500SP Minnow Support Program: Curation List - Updated 22/08/2021

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500SP Minnow Support Program: Curation List - Updated 10/08/2021


500SP Minnow Support Program

This program was born to support and encourage all newcomers that have fulfilled up to achievement 4 so they reach 500SP in their all-time author rewards. This post will be updated weekly and it'll be pinned in the Steemit Nursery Community.

Here you will also find a detail of all those newcomers that are currently under this program and here you'll find all details about this program.

List of users that are currently under the program - Newcomers program

Details for this program can be found here.

No°NAMEAll-time Author Rewards
1@genep258171 SP
2@akshayvasa125 SP
3@oliveroluis142250 SP
4@guruchudy304 SP
5@sebastian2247 SP
6@yordanobr89 SP
7@helypm446 SP
8@mary2505220 SP
9@juliewest247 SP
10@khezcute66 SP
11@barnabie154 SP
12@debamt425 SP
13@nh-shanto213 SP
14@abdul-rauf73 SP
15@pablo94377 SP
16@deyanira193 SP
17@jhulee369 SP
18@elvis101133 SP
19@vibrant6689360 SP
20@alihussain07471 SP
21@rosselena346 SP
22@auntor95135 SP
23@fabielblanchard483 SP
24@marfelo368 SP
25@steem-for-future428 SP
26@steemtopus92 SP
27@carlos89341 SP
28@beatris1106 SP
29@josemachado78 SP
30@jorgelac490 SP
31@shemul21301 SP
32@shamir17382 SP
33@barna.uzoigwe103 SP
35@raiyan02180 SP
36@rintikujan71 SP
37@victornavarro348 SP
38@wale1735 SP
39@stcryptworld136 SP
40@ayomide1110419 SP
41@rizwan12207 SP
42@emy.pets05181 SP
43@esthy79 SP
44@culzee414 SP
45@stan015237 SP
46@juanrojas1125 SP
47@jeansmachado104 SP
48@alifalashikcse31 SP
49@febri.rmd107 SP
50@melsville247 SP
51@franklinrafa1528 SP
52@sohail9286345 SP
53@badmus-official142 SP
54@reza-khem400 SP
55@icon-monday95 SP
56@olyorji32 SP
57@fzn173 SP
58@zohaibiqbal41 SP
60@josephjmel76 SP
61@juliewest255 SP
62@parves23140 SP
63@apolo0175 SP
64@amicablepeace464 SP
65@mashii-zen121 SP
66@faiqach335 SP
67@licmavet21359 SP
68@fizaashraf87 SP
69@recush108 SP
70@zairajfm65 SP
71@alokroy404325 SP
72@maro62206 SP
73@dancer.joy36 SP
74@oscarloltm25 SP
75@beatrizleon57160 SP
76@luqmanhafeez461 SP
77@julianrod153 SP
78@arafat.led27 SP
79@eliderojas382 SP
80@konkaar271 SP
81@suffgrace13 SP
82@yoelvysmorales85 SP
83@shoaibwatto10 SP
84@nabeelsaqib134 SP
85@gida247 SP
87@anronny215 SP
88@jaspichman125306 SP
89@steemdoctor1491 SP
93@gentlejenny53 SP
94@sddb81 SP
97@hafizimran85 SP
103@benkhenvill180 SP
105@princa223 SP
108@wiltord34 SP
114@abufarras282 SP
116@jomarlys153 SP
117@juandres3961 SP
119@yusan78631 SP
120@goyoricardo398 SP
121@rosselena359 SP
122@akshayvasa129 SP
123@benkhenvill183 SP
124@abufarras282 SP
127@drhuma317 SP
132@eramadu183 SP
133@ham7950 SP
134@betsay163 SP
135@irru319 SP
136@raiyan02187 SP
137@elvis701237 SP
138@arunbiju96989 SP
139@dhanux94326 SP
140@chiquiyanu12380 SP
141@hash96254 SP
142@amirhamja7999971 SP
143@richeleon232729253 SP
144@gabrielo89362 SP
145@its-carlene1821 SP
146@fazalwattoo141 SP
147@zekea92 SP
148@muksalm99228 SP
149@richard-p113 SP
150@frqnk70 SP
151@paholags375 SP
152@aliahmad0193 SP
153@farm-man25 SP
154@maknaliterasi36 SP
155@tahir287 SP
156@jahangeerkhanday230 SP
157@borisjimenez432 SP
158@elen2838 SP
159@guttaboy300 SP
160@escipergo85 SP
161@rennyelias274 SP
162@nwakanwa82 SP
163@n-chris179 SP
165@icon-monday98 SP
166@mazharmalik118 SP
167@stapol10190 SP
168@samueldavidev210 SP
169@elacash218 SP
170@skerlin2711152 SP
171@jhalysp290 SP
172@yeilinperdomo78 SP
173@steemtopus94 SP
174@vectorshore338 SP
175@hamad123206 SP
176@doctorshahbaz41 SP
177@fadli9964 SP
178@roky75164 SP
179@fiazkamboh167 SP
180@faizalsteemit53 SP
181@liriajm433 SP
182@zohaibrai114 SP
183@eglicarpio190 SP
184@maro62209 SP
185@jaspichman125311 SP
186@santiago2437 SP
187@thedoraemon119 SP
188@lion200062 SP
189@hubertfcofie111 SP
192@luckybhai17 SP
193@eilyvictoria100 SP
194@warriorchalleng113 SP
195@iqrarana786363 SP
196@medytalents162 SP
197@deyanira200 SP
198@joemuk195 SP
199@ebubennah73 SP
200@zairajfm67 SP
201@gelvisjose119 SP
202@usmanali143 SP
203@danielb2324 SP
204@starrchris347 SP
205@ahmadshujah93 SP
206@rokibulsanto246 SP
207@akise72 SP
208@linday102799 SP
209@gelvisjose119 SP
210@nitishrana972966 SP
211@linday102795 SP
212@juandres3960 SP
213@thairisdc172 SP
214@arifhameed30 SP
215@small-ville465 SP
216@akam-theresa152 SP
217@vianny9709106 SP
218@mlrequena78235 SP
219@barnabie156 SP
220@mishaq35 SP
222@meekey4154 SP
223@fiaznawaz407 SP
224@dhanux94322 SP
225@daprado1999110 SP
226@sachingeorge35 SP
227@juliandiaz241 SP
228@ahmadg34 SP
229@artist1111114 SP
230@mvchacin196 SP
231@brayanastro199736 SP
232@nurdeen19 SP
233@steemitlover3636 SP
234@shakib735274 SP
235@aliimrankamboh265 SP
236@rahulbairwa243 SP
237@taimoorhadi08187 SP
238@zeeshan4t58 SP
239@malikusman1129 SP
240@negakire9 SP
241@ranaabdulhadi462 SP
242@starrchris333 SP
243@ghazalach113 SP
244@adil6926 SP
245@daryelispg40 SP
246@justice009134 SP
247@old-dad29 SP
248@sathsara187 SP

List of users that have graduated from this program this week:

No°NameAll-time Author Rewards
1@ojerindejoel565 SP
2@mayberling546 SP
3@naikelys90708 SP
7@allahnawaz03546 SP
8@giftye503 SP
9@gracyakan511 SP
10@rosita-nkefor712 SP
11@lita2021686 SP
12@ferifelanai543 SP
13@endrinaquevedo572 SP
15@ashkhan593 SP
16@drhira555 SP

If you want to apply for this program, please leave a comment on this post

500SP Minnow Support Program for Newcomers(Revised Edition) updated on 24/5/2021


Hello people of Steemit,

In this post, we would like to inform you about some changes in the eligibility and new guidelines for 500 SP Minnow Support Program.

Who are Eligible for this program?

Program Requirements:

1.) Steemit users who have complete until at least or minimum at Achievement 4 in the Newcomers Achievement Program.
2.) Steemit users with the combined All-time Author SP, and liquid rewards of STEEM and SBD which is still under 500 SP/STEEM.

Where is this Newcomers Achievement Program?

For now, we are able to accommodate these languages for this program, you may choose which languages you want to use for completing the achievements' tasks under this program.
English version
Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources

Spanish version
Recursos para los Ingresantes: Logros, Materiales y Recursos

Turkish version
Yeni Katılan Türk Kullanıcılar İçin - Kazanım Görevleri ( Achievement Tasks ) Türkçe Versiyonu Hazır!

Bangladesh version
Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources[বাংলায় ট্রান্সলেশন]

Bahasa Indonesia version
Kumpulan Panduan Tugas Achivement dan Materi Tugas Pencapaian Bagi Pendatang Baru

How to check your All Time Author SP, liquid STEEM & SBD Reward?

Go to https://steemworld.org/@yoursteemaccountname and click "Stats" and see "Rewards Summary" you are qualified if your total of All Time Author SP, Steem and SBD conversion to Steem still under 500 SP/STEEM like the one shown on the photo below

sample500sp (1).png

How to Apply?

Please write on the comment section of the latest 500SP Minnow Support Program: Curation List - Updated 11/05/2021 with the statement below:
"I would like to apply for the 500 SP Minnow Support Program and I have checked that I have met all the criteria required to qualify for the program." [include achievement 1,2,3 & 4 Post link]

After being approved into this program what next?

You will get 500SP title at Steemit Nursery Community

  • All participants under this program will be labeled " Newborn or Toddler or Alumni/Year they joined steem@500SP " at Steemit Nursery Community.

You will have to post your content at Steemit Nursery Community

  • For receiving support for your content, you are required to publish your content at Steemit Nursery Community.
  • Your post at Steemit Nursery Community will be put under Booming Support program provided that it is plagiarism free and steemexclusive.
  • You will be supported with booming curation until you reach 500SP in all-time earning including SBD conversion.
  • Please use tag #support500sp as one of your post tags so the curators of 500SP Minnow Support Program can find your post easily.

No power down

  • While under 500SP Minnow support program, the participants of this program are under obligation to not power down their steem account. We will delist participants from this program if we have found out that they have broken this rule.

You will be mentored by a Nursery Mentor

  • Participants of this program will be guided by a Nursery Mentor until they have reached 500SP.
  • Nursery Mentor will help you to find a community of your interest where you can be part of and grow in Steemit.

Please help us spread the news to any Steemit users that you know who are eligible for these programs.

Kind Regards,
Steem Greeters Team.

 2 years ago 

Date: 23-08-2021
Curated from: 40- 45
Cc.- @inspiracion you start at number -46- on this list

curate from : 116-132

 2 years ago 

@cryptokanon can I post now my serial no. Is 127

 2 years ago 

@drhuma please make sure you always have an active post at steemit nursery that is less than 6 days.

 2 years ago 

Date :1/9/2021
curated from : 133-138

Cc.- @rex-sumon you start at number -139- on this list

 2 years ago (edited)

Dear @cryptokannon why list is still not updated?

Date : 29/8/2021
curated from : 78-100

 2 years ago 

Date : 29/8/2021
curated from : 101-115

Cc.- @edlili24 you start at number -116- on this list

 2 years ago 

Hi,@ cryptokannon, thanks for your post concerning delayed verification of achievement post, my achievement post has been delayed for about two weeks, and am repeating another one today, please help me out
![IMG_20211122_175228_253.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)


 2 years ago 

Date: 24-08-2021
Curated from: 46- 58

Cc.- @edlili24 you start at number -59- on this list

 2 years ago 

Date: 25-08-2021
Curated from: 59- 68

Cc.- @rex-sumon you start at number -69- on this list

Date : 28/8/2021
curated from : 69-77

 2 years ago 

Good day ma please i have been making post (post to guide the newcomers)on the newcomers community but the get expired without any support.
please this is the only one active now please check it out

 2 years ago 

I've been traveling for a while. Please manage it

 2 years ago 

I would like to apply for the 500 SP Minnow Support Program and I have verified that I have met all the required criteria to qualify for the program.

ether with my verification post links.

Achievement 1

Achievement 2

Achievement 3

Achievement 4

Kindly Please Checked..

 2 years ago 

Thanks you sir

 2 years ago 

soy el numero 123. no he recibido votación en más de dos semanas

 2 years ago 

Thanks for the update.
I've been posting without being visited .
Please which number are they on now?
I'm Number 11

 2 years ago 

Hi @barnabie please make sure that you always have active posts less than 6 days old at Steemit Nursery community, this way you will not be missing in any curation. 😊

 2 years ago 

You are already add in this program . Check your number = 119

 2 years ago 

Espero poder contar con su apoyo saludos aqui mis logros.

Logro 1

Logro 2


Logro 4

Recopilacion de mis logros

 2 years ago 

I would love to apply for the 500sp minnow support program and I have check that I've meant the criteria required to qualify for this program. Here are my achievements tasks
Achievement 1: My Introductory post

Achievement 2: Basic Security on Steemit

Achievement 3: Content Etiquette

Achievement 4: Applying Markdowns

 2 years ago 

greetings @rex-sumon and @cryptokannon .My number is 100 in the list but my post has not been selected for 500sp, nor have I ever received any healing many days ago.


 2 years ago 

Hi @jennifer94 please make sure that you always have active posts less than 6 days old at Steemit Nursery community, this way you will not be missing in any curation. 😊

Hola @cryptokannon Me gustaría solicitar el Programa de apoyo 500 SP Minnow y he comprobado que he cumplido con todos los criterios necesarios para calificar para el programa.


Logro #1 - Mi Presentación y Primer Post

Logro 2 @noelisdc: Seguridad Básica en Steem

Logro 3 noelisdc: Etiqueta de Contenidos

Logro 4 por @noelisdc. Consigna: Aplicando Formatos

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