EOS - List of Block Producer Candidates introduced on steemit | Update 0001 | 2018-03-18 |

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New list available : | Update 0002 | 2018-03-21 |

Dear steemians, dear EOS supporters,

Here is an updated list from all the EOS Block Producer Candidates on steemit (18/57)

I wish you a great Sunday full of inspiration, Thierry


Block Producer Candidate Reports

Block Producer Discussion with Thomas Cox

Updated list of BP candidates on steemit : 18/57

eosDACUK, Romania, Gibraltar and South KoreaWebsite
EOS CafeCanadaWebsite
EOS Dublin - Block 353IrelandWebsite
EOSDR.ioDominican RepublicWebsite
EOS NottinghamUnited KingdomWebsite
EOS GravityChinaWebsite
BlockPro3 different continents and 5 different locations at this timeWebsite
BP NodeNot finalizedWebsite
EOS NationCanadaWebsite
EOS ShenzhenChinaWebsite
EOS New YorkUSAWebsite

This list is ordered from the most recent BPs candidate announcements on steemit (at the top) to the oldest one (at the bottom)

I will update this list when needed

BP candidates, I propose you to all use the same tags

Tag 1: eos
Tag 2: eosbp for "eos block producer". It will facilitate my listing


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