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Newcomers need some basic knowledge on How Steem Ecosystem works, hopefully through these series of achievements and the tasks accompanying it will make the newcomers knowledgable enough navigating Steem Blockchain platform particularly Steemit.

In this post you will be able to learn:

  • The compilations of Achievement series for Newcomers
  • Resources for all guides and information regarding Steem Network
  • The spreadsheets on Google Sheet that you can use for tracking and record the retention rate of Newcomer under your care.

Achievement 1 Task

Post for Achievement 1 here...

Objectives of Achievement 1

  • Newcomers Introduce and Verify themselves to Steem Community
  • Newcomers get to know other community within Steem Ecosystem

Achievement 2 Task

Post for Achievement 2 here...

Objectives of Achievement 2

  • Newcomers have knowledge on basic security on steem such as how their master passwords works and can differentiate the use of their account posting key, active key, private owner key and memo key.
  • Newcomers understand the use of their steemit wallet.

Achievement 3 Task

Post for Achievement 3 here...

Objectives of Achievement 3

  • Newcomers have knowledge on Proof of Brain concept.
  • Newcomer have basic knowledge on producing and sharing quality/original content.
  • Newcomer embracing the existing Steem Community etiquette

Achievement 4 Task

Post for Achievement 4 here...

Objectives of Achievement 4

  • Newcomers have basic Markdown skills.
  • Newcomers are able to use some advance markdown with the given markdown template.

Achievement 5 Task

Post for Achievement 5 here...

Objectives of Achievement 5

  • Newcomers have a basic understanding of how to use tools in steem ecosystems such as,, and
  • Newcomers know how to utilize these tools for their daily tracking or transaction on their steem account.

Achievement 6 Task

Post for Achievement 6 here...

Objectives of Achievement 6

  • Newcomers know how curation work in steem
  • Newcomers get to know what witness is and how to vote for witness
  • Newcomers know how to create their own community or join the existing community that fit their interest
  • Newcomers know how to use third party applications widely use by steemian such as discord.

Compilation of Achievements' Task post

Final Task for Newcomers Achievement Program : Compilation of Achievements' Task post

Copyright Free

Anyone is free to use this program curriculum for mentoring newcomers under your care. I welcome any feedback on this program curriculum, any additional task or any changes that you deem necessary to optimize the impact on the newcomers that will become part of our Steem Community.


Here are some great resources created by our steemian in the past that still relevant now. Some of the information in there might be out of date and some services may no longer available as the creators may not be active in Steem Blockchain anymore.
Answering Common Questions: Full Guide List
Steemit Explained

Materials for Record and Tracking Retention of Newcomers

For tracking the retention rate of the newcomers I created this spreadsheet on Google Sheet, mentors are free to use this spreadsheet, make a copy to your own google sheet.

Retention Rate Tracking spreadsheet

Achievement Program Tracking spreadsheet

Kind Regards,
STEEM Greeter of STEEM POD Project.


I am inviting other people to do this. I have a Steemit Group on Facebook I admin with 2,900 users and I was gone for years. So now I want to help all the Members by getting them through stuff like this, then they can all help each other once their vote weight is up.

@punicwax that's great! If all those 2900 make it to achievement 4 and applying for 500SP minnow support then delegate to one community account that will make a total of 1.45M SP!

Not everyone is active right now, but once I start getting everything done and show them my account, they will do it and show other, and it will grow in a chain reaction until the whole group is full of people with SP.

 3 years ago 

I wanna join

How can I join the group

Make a post and put it in the Nursery and the Newcomers Community

Am a new comer here

 3 years ago 

I want to join ma'am

 3 years ago 

Even me too ma

 2 years ago 

@cryptokannon Mem will help me figure out how to do itMem will help me figure out how to do it And meme will support what you think

Hi @cryptokannon please verify my achievement one thank you

 2 years ago 

Please admin , I have done my introduction for days but have not been verified

 3 years ago 

i want to join sir

i wanna joinyour fb group

 3 years ago 

I would like to join your group

Hi there, I have joined steemit just 3 days back. Can you please teach me the basics of steemit? Can I create my own community here? If so, how? Please reply. Thank you in advance.

Nice job @punicwax

That's great i want to join @punicwax

I want to join that group

 2 years ago 

Thanks for that
Please am interested 🙏

Weldone @cryptokannon. This is a great material. I think I should now just refer all new people to this single post as they continue responding to all the achievement posts of the pro-minnow program.

Thank you for the cooperation and great teamwork you shown in the team @yohan2on. Yes, that is the purpose of this post so everyone can just refer to this post to guide the newcomers through the program. So we all can just focus on Recruiting and most importantly, Retention moving forward.

I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation

Hi @lfgiaa I'm happy and glad that you are part of the steem community too 🤗

Greetings, I always hope for your support

 2 years ago (edited)

@cryptokannon thanks for your guidance
Please check my achievement 2 so that I can proceed to achivement 3
Achievement 2

Hello @cryptokannon, below is my achievement 4's about to expire
Achievement 4

 3 years ago 

I would like to invite @hazylnutt, @irishjean29, and @bhem80 to also post their Achievement task. Way to go guys...

Thanks a lot for that I believe it will help other new members as it has helped me
But where can I post my introduction

This is exactly what we need to get an insight into steemit

Wow would really love to explore all the opportunities available in steem world

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