that needs to be done to increase the popularity of the tweet, for example: follow, like, quote (includes quote, reply or retweet, please choose one)

Screenshot (1050).png

Then enter details describing this curation. For example: why do you want to curate this content, what target audience is this content suitable for and so on. Create a category index for this curation. You can create a maximum of five category hashtags. The default start time is the content creation time. Then please choose the end time of the promotion, the maximum time is up to 7 days in the future, starting from the creation of this promotional tweet. Then click "next" to continue until it's finished.

Screenshot (1051).png

The next section is about "Rewards", in order to promote a Tweet, you need to give a certain amount of rewards. The more rewards offered, the higher the number of enthusiasts to participate in promotional tasks. Fill in "Max reward users" : The top curator count can get a prize or click no limit. In the section "Min participation reputation" : Only users whose reputation is more than this can receive rewards. Reputation represents participant influence, or click no limit.

Screenshot (1052).png

In the "Network" section: select the type of rewards you will give to contributors. Prizes can be supported through BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, ENULS or Moonbeam chains by linking your "Metamask" account. Then determine the "Rewards Amount" that will be given to contributors. The higher the reward value, the more likely the number of users will participate in the promotion task.

The "Tweet & Promote" feature is useful for promoting your tweets so that they can increase the popularity of your tweets both on the chain (Wormhole3) and on Twitter. This feature makes it easy for us to invite users and participate in increasing popularity by participating in promotional tasks. The more the number of participating users, the higher the popularity of our tweets.

Wormhole3 is a decentralized and composable social curation protocol that allows anyone to create a social network and curate their communities, projects and content, making them popular and influential.

Join us in advancing the Wormhole3 ecosystem and supporting progress for the Steem ecosystem network!

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Important Post

Thus my post hopefully can help provide guidance and education to carry out functions in Wormhole3. Thank you for reading and responding to my post, have a nice day ♥️☺️

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