The Art of Death: Love and War: Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

The thing came out from under the table. It was a long-legged, giant dog; twice the size of a German Shepard. The thing was growling at us with it's head down and showing its teeth. The dog's brains you could see, as part of its skull, was missing. The dog was coming closer and closer to us; very slowly edging towards us, one paw at a time. Then, the fucking thing stood up on its hind legs and howled before it got back on all fours, and ran towards us.

I pulled out my handgun quickly and shot it in the leg. The dog still ran without hesitation, getting closer to us. I pulled out my shotgun and shot it in the face. The thing fell over on its side. It quickly got back up as Elias started shooting at its exposed brain. I heard three shots come out of his gun quickly, then I shot it in the face twice with the shotgun. The thing got back up and was still running at us before it leaped and headbutted Elias to the ground. The thing got to me and I shot at it; missing completely. The dog got on me and made me fall to the ground; my shotgun sliding out of reach. I was quickly trying to get it off of me, struggling back and forth with it as it tried to eat my face off. I struggled with one hand, while the other reached for my handgun. It was getting closer to my face; now it was only two inches from eating my face like a pepperoni. I had a hold of my handgun and shot it in the side of the head. The dog fell off and whimpered before it keeled over, and stopped moving completely. I got up and saw Elias was already up. I bent over, grabbed my shotgun, and strapped it back on my back.

"What the fuck was that?" I asked Elias, with my nerves still running from being literal inches close to death.

"I know what it was... Experiment #129. At least that's what it looked like," Elias explained to me.

"Of fucking course. How could I be so stupid to not figure that out? The fucking thing was vicious. It almost fucking ate my face off for lunch."

"Don't worry, I had your back either way." I just looked at Elias stunned. Because he didn't do anything besides stand there and watch, which pissed me off. He must've been stunned or in shock and didn't know what to do. But if it was the shoe on the other foot, I would've helped him. I looked over the dead body of that dog. The thing surely was dead and would not come back and bother us, at least I hoped. It didn't move at all. And from the shotgun blasts, more of its brain and skull was missing like half its head was completely blown off to pieces. I didn't know how these Beasts could survive with chunks of their brains missing and rotting.

We decided to explore here, somewhat, but there was only one room behind the serving station. We went in the room, and like I assumed earlier, it was full of ovens, dishes, a sink, that stuff you would normally see in the kitchen. But, we looked around anyway, and there were literal rotting corpses in one corner; half eaten. The dog must've been eating these rotting, disgusting, smelly corpses. Some even had maggots and flies all over them. It was fucking disgusting. I wanted to vomit because of that, but I kept myself composed. Elias seemed fine with it. However, you could tell he was disgusted by it too. There was nothing here to really look at, so we went back to the main room in the cafeteria. Upon getting there, however, we noticed something was wrong... the dog's corpse was missing.

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