Successful Completion of SL-Charity Phase I

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SL-Charity Is

We had an idea for launching a charity program with our community members for a long time and as a result, we could be able to organize a charity program from the name SL-Charity with the start of the Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series.

The Purpose of SL-Charity

There are thousands of human lives in the world suffering from poverty. And there are some people in this world who are lonely and helpless. Our purpose is to give a smile to their faces as much as we can through SL-Charity Program.

Fund Raising Mechanism

Their are two methods for raising funds for our charity program.

  1. Beneficiary Rewards
  2. Author Rewards of @sl-charity

According to that our members can allocate 5%(minimum %) from the payment what they got from their articles. The important thing to say here is that we don't force anyone of our members and they can increase the beneficiary % as their will. Author rewards of @sl-charity are directly contribute for the charity program. Instead of them, we warmly welcome donations of every steemian.

Projects Currently Completed

We are very pleased to announce the successful completion of our SL-Charity Phase I.

Project Name
Leaded By
Project Proposal
Allocated Steem Amount
Members' Reviews
SL-Charity Balangoda-I@madhumunasingheBalangoda-I95 STEEMR1,R2,R3
SL-Charity Balangoda-II@thimiraBalangoda-II38 STEEMR1
SL-Charity Monaragala@damithudayaMonaragala165 STEEMR1
SL-Charity Elpitiya@rasinkaniElpitiya260 STEEMR1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10

Used STEEM Amount

Memories of Our Members

SL-Charity Monaragala

SL-Charity Elpitiya

SL-Charity Balangoda-I

SL-Charity Balangoda-II


We would like to thank all those who joined us for @sl-charity program. Special thank goes to @rasinkani, @damithudaya, @madhumunasinghe and @thimira for leading those charity events for SL-Charity Phase I.

Funds Update



Our Future Plans

We are planning to initiate SL - Charity Phase II in middle of May in some other areas of country. We will continue the fund collection further as members really willing to help society with their steem earning.

Tagging Mechanism

If you post any beneficiary posts related to @sl-charity project, please make sure to use #sl-charity and #sl-charity10pc tags according to your beneficiary amount. That will be easy for us to reach your posts without missing them.
5% beneficiary: #sl-charity5pc
10% beneficiary: #sl-charity10pc

Get Together to Grow

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Happy to be part of the project❤️

Stay tuned... Phase II is coming soon😃💪❤️

Things went very well.. Let's go for something bigger..

Definitely my friend 💪❤️🤗

Happiness is being a reason for others happiness❤️

Well done

Agreed 100% 🤗❤️

Glad to be a part of this!!! Great job everyone!! 🥰🥰🥰

Let's continue to work like this🤗❤️

Great work to help who are in need 💖.

Yes. The important thing is to give them a little relief.. 😌😌

and happiness they deserve 🤗.

Lifetime happiness ❤️

The Real sense of happiness 🙊🙊

Looking forward for Second Phase... ❤️

Me too 😃💪❤️

@sl-charity and @steem-sri.lanka gave happiness to their life. good project .thank you all. congratulations. hope to join with future events.❤️❤️

We are coming soon with the SL-Charity Phase II... Stay tuned..!!

Hi myself rohit
I like your work
Guys pls support me upvote me then i will upvote u and follow back

Hi myself rohit
I like your work
Guys pls support me upvote me then i will upvote u and follow back

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