The Art of Death: Love and War: Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

The train came out of the tunnel, then it came up onto a bridge. The announcement on the speakers said we would arrive in five minutes. I looked around to see desert surrounding everywhere. It was like a sea of sand. It literally seemed like it went on forever. There were a few buildings, but they were sinking in the sand.

"The cannibals are located there!" Elias announced and pointed out the window. I looked over to see a giant, 250-foot hotel looking building as we went by. I just ignored Elias. He still had me pissed off.

Suddenly, the train stopped. The speaker came on saying, "Welcome to Las Vegas, please remember to unload cargo carefully." We got out of the train as soon as the doors opened. We looked around to see a lot of desert and very few buildings and monuments. Elias and I faced each other.

"I think we should go our separate ways," I told Elias sternly.

"Why?" He asked while looking down.

"I don't team up with liars!" I snapped back.

"Fine. I won't argue." He gave up and walked down the steps from the bridge. I went back on the train because I forgot my supplies, and as soon as I got everything and stepped out of the train, the train started moving. It went faster, and faster, and all of a sudden, it flew off the tracks and exploded into a huge fiery mess in the desert.

"Well, there went my ride," I whispered. Then, I heard a loud scream.


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