The Art of Death: Love and War: Chapter 14 (Steemit exclusive novel)

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Chapter 14

We entered the building and, we noticed, on the inside the building was still well kept. Like someone was living here. It was so unreal; seeing a building like this that's not in ruins like the others. The outside was dirty, but the inside, no. It felt so weird... And Eerie. Knowing that this place is still clean after all this time.

"Elias?" I called out.

"What?" He responded

"Don't you notice... How clean this building is?"

"Yes. But there's a plausible explanation for it."

"How so?"

"Well, you know, the fingerprint scanner. The thing keeps outsiders out and insiders in it seems like. It looks to me that the Beasts never got in here; because of the fingerprint scanner. They're not smart enough to do that, ya' know." I shook my head in agreement.

We walked forward, careful of our surroundings. We saw a computer and a desk at the front, but the computer itself was obviously in ruins. I went up to it. The thing was from 2093. It didn't work anymore; probably from running all these years, the battery tripped. I moved forward from it and we noticed a map of the building. There were a total of five floors. One was here, the second one was the "technology design floor," third one was a "Laboratory experiment floor," fourth one was a cafeteria, for the employees, I assumed. Fifth one was a... Living quarters.

"People lived here?!?" I asked, shocked by the news.

"They used to, it looked like," Elias responded. "I would think the survivors moved to a less... Populated area. If you know what I mean." I looked at him, then we both decided to go up the first level.

The first level had a few rooms. We decided, since this was new to us, we'd stick together. We went to one room, which had scraps of metal, but nothing really interesting in it. It was more research, involving robotics. The other room had hardly anything in it. It looked to me they were researching the possibility of Bionics here. There was a third room, but it was locked. We had to get a key to get into it.

We decided to go up to the next floor, which was the Laboratory Experiment floor. There was about half a dozen rooms here. Most were vacant, except one. We checked it out and there were cages of dead animals. All were closed, except one that was wide open. We looked around, and there was papers on top of the cage. We read it and it said:

"August, 5th, 2096,
The Nightfall experiment on test subject #129 was a success! The German Shephard, is doing well, it can be used to learn better. It has better cognitive functions. The subject is learning faster than expected. It learned to walk on two feet in one week. The subject can communicate via barking. We taught it words using barking, however, the experiment seems vicious.

August, 20th, 2096,

The subject is still doing well, it just seems more vicious. The thing is learning more, and is starting to run on its legs. It even learned how to draw with its mouth. So far so good.

September, 29th, 2096,

The subject escaped. We are in trouble. We need to contain it...

October, 2nd, 2096,

We found the subject. It was in the cafeteria. We decided to lock it up tighter and more secure. The experiment is still underway.

October, 5th, 2096,

The subject is becoming faster, stronger, and smarter. We will do more tests to see how strong.

October, 10th, 2096,

The subject can pull a table by itself. It can go faster than a cheetah. It's maximum documented speed is 55 MPH. We will do more tests to see if it can withstand wounds and pain.

Page 2

October, 16th, 2096,

The subject can withstand shotgun blasts to its pelvis, side, legs, etc. We haven't tried the head yet, but we expect similar results.

October, 29th, 2096,

The dog died yesterday. It was another failed experiment with The Death. We took it out to the back, to run a test if it can withstand a shotgun blast to its head. The thing died instantly. We buried it next to the others.

November 3rd, 2096,

The dog, miraculously, came back to life! From cold dead... and it's acting differently now. Cold and distant and... untrusting. We will have to run more tests.

November 10th, 2096,

The subject bit someone today and we had to put it away in a cage until we figured out what was going on. We will run tests on the bite victim to see if something spread to them or not. Kev, if you're reading these notes, MP must never find out about this."

November, 11th, 2096

The subject is even more aggressive than yesterday. We weren't anywhere near the thing and it was barking like mad. The person who was bit is showing no signs yet, but the bite seems to have gotten worse. He's in quarantine now.

November, 12th, 2096

Kev, I need you to pay close attention to today; the guy who got bit started to get aggressive. He's showing the same patterns as the dog and I don't know how long before he bites someone. I advised no one to go in the area and to leave him alone, but I see some beginning to crack. They keep saying if we don't feed him, he dies. I think he already is.

November, 12th, 2096

Oh god... the dog... it broke out of the cage... it just kicked it open like a damn pick... I'm still surprised it is still on hinges. Our shots just bounced off. I kept yelling head shots, but that wasn't doing much. It's too damn fast. I know, stay clean, but fuck the formalities. It ignored us at first, but only to free the guy it bit. Once the door was opened, he started eating everyone he could... Once he got full... he just bit people for the hell of it... I don't know how long I have left. Before I become whatever it is now. I don't feel angry yet, but I know I will soon. I don't want to become like them. I need to end it before it starts. If anyone finds these notes, please, leave now! Show them all what it is we've done. I am so sorry.

I read the papers, and handed it over to Elias to read it over. He glanced on it, and just shrugged. We continued onto the next floor which was the cafeteria. We went up and there was no cafeteria. The design for this building must've been off for some reason. This was obviously living quarters. There were about a couple dozen rooms; most of them were locked, or the doors were stuck. Only a few of them were unlocked. We went into one and found ten hand gun bullets; we had one hundred now. We split them between us. The other room had another ten bullets, but they were shotgun shells; we were up to sixty. We couldn't split it because only I had a shotgun. The last room was vacant. We checked it out, and it only had a few clothes on the floor, one table, and that summed it up. We stayed in there for a few minutes, taking a small break. I checked the time. It was 11:32 AM. We still had a lot of light left in the day. We both decided to check out the cafeteria, if there was anything in there.

We both went up it, me being behind Elias, as we both had our guns ready for anything. We went into the cafeteria slowly, we noticed it was very vacant. Tables all on one side, a serving station on the other, a room behind the serving station, which was probably where they prepare food.

"Wait. Something does feel right," Elias subtly explained. He put his arm out to stop me from moving. He looked around, to his right and left, and center.

"What?" I asked.

"Shh!" He softly whispered. "Do you hear that? It sounds like growling." I stopped dead in my tracks to listen in. I heard it too. The growling, was familiar... I thought for a second, then flashed back to yesterday. The noise! It seemed like whatever made it, when the ground moved yesterday, was here; in this room with us. We heard louder, more viscous, growling. Then, I heard that same, loud, unreal noise I heard yesterday. The thing, or whatever it was, is somewhere in here, but we didn't know exactly where. I started becoming more alert and focused, but still nervous, while my heart was racing. I felt my hands become drenched in sweat easily. I still kept my composure, as Elias, who still seemed anxious, was still keeping himself composed. We looked around and we saw something under the table, shifting towards us. I didn't know what it was, but whatever it is, I knew it wasn't on our side.

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