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United we stand, divided we fall. This applies to anything regarding the wellbeing of ourselves as individuals and the collective as well, importantly, including the value of a cryptocurrency’s usability for day to day purchases. To stand united, is to cooperate with the collective for a common goal. In an economy, cooperating with the collective creates an ecosystem that is much stronger and more stable than a network of speculators. Bitcoin epitomizes the volatile cryptocurrency that nobody trusts enough to use and accept as a currency for day to day things. FairCoin is the only coin that is accepted by hundreds of merchants who are part of the FairCoin movement take it as payment for things like food, rent, bills, etc. FairCoin is the only cryptocurrency that has a stable enough ecosystem to be used as a day to day currency because its value is derived from the cooperative members as opposed to speculators that make up the majority of members of other cryptocurrencies.

Imperative to a stable cryptocurrency ecosystem, is how it is initially developed without hype. Once you introduce hype to something that doesn’t have a solid foundation, you end up attracting speculators which the uncertainty in demand and therefore leads to volatility where there is no going back. FairCoin, unlike any other cryptocurrency, was able to form a stable ecosystem because there was no hype. It grew slowly with the common people on a grassroots level as part of a grassroots movement. FairCoin is backed by the cooperation of its members. Without cooperation in a cryptocurrency ecosystem, it is nothing more than an inflating balloon with no value, shifting ever closer to a zero sum game.

Let’s use a few examples to demonstrate these points:

serengeti-plains-wildlife-wildebeest-vs-lion (1).jpg

A whole herd of hundreds or even thousands of wildebeasts, the large powerful mammals, can be taken to its knees by one single lioness hunter because it is not in the wildebeast’s nature to cooperate for the common good. If just one lioness runs towards the herd, all the wildebeasts run for their own lives. It is every wildebeast for itself. They leave behind the young, sick and elderly. The wildebeast is not biologically capable of understanding the fact that if even just two or three of them got together to cooperate, they could easily take the lioness down and no wildebeast would have to lose its life.


Another example, is that of what fireants do when they are dropped in water. If a single fireant falls in water, it will drown because it cannot swim. If a bunch of fireants fall in some water, they actually form a collective floating mass that protects them all from drowning. They don’t even have to worry about the bottom ants drowning because they have a system where they are hooking mandibles and they take turns on being immersed in the water for a safe amount of time, so that not a single fireant is left to die. They all have each others’ backs.

Using these examples demonstrates why a cooperative ecosystem is necessary for a cryptocurrency to grow in a stable way and to be used as a daily currency. With FairCoin, the cooperative ecosystem is FairCoop. Here the emphasis has been placed on building a shared vision so that wildebeest behaviour isn’t nurtured, and more cooperative ant behaviour is encouraged. Thus a cooperative ecosystem is much more valuable than a speculator/wildebeest ecosystem. This type of system cannot be bought with money. It requires time and patience as a cooperative culture is nurtured, slow and steady.

To demonstrate this point further, watch this ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ video.

Moral of the story:

Some races cannot be won individually. And if you don’t understand the race from the beginning, you could have been running the race in the wrong direction for a very long time. The hare didn’t understand that the race wasn’t about the finish line, it was about building a community of loyal followers, not speculators through the journey. This is why the tortoise won, because even though the animals were shouting praises at the hare, they didn’t do anything to help. The loyal supporters require a culture of cooperation from the beginning, they need to believe in the mission, they need to believe why.

Being on the top of doesn’t mean you’re winning this race. If you don’t have a foundation from the early onset, you’re not going to be able to get to the true goal of mass adoption. All you’ll end up with is an ecosystem of self-interested speculators who do not share the collective vision of the currency.

Add some Information about FairCoin and the FairCoop ecosystem:

A call out to the steemit fire ants: Let’s build FairCoin together.

In FairCoop decisions are taken by consensus through open global assemblies. In these assemblies, the problem of mass adoption and how volatility affects the development of a stable economy was discussed.

Over time, FairCoin has maintained a stable price for around 3 years, going up in price as the market price moved up. However since Bitcoin’s price was going up, it also took FairCoin’s price as well. When Bitcoin’s price crashed, it took our market price down as well, and our stable price couldn’t move back down for that would destroy trust within the ecosystem. A stable price can move up, but can’t move back down. The current stable and official price within the FairCoop ecosystem is 1 Fair = 1.2 Euros.


With this campaign we want the gap between the market price and the official price to be much lower such that, the ecosystem of users can continue to grow in a harmonious way. If you have healthy ideal conditions for an ecosystem to grow, it grows. We want to have more merchants continue to accept FairCoin and that can only happen if the market price and the official price are more or less close together. By doing this, everyone wins. The investors are getting to purchase FairCoins at a large discount from the current official price that is already used within the Fair ecosystem to buy fair products and services. In addition, the investors are also investing in a self-fulfilling prophecy, by basically supporting the movement, you’re making the currency infinitely more valuable therefore, making your investment much more valuable. So everyone wins.


The way you can contribute to this campaign to support FairCoop Movement is through purchasing FairCoins with Steem or SBD to this account (@jesusbatallar).

To start the campaign each FairCoin is going to be sold at $0.65 USD. There is a limited quantity available at this price, once that is done, the price will move up for the next block of coins.

1 STEEM = 3.66 FAIR
1 SBD = 2.72 FAIR

Remember to put your wallet address in the memo field of the transaction in order to receive your FairCoins.

If you don't have a FairCoin wallet you can download it here:

This campaign will last 2 months. We will be uploading updates about the campaign and the project!

What are we going to do with the money?

We will be buying FairCoins from the open market slowly and distributing the coins to all of you supporters. This way, we can make it much easier for you guys to invest, and at the same time have a large group cooperating.

Is there a difference between the FairCoin market price and the price on the crowdfund?

Yes, this is because there aren’t many coins available on the open market and the price moves up really fast. The price on the crowdfund is a price that represents the average purchase price (as a best guess). The price can go up much higher than the crowdfund price, which puts us at a loss. The good part is, we have FairCoop to supply coins to us in the case the price goes much higher.

What if the average buying price is lower than the price?

If there’s a profit, that money will be spent to buy FairCoins and distributed evenly amongst the crowdfunding participants.


Thanks for sharing! I became a Faircoop/Faircoin enthusiast since I went to a workshop (I posted about it) here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I just sent you 2 SBD in exchange for Faircoins as you proposed. Thanks and good luck again!

Hi @wagnertamanaha, it's nice to read that more people are hearing about this project! Thank you for reading the post and supporting this movement. I sent you 5.44 FAIRs based on the 2 SBDs I received (attached you the tx hash) Greetings! Do you have a discord or telegram user? I would like to talk with you about the ecosystem and include you to the telegram groups!


I just mentioned your post in the Telegram Faircoop group called Multicurrency Ecosystem, I said I bought some Faircoins here and this way could be the first step to integrate both platforms. As the original SBD role as a stable currency for commerce did not work yet maybe the Faircoin can fill this gap plus promoting the fair and circular economy. Thanks and good luck again!

I checked the wallet and everything is ok, thank you very much again! My username on Telegram is Wagner Tamanaha (where I have already joined many Faircoop groups) and on Discord is wagnertamanaha.

Thanks for your informative post. Actually I intend to exchange all my steem to fair as I think, with that I serve a more equal ecosystem and not only feed a big pyramid. First I have to power down, but unfortunately it needs a lot of time. Any ideas?

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