My Thursday Favorites #25 Contest Entry - Music!

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Music is not too much a part of my life, and I like any of it that does not bother me. Most of the time I am awake, I am working, and normally play no music of my own. I get distracted and listen to it if music is playing, and I do not need any additional distractions in my life.

Now I am in Malaysia, and close to a mosque, so I hear the call to prayer when it goes off 5 times a day. Each call is different and beautifully sung. I generally use that time to get up and stretch, and I can sing along with the chants pretty well if I feel like it. I like the 5 am and 1:15 chants the best, but none of them bother me.

I also go to a charismatic church here; for the first time in my life. Previously all my church experience has been in very formal places with traditional hymns being sung by choirs. But now I get a band playing raucous songs in a loud rock-and-roll type vibe.

Everyone sings along while dancing (even me!) and it is very different from what I have ever experienced. Everyone playing and singing up front are highly talented musicians, and those of us in the audience have great enthusiasm.

The “prayer worship” portion of the service goes on for about the first hour, and the pastor’s sermon comes after that. All that singing and dancing gets you in a very receptive mood for the sermon, and I really enjoy this new-to-me Sunday event.

Finally, (not that the question was asked) my least favorite music these days comes from one of the other tenants in my condo. This is a very nice and very quiet girl who cooks a couple times a week in our shared kitchen near me. She brings her phone blaring music I can only describe as something from manic video games. I think tone-deaf mice are singing, but I cannot be sure.

Since she is so quiet and plays this awful and strange music so loud, I am always surprised to hear it. If it is not raining, I go out to get food or water, and then she will be gone by the time I get back. I can hear it a bit from upstairs if she is playing it in her room if I am coming or going. But the only time I hear it in my room is when she is cooking. I am so thankful I do not live on the same floor as she does :)

My post today is for the weekly Thursday Favorites Contest by @marbley for ccc. Tell us about your favorite music, and you can enter too!

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It is nice to read that you like the prayer chants of the mosque and the songs sung by the band at the charismatic church :) I like songs and chants like these too as they are inviting and most times calming.

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