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Thai Recipe

2018-07-23 12.51.55.jpg
Their internal wall display and name plate makes for easy identification when you're wandering past outside

Having needed to pick up some medical scans, I tried out another of the food places around the square in Kogorah. This time I tried out the Thai place that is there. It was lunchtime, so I got their $12 special, which was a plate of Pad Thai and a drink.

2018-07-23 12.59.50.jpg
I have no idea what they were thinking with that orange carrot decoration either

It was a very hit and miss pad thai. Clearly the worst part was the carrot decoration, which was inedible. The balance was ok, but it was clearly not the best pad thai I've had. It was edible, and filling, but I was left with the lingering doubt that they'd eaten a good pad thai before, but had it described to them before they tried to recreate it. It was almost there, but definitely lacking. And that carrot was a massive distraction.

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Oh! No! What happens to the original pad-Thai?! Those orange strings are really out of place. I hope you did protest about this orange intrusion! That’s the strangest pad-Thai I have ever seen!!

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I generally don't eat out and have never actually had a Thai meal, and don't really know what a Pad Thai is. But I gather it doesn't usually have spaghetti-like carrot on top. I'm really wary of anything cooked in oil ~ So it looks like Thai food probably isn't for me. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

I'm pretty sure you 'could' cook most thai food without oil, but it's usually far better with it. The dish itself shouldn't be oily though, it's just used to keep the wok non-stick. It's also usually a neutral oil (grapeseed or similar) or something that goes with the flavours of the dish, like peanut oil in the case of pad thai, which contains peanuts.

like many thai dishes, it's about the sauce, and the balance between the salty, sweet, sour and spicy. often fish sauce, brown sugar, lime juice and red chili are parts of a pad thai sauce. This one at least did have that right, and the noodles and protien.

But yeah, spaghetti-like carrot ball? not a component I've seen before, and hope to never see again.

I thought the carrotball was kinda cute if slightly random XD what did they do to make it inedible? D:

That description doesn't sound promising :S

I suspect that it was pre-made, and the carrot had dried out too much, so raw carrot that had gone dry and not really nice tasting.

The rest of it was edible, but yeah, not promising, and a reason I haven't been back. Especially not when there's a known good place next door, and an unknown one to try not far away

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