The Art of Death: Love and War: Chapter 16 (A steemit exclusive novel)

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Chapter 16

The dog's corpse was missing. I knew right where it was, and it disappeared without a trace. I was nervous because as far as I knew, it was dead. Also, no one else was in here with us. Literally, I was almost one hundred percent sure there was no one else in the city with us. If there were, we should've known by now. I looked over at Elias, he saw that the corpse was missing, but didn't seem to care too much.

"Elias, you saw that right? The dog's corpse is missing." I told him.

"It's still alive. Somewhere in this building." He outright voiced his concern to me, then strictly added, "Be on your highest alert, got it?" I nodded in agreement. He seemed to have faced stuff like this before, unlike me. I was still learning. I only started learning a year ago from that group I was in, including Kenny. Being part of the group I learned a lot. They all got killed. They killed Kenny, those bastards.

"Oliver, let's go back down," Elias said breaking my thoughts. "There's nothing worth our time here." I checked the watch, and it was only 12:47 PM. We still had time to go through stuff, but not here. We both walked down to the living spaces, then walked down further. Eventually ending up where we started.

"Wait a minute," I told Elias. He stopped and looked at me.


"Remember that noise I heard yesterday? From underground? That dog made the same noise before he attacked us. If they are the same thing that made the noises, how did it get up in the cafeteria? When there's no clear way from getting up from underground besides the ground moving outside?"

Elias stopped for a second before he spoke up, "There's a secret door somewhere. He's smart and knows how to get in and out of it. As explained in that report. The dog got smarter also. He probably went hiding underground." I looked at him, then we both started looking for a secret door.

Then I realized something; the computer. I don't know how I didn't realize it before; the computer was on a pressure plate. There isn't even a point in having the main lobby entrance besides for aesthetic reasons. After all, this wasn't a hotel or a museum. I moved the computer monitor, and the sound of something released nearby. The dog must've moved this every time it hid; after all, it had more strength.

I looked around, and nothing by me had moved. We went by the spiral staircase, and behind it, the ground moved to reveal a staircase going underground. It was like a dark abyss down there, but we both gave a mutual look at each other and walked down.

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