Check your rank in the SteemitBoard World Cup Contest

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SteemitBoard World Cup Contest (WCC) is a huge success with more than 1 thousand daily participants!

For those who want to join the contest, remember that you can enter it at any time of the competition. Read the rules in the announcement post to see how to participate.

Do you want to know how much you scored?

As the competition progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for everyone to know how many badges they have won. Although we regularly publish the ranking after each day of the competition, it is limited to the first top 25 players and many of you asked us about their position in the ranking.

Check the new dedicated SteemitBoard WCC Ranking page

We created a new page on @steemitboard’s website.
This page will display an up to date and easy to use ranking.

The ranking will be updated after each match.

Please, give us some time to make these updates!

  • We are not 24x7 in front of a computer.
  • We are humans and the update process is launched manually.
  • We also watch matches and sometimes celebrate the victory of the countries we support.

Therefore, needless to write comments asking why the ranking has not been updated and why you did not received your badge.

Quick search enabled

To find yourself in the ranking, you can use the search box. Type your name and click on the Search button and you will land on the right page with the row containing your score highlighted.

The webpage is available at

Good luck and enjoy the World Cup 2018!

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Thanks for you feedback

Thanks to all participants who wrote positive feedback about this contest. This is very encouraging for us to continue our huge daily work to keep you entertained.

Your support (big upvote and resteem) is more than welcome!

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First off, I have to give you guys @steemitboard a great thank you for even making this possible. While we users tend to only participate and get disappointed in not getting notifications of possible rewards soon enough, we also tend to forget that this all isn't automated, and a lot of hard work is dedicated by human beings who do their best to provide service and reply to every single comment, spending and also giving up their free time.
Which is why I need to tell you guys that I am so grateful for your dedication and can also hopefully remind other users, that problems (if they occur) will get fixed as soon as possible, while some problems are created by individual users by not reading or following the instructions clearly.
I'm a great fan of yours!




Thank you so much for your comment @beatdragon. Makes warm at heart to read your consideration for us.
We will continue to do our best to keep the quality of this contest at its highest level.


I hope you guys are having fun cause sure enough we are! :))
I\d rather play this kinda games than steem monsters lol, sorry :)
hope to see an Olympics one coming too...that must have some automation in it though

이벤트를 다양하게 하셨군요..

Cool! Thanks for this!
One place short of top 10 😞


It better than 250

Amazing feature to add, and help all the contestants...
For those impatiente people, here is my advice don´t sit in front of the computer pressing refresh after every game, your rank wont change much after one result!

Thanks for thi achivement i will defiantly ranked 1

That is highly appreciated, thanks!

i m going to check..

great post

Perfect !!!

Que buen aporte empezare hoy

I think today I'm going down many positions ... thanks, check my ranking

Great work!! Thanks a lot!
Especially in the next days it will be even more tough to estimate the results!


Yep, useful tool to keep an eye on your new pole position 😜
Congratulations and good luck for the rest of the competition!

Man I am on 330 th ;)


Don't feel bad, I'm at 433 😂


All the very best of luck to all of us !


Still a lot of matches to play. See you at the leaderboard soon.


hope so buddy ;)


Waht type of game is this???

je suis vraiment content de pouvoir enfin savoir quel est ma position ;) si je peux prendre un risque sur un pari pour tenter de prendre des places sans trop en perdre si je rate par exemple ;)

Cool. Thanks for giving us updates.

I tried the search but it said my username does not exist. 😂


Looks like you have not registered yet to earn some badges.
Come on, join us and have fun! ;)


Oh I need to register? So that's why. 😂

ehy! I want to do this ... I'm going to go in! regards!



Thank you for this! :)
The pushy people can suck on a vuvuzela. 😁

Excellent link to check our position.

how to take part in the contest??


Read the rules in the announcement post.

@steemitboard can u tell me how to register to play game??

Fully appreciate this contest @steemitboard. Makes the World Cup getting fun and enjoyed. Salute!

ooo, very nice! thanks for putting in the effort!

Good work ! Thanks :)

bluengel_i.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

Only started this today. Its wonderful thank you. I'm so going to enjoy this. ⚽️🥇🥈🥉⚽️

Very nice your work