The Art of Death: Love and War: Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

I hurried down the steps, then I saw two men surrounding Elias' sides, they were dragging him down the street. Both where wearing hoodies, and there backs were facing away from me. I found the closest spot to hide, which was behind a dumpster. I listened in on the conversation they were having.

"We found him," Guy one told the other. (I'll refer to them as guy 1 & 2)

"So, Elias, you think its fucking funny to betray us, after we gave you clothes, food, and a shelter?!" Guy 2 screamed in Elias' face.

"Fuck yo-" Elias started to say, before he was punched in the stomach by one of them.

"Ha, you're a frisky one aren't cha?" Guy one started taunting Elias, hen continued, "The leader, or what we call him, Mr. King, will be happy to know you returned.

"FUCK YOU!" Elias snapped back at them. One of them punched Elias in the jaw. I wanted to help, but I couldn't risk it. Two against one? They both had guns. They dragged Elias further, I snucked closer to them, still listening to them, now I was behind one of the bridges support beams.

"Cody, time to bring him back to where he belongs," Guy 2 told Guy 1. One of them had a name. Good, I will make sure to rip them both apart when I get the chance. Weirdly, they didn't seem to realize I was with Elias. Which is good.

"FUCK you two, I knew both of you would've killed me when you had the chance!" Elias growled at them. Then, suddenly, they started beating him into a bloody pulp. They picked him up, and one of them put Elias over his shoulders. I saw his face, Elias', he was knocked out cold, and his face was swollen, black and blue eyes, swollen cheeks, and his entire face was bruised. FUCK, this was all my fault, why couldn't I have gotten over his lie. I had to save him now, and I was by myself on it. I'm fucking stupid. I ruined it. I don't even think I could save him, the possibilities were stacked against me. I had to plan well.

Then, I heard a click of a gun to the back of my head, and then greeted by a commanding voice that told me, "Don't. Fucking. Move." I wasn't sure what to do or say exactly.

"Okay, okay," I finally got the nerve to speak up.

"Turn around!" The voice commanded me. I was greeted by a person, with a hoodie over their head, and a strange looking blank, white, smiling mask. Whoever it was, was most likely to be with the cannibals. I was nervous at what the persons intentions where. So I just looked at the person for a second, and then I heard a cough come from behind the mask.

"What is your business here?" The muffled voiced commanded me to answer.

"I-I- was just traveling to Canada, for a refugee camp," I explained nervously.

"Refugee camp?" The person questioned me.

"Apparently there is a huge one, up in Northwest Canada," I articulated.

"Hmph. Never heard of it. Are you with them?!" The person growled behind the mask.


"The fucking cannibals!" The person elaborated while screaming at me.

"No!" I sternly yelled back without hesitation, then added, "I want to fucking kill them all, after what they did to my friend."

"I saw two of them beat someone up, then I noticed you watching, then writing something down. It didn't seem right," The person explained.

"How did you see-" I started talking then was cut off.

"I see everything," The person told me. Then a loud screech blasted through my ears. Then I noticed the sun was setting.

"Fucking Dusks!" The voice hollered, then added, "Follow me!" I ran behind the person, making sharp twists and turns, running for what seemed like hours. While still pacing behind the person, as both of my legs have become synchronized with my pace, back and forth, up and down. We then turned down an alleyway, to the left, then we were greeted by a door, the person kicked the door open, without hesitation. Then I slammed it shut behind me.

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