Announcing the group application to become the first Faircoop local node in São Paulo, Brazil

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I'm glad to say that in friday 6/22/2018 was the first meeting with the minimum number of 3 people to start the first Faircoop local node in São Paulo city, Brazil. We (Marcos Dias, Pedro Parrachia and I, Wagner Tamanaha) met to talk about bringing to our city the Faircoop, an open and decentralized cooperative which promotes a model post-capitalist and autonomous using blockchain and Faircoin cryptocurrency.

From left to right: Wagner Tamanaha, Marcos Dias and Pedro Parrachia. Instituto Feira Livre (Street Market Institute), São Paulo, Brazil. Photo available in larger format on Flickr.

As I wrote months ago, I was in an event with the Ubatuba Faircoop Local Node and published here on Steem blockchain the post Workshops about Faircoop, Faircoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in the Red Bull Station in Brazil. We've got brownies and an invitation at the end. Since then I revealed my intention to participate in the movement.

After that I met Marcos Dias, collaborator of the former Ateliê Coletivo (Collective Art Studio) and now is a member of Aldeialab, a fresh new project focused on neighbourhood and local culture and sustainable economy promotion.

Checking the Faircoop requirements for opening a new local node with the minimum number of 3 people, compromised with its routine, we invite Pedro Parrachia, collaborator in many blockchain, distributed ledger and cryptocurrencies projects, like the Rhizom market network, whose beta version is scheduled to open in the next months.

We set up our meeting in the Instituto Feira Livre (Street Market Institute) coffee shop, located in downtown, in an area that is attracting new alternative and innovative shops. Recently, young and creative entrepreneurs are choosing there to run their activities in food, gastronomy, art, educations and entertainment.

Pictures taken at Instituto Feira Livre: 1, 2, 3, 4 e 5.

We talked about the first steps for our group applicant in organize and keep working the first Faircoop local node in São Paulo. Beyond following the Faircoop tutorial - How to create a Local Node - we agreed to select the first priorities:

  • Meet once a month in presence and online on demand ad hoc in specific channels in Slack, Telegram, Steemit, etc
  • Study Faircoop's concepts and way of work including succesfull adoptions and implementation cases worldwide
  • Promote Faircoop and encourage the use of Faircoin in São Paulo
  • Start and/or maintain relationship with other local node members by participation on the Faircoop Telegram groups
  • Applicant to be one Faircoop blockchain CVN (Certified Validation Nodes)
  • All the group decisions will be made by consensus, following the cooperative model of one person, one vote
  • Ordinary issues could be delegated to specific members' responsabilities, after decided by consensus
  • Follow the recommendations and start the procedures to became a local node, recognized by the international Faircoop community

Even with our first decision by consensus in star the group candidate with the 3 initial members, we want to keep the invitation open to all people interested in participate by our online channels or attending our next in-person meetings. We are concerned in ensure that Faircoop São Paulo local node do not star without diversity. We agree that is better to have more people with different origins and backgrounds. To join us just reply this post or send a message in the Faircoop in portuguese language Telegram group.


Learn about Faircoop, be part of the movement and join us to spread a fair economy in the earth, with decentralization and autonomy.

Connecting multiple blockchains and cryptocurrencies

With this post recorded on Steem blockchain and thereafter its Steem cryptocurrencies rewards I think we already begun to integrate both platforms. I believe that this kind of connections and integration can be positive, here I found other steemians that are Faircoop enthusiast or local nodes members: @andreback, @jafettambriz, @johano, @linade, @lovejoy, @sirwinchester e @sfkls. Even the Faircoop founder, although his last post was from almost one year ago, has created a profile here on Steemit: @enric.

Recently, to promote the Faircoop presence in the most popular technology event in Mexico, members from that country organized a contest using the curator account @frida.kahlo. Last month frida-kahlo). Mês passado jesusbatallar proposed to exchange Steem cryptocurrencies with Faircoins in a regular basis, who knows if these ideas evolve to new apps or multi currency and platform smart contracts. Anyway my proposal now is to donate all this post liquid rewards to buy Faircoins or other coins needed to support our Faircoop Local Node São Paulo.

Thank you very much and good luck again!

Join the Faircoop movement :
Use Faircoins:
Follow our applicant: #NodoLocalFaircoopSaoPaulo
Create a local node for your neighbourhood:

Versão original em português: Anunciando o grupo candidato para o primeiro nodo local da Faircoop em São Paulo/SP

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Sorte coa enredadeira.
Eu estou en contacto coas xentes do nodo de Vigo, mais ainda non estou integrado totalmente.
Apertas e sorte co projeto mais unha vez.

Obrigado! Pelo que acompanho nas notícias da Faircoop, os nodos locais na Galícia parecem ser bastante ativos, inclusive com estabelecimentos que aceitam Faircoin. Quem sabe os grupos que participa se interessem em fazer parte do movimento tb. Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!

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Well done!!

Thank you! Are you already a faircooper? We just had our second meeting now with 7 people, I plan to share more details here on Steemit soon. Thanks and good luck again!