Meet the Steemians Contest - Intermediate results

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SteemFest³ and the Meet the Steemians Contest are over. Guess you are all looking forward to the results of the contest. Here is finally some news about it.

Why did you wait so long?

As mentioned in our previous post, this was our first experience of organizing a contest which involved both an external application (the SteemFest app) and the SteemitBoard infrastructure.

Unfortunately, a number of technical and human issues arose during the course of the contest which made it more difficult for us to determine the number of meetings made by the participants and therefore their ranking.

1. People who do not identify themselves correctly

We had to identify the holder of the scanning device. It was clearly stated in SteemitBoard’s announcement:

Register yourself in the app by scanning your own QR code or entering your Steem username manually.

However, it turns out that several participants did not perform this operation and first scanned the QR code of the person they met before scanning/entering their own code/name.

Unfortunately, the screen displayed before the first scan (i.e. the registration of device holder name) was a bit too similar to subsequent scan screens and leaded to this errors.

2. People who forgot to re-identify themselves after reinstalling the SteemFest app.

Many SteemFest attendees started to scan each others before the MSC contest was officially announced and started.

At the opening speech of SteemFest, we advised users to reinstall the SteemFest app if they wanted to reset their scan list in the app. Some did, but forgot to re-identify themselves on their devices, leading SteemitBoard to think they were someone else after their next scan.

Others may have taken advantage of the reinstallation advice to change their devices.

3. Contestant not attending SteemFest

We had several “external” participants, not attending SteemFest, who interfered with the contest thanks to the ability to manually enter the name of a person in the SteemFest app instead of scanning his QR code.

Additionally, we had some other minor use case we did not expected but we won’t enumerate them here to avoid making this post TL;DR

Titanic work done

Out of 266 of the contestants, 73 were affected by the above mentioned problems, which means that we were had to double check who really did a scan for more than 1/4 of the participants.

In short, to use a typical expression from here, “C’était un peu le bazar” ("It was a bit of a mess")

As mentioned in our previous post, we wanted to be as fair as possible and had to check and reprocess every scan made between participants (9912 scans within the 4 days during which the contest lasted).

After making contact with our sponsors, and thanks to their trust and moral support, we embarked on a painstaking process of analysis and verification.

At the end of this work, we finally identified:

  • 5272 valid scans
  • 2065 mutual meetings made by 213 SteemFest³ attendees!

Contest data publicly available

The result of this work is now available to all in public speadsheet

Here a quick description of the spreadsheet content:

nameThe name of the participant making the scan
scanThe name of the participant being scanned
TS1Timestamp of the scan
RnameIf there was as reserse scan, the name of the participant making the scan. Empty if the initial scanned participant never made a back scan
RscanIf there was as reserse scan, the name of the participant being scanned. Empty if the initial scanned participant never made a back scan
TS2Timestamp of the reverse scan, if any
Diff (sec)Difference in seconds between the 2 scans
Diff (min)Difference in minutes between the 2 scans

Be ready for the final result

The Contest Ranking page has been updated with the result obtained from our validation work.

There are several changes in the rankings, especially because the initial ranking page did not always take into account the 2 minute rule for mutual meetings. This has been fixed.

The next step will be to unveil the names of the special attendees

Remember that among the participants of SteemFest³, some of them were “special attendees” and will bring you some bonus points (up to 115) if you met them!

There are:

Attendee(s)Meeting value
1 gold15 MSC points
5 silver10 MSC points
10 bronze5 MSC points

A list of all the participants with their random assigned ID has been published here.

@roelandp has also drawn 16 random numbers, encrypted them and stored them in this transaction.

We will now ask @roelandp to create a new transaction on the blockchain with the key that will allow us to decrypt this transaction which contains the ID of the gold, silver and bronze attendees.

We will then assign the bonus point to every participants if they met those special attendees.

This is likely to further change the ranking!

Stay tuned for the final results!

Thank you again to our awesome sponsors!

Steemitboard is a project created by @arcange

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Wow Steemfest is over and you are still putting a lot of work into this! I cant belive I am 5th again haha just like in poker :D Seems to be my lucky number this year.


Stay tuned, the bonus points will shake the ranking a bit more :p

Lots of work to be done! All the best and congrats to whoever wins! Thanks for the awesome and fun game. It made it easier for us to break the ice. "Can I scan you?" 😎😉

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"Can I scan you?"

Definitely, best thing to say to introduce yourself to someone you want to speak with ;)

Whoaaa - lots of work! Thanks for doing it - I'm still top 20 it seems, I'm not at all sad about how I did :D

Ooh, it's exciting. Thanks for all the work you put into this. I guess there were a few ways to try and cheat, but I hope you find some worthy winners.

Hm, seems like I'm still missing almost 60 scans in the updated ranking :/

It was still pretty fun, looking forward to the final results.


You were a very good and very fair contestant. Who knows, maybe the special attenfees bonus will make the difference.

Definitly, the fun was the main focus. And we had plenty of.

I wish you good luck!

Thank you for all this work.


You're welcome. Be prepared for a nice surprise ;)

Thanks for the effort you have done here :)