Dining Out - The Bun, Saigon

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The Bun, Saigon

I'm in at Eastgardens pretty often, and this little place attracts my attention every time, even if I don't end up buying.

2018-06-23 13.28.31.jpg
Display sign under their pick up area. A nice selection of Vietnamese dishes

They make a variety of things, but it seems the main sells are their Bahn Mi, Bao, and the premade vietnamese rolls. Late in the day there's always a few containers on special of their meals from the bain marie too.

2018-06-23 13.28.56 HDR.jpg
Trying not to get too many customers in the photo of the store was difficult, because even though it wasn't actually lunch time, they were busy.

I think I've eaten from here 3 or 4 times now, and each time it's been good. It's a food court shop, so it's nothing super special, but they do reliable really well.

2018-06-23 13.32.33.jpg
I grabbed their bao special. Crispy Pork in one, and Chicken in the other. Under $10

The Bao that I had this time, they were quite good. Nice soft buns, fresh salad fillings, and a decent amount of meat, especially in the crispy pork. Certainly wasn't disappointed in my purchase, and will likely have again in the future.

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Have you smashed their Bahn Mi yet? A few weeks and I'll be tasting all the Vietnamese food in Saigon 😏.

Not theirs, no. It is something that I'll get around to though. I love them, but just have some really good options near home for much cheaper than this when it comes to Bahn Mi.

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Sometimes the "nothing special but reliably good for nice price" places are the best though, especially if they're also quick XD

absolutely. and it sure beats the KFC that's right next to it (and has way larger queues...)

Hm, we do like KFC, but I would definitely pick a place like that over KFC too XD

like most of the chains, I'll eat it, but it isn't my preference. When it comes to KFC specifically, I like their boneless and hot and spicy. Sadly they removed the hot and spicy from 'always available' to just special menu times (at least in NSW and SA where I've been since not being able to get it) Just means I don't go to KFC much at all, because it's not worth it for just the chips and dinner rolls (which have gotten worse since I was in uni)

nice 👍👍

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