First off, I have to give you guys @steemitboard a great thank you for even making this possible. While we users tend to only participate and get disappointed in not getting notifications of possible rewards soon enough, we also tend to forget that this all isn't automated, and a lot of hard work is dedicated by human beings who do their best to provide service and reply to every single comment, spending and also giving up their free time.
Which is why I need to tell you guys that I am so grateful for your dedication and can also hopefully remind other users, that problems (if they occur) will get fixed as soon as possible, while some problems are created by individual users by not reading or following the instructions clearly.
I'm a great fan of yours!



이벤트를 다양하게 하셨군요..

Cool! Thanks for this!
One place short of top 10 😞

It better than 250

Amazing feature to add, and help all the contestants...
For those impatiente people, here is my advice don´t sit in front of the computer pressing refresh after every game, your rank wont change much after one result!

Thanks for thi achivement i will defiantly ranked 1

That is highly appreciated, thanks!

i m going to check..

Que buen aporte empezare hoy

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