The Factory - Chapter 4 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 16 of the Freewrite Challenge - Warm Water Bottle)

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Last 3 paragraphs from part 15

     He grew serious and leaned back in his chair. "Kinda of strange request."
     "I assure you, your business will not be banished in anyway. Pictures is to show the inner working of Spacecore. In fact you are one of many companies I plan to interview." Doyle said, spreading her lips into a smile. "In fact we are planning a sequence of articles, and you can read over the articles yourself before sending off to print."
     He studied us. His large green eyes flicking back and forth from me to Doyle, accessing if we could be trusted. After a few seconds he nodded and looked at me. "I assume... 5 Minute Timer

Chapter 4

Day 16 - Prompt - Warm Water Bottle

      He studied us. His large green eyes flicking back and forth from me to Doyle, accessing if we could be trusted. After a few seconds he nodded and looked at me. "I assume from the camera on your neck your here to take the pictures while she does the interview, correct?"
     "Yes sir," I said.
     He took another sip of scotch. "And you want to take pictures of the factories?'
     "And I can look over the pictures as well before sending off to be published?"
     "Of course," I said. I was getting hot. It felt like the collar of my shirt was choking me.
     "Alright," Mr. Turner said, and pressed a intercom button on the phone setting on the corner of his desk. "Maryann come in my office please." he took another sip of his scotch and sighed. "I'm trusting you lads. We run a tight operation around. I'll have Maryann make you up guest pass so you can take your pictures."
     The office door swung opened and Maryann entered.
     "Take Mr.... what was your name again?"
     "J-" I stopped myself from saying my real name. "Ted Rogers."
     "Take Mr. Rogers and set him up with a guess pass," Mr. Turner said. "He got some pictures he needs to take. I have an hour before I have to make an appointment."
     "Yes, sir." Maryann smiled and waved at me. "Come on and I'll get you set up."
     I looked to Doyle for help, but she only smiled and took a sip of scotch as I was ushered out of the office in a hurry.
     "Explain the rules while you're at it," Mr. Turner said as Maryann shut the door.
     "Follow me," she said, the tone in her voice letting me know I was nuisance.

     I was surprised by the fact I was allowed to room the factories alone once I had guest pass shoved into my hand. Maryann briefly explained some rules. Most of which I didn't catch. The one rule she did express and made sure I repeated it to her was never go through any door with a red label. The rest of the rules I couldn't remember. I was ushered to the back door of the office building, and all but shoved through.
     "You have forty five minutes remaining," Maryann said, looking at her watch. "You better hurry and get your pictures. I don't want to come looking for you."
     "Where-" I didn't have time to ask my questions. Maryann stuck her nose in the air and spun around and slammed the door. Bitch, I thought, and turned around and looked across a wide span of blacktop to the nearest factory a hundred yards away. I held the camera up and took a picture.
     As I walked to the factory I thought about Doyle. Doyle had surprised me in the last couple of days. The girl who I thought Doyle was isn't the girl I've been witnessing the last couple of days. Doyle was far more complicated than I ever knew. I began to suspect the sweet innocent nature I'm used to seeing was a outward appearance to conceal a less pleasant reality about her. Doyle had layers. And the more I began to see those layers, the more intrigued I was. Who was the real Doyle? What was she doing right now? I got the sense Doyle would do almost anything to get what she wanted. Is she a sociopath? No, I thought, sociopaths don't have conscience. Doyle has conscience. I think.
     I arrived at a side door to the first factory and stepped through a door and entered a break room. Bottles of half drunken water littered the tables. I walked to the table and picked up a warm water bottle and twisted the bottle in my hand. I froze as a lump lodged in my throat. Beads of sweat formed on the brow of my head as I read the initials M.L. I dropped the bottle as took a step backwards...


     Today, I struggled, I even forgot to set the timer, but I got it out. I was able to work the prompt into the story, I hope it is believable.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words, and inserted markdown tags. I also marked the word when I first used today's prompt.

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