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Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing great. Yesterday is a very special day in my life. In fact, I'm fail to convert what I feel about yesterday to words. Yesterday is the very first day, I participated to a charity and I'm so happy about that. You all already know about Steem Sri Lanka Charity Program. So yesterday we did SL Charity Phase 01 | Project Elpitiya.

Getting ready

Humble Vender
The day before yesterday, @sandu, @randulakoralage, Randula's boyfriend;Harith and me gathered to Ambalangoda about 9.00am and we purchased goods as we planned. There were onion, potatos and sprats in our list. But we four were not satisfied about above three in the super market. So we purchased them from a vender was in the road. Actually there were unions, potatos and sprats in good quality. And the vender was so humble character.

Getting ready

Then we put all the stuff we purchased at @sandu's place. Her kind mother treated us juice, cake and banana aside thousands of homework. I remind Sandu's mother very lovely. And Sandu and her sister @dasuni had packed the goods separately in order. They had done their job well ❤️.


845J+G8 Galle
As we planned, we gathered to @rasinkani's village about 10.30 am and before start our charity event, we met the chief monk of the village temple. Chief monk appreciated our work. The chief monk further encouraged us to do more such works. Because giving is a great thing.

After that we started our work. The chief monk had selected us five families to help and our friend Rasinkani guided us to reach to their families easily.

Delicious dessert from Rasi
After doing our charity event successfully, Rasinkani invited us to have lunch from their home. I lovely remind Rasinkani's father, mother and her sister because they had prepared us a delicious lunch and dessert. And their house was situated in a beautiful environment. Always we enjoyed cool winds.

@rasinkani ,@anusha96,@randulakoralage, Harith, @supunchandra, @sandu, @dasuni, @sandun98, @roshipeiris @ashen and @sasanka96 and me was the gang and we all were in very happy after doing a successful charity event.

What I feel...

Did you see their innocent??

As I told before, this was my very first charity event, I participated. Therefore I was so exited about this. Actually I'm speechless. Because the five families we met were so innocent families. For some reason, they live a very difficult life. I saw, mothers, fathers, children with a pretty innocent smile on their faces. That is the difference between they and us. Sometimes we forget to smile. We forget ourselves and run for something invisible. We have forgotten to use our priceless smile. But they do. That is the difference between them and us.

I was so sad about how that parents working hard to teach their children. During the school vacations of those children, they also go to work with their parents. They are small children and why they have deserved that kind of life...? I'm speechless.

They are so generous. So kind.

We experienced how their faces lit up with joy as we provided them with the school equipment and food they needed at home. They gave their priceless smile for us. Not only that. They treated us with the fruits of the trees around them. Other thing is they all have pets. Yep. They are so generous. So kind. Rich from their attitudes so much ❤️.


I saw the
from their innocent faces
and I and my gang enjoyed the


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Yeah, one of the unforgettable days😍 A day which taught us that giving can give us much happiness that we cannot even imagine.

Of course Nanga 😍😍😍

What an amazing job!! ❤
It's priceless ❤

Of course yes Prasadi... it's priceless ❤️

They are innocent and as well as they are rich people in their hearts 💖.

Yep they are rich from their hearts.. That's why I said we forget to smile sometimes. But they are not like us...

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