At the end of the Rainbow.. 🌈

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we have a poem by Andrea Dietrich:

At the End of the Rainbow

At the end of the rainbow, dreams unfold.
And some people say there is a pot of gold.

How well I recall a rainbow one day
that shone in the sky when a storm went away.

Rain pelted my car; I felt so afraid.
But as I neared home, it started to fade.

The sky, once so dark, grew more and more blue.
I thrilled next to see a rainbow arch through!

It bent toward the mountains, so beautiful,
a peace and great joy welled up in my soul.

No pot of gold at its end did I see,
but still there was gold and it beckoned to me.

The mountains were gilded with a bright gleam.
This is the magic that makes poets dream!

When I got home, I took paper and pen
and wrote of that beauty, God's promise to men.

Again I recall how my soul lifted.
At the rainbow's end, God's love is gifted.

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THANK YOU for your attention..
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It will make me happy to see your comments... :)
Enjoy your Life and Be Happy..

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