We Are EOS New York: An Introduction

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We are EOS New York, a preeminent block producer candidate for the Eastern United States and we believe the EOS.IO platform will usher in fundamental positive change for how we connect with one another. Our mission is to ensure the EOS.IO blockchain launches successfully. We will do this through educating the community about the unique aspects of the EOS blockchain, adding value directly to the network and the token-holder, and consistently fostering community collaboration both in-person and abroad.

We have come to understand how the EOS.IO platform will facilitate new organizational schemas for decentralized decision making and enact widespread change for causes that we hold dear to our hearts. We are here to formally announce to all token holders and soon-to-be token holders that we would like to represent you as a Block Producer and be a responsible custodian of the EOS.IO platform.

We were cofounded by Rick Schlesinger and Kevin Rose. Two blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and firm believers of the vision EOS seeks to make a reality. We believe in the protection of life, liberty, property and we declare to honor and instill those values completely and unapologetically on the EOS network.


Rschlesinger Headshot Steemit.png

Rick leads the EOS block production business strategy and oversees operations across capital investments, finance, and legal. Rick co-founded EOS New York after a successful career in management consulting, advising Fortune 500 companies on business strategy and M&A. Rick has been following blockchain technology since 2010 after learning about the interesting economic incentives the Bitcoin protocol created for its users. Rick is a student of economics and libertarian philosophy and envisions that a blockchain enabled world will create freer societies, institutions, and people.


Krose Headshot Steemit.png

Kevin Rose heads Community efforts at EOS New York helping align us with the EOS community and position EOS New York as a preeminent block producer on the network. In his marketing career, he quickly rose through the ranks ultimately leading multi-million dollar marketing campaigns at major auto manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, & MINI Cooper across channels and devices. Delivering brand transparency and tangible value to the communities he helps organize is at the core of everything he does. He is a student of decision sciences always striving to understanding the driving forces behind why we choose to do what we do. He is a passionate blockchain enthusiast and evangelist.



William Deck heads the technology efforts at EOS New York helping to build out the infrastructure required to make EOS New York a leading Block Producer. William has spent the past several years honing his skills working with (AWS/onsite) HPC and (GPFS and Lustre) storage systems for a leading financial firm. William's day-to-day consists of dabbling in programming, data processing, performance monitoring, and web services. Before working for a leading financial firm, William spent five years working on a high speed networking stack for mainframe systems used by banks and government agencies. William has been working with the community on the EOS Dawn test net (https://steemit.com/eos-blockproducers/@xebb/bp-testnet-community-update) and is excited to see the how the EOS community and network grows.

We’ve summarized here our core positions which will guide us toward ensuring the successful launch and development of the EOS.IO software. Every decision we make, every proposal of code, every project funded, every dispute adjudicated, will lead back to these core values. We intend to publish more specific details of our strategy and commitment to EOS stakeholders over the course of the next few months.

What We Stand For

EOS New York House.png
EOS New York Value Structure


At the very core of change there must exist an idea that people embrace. EOS is difficult to understand at first. How can it “disrupt the company”? What does that even mean? More specifically, how is the network designed and how can I as a token-holder, or dApp developer, or potential block producer, participate? Education of token holders of all types, soon-to-be token holders, and passive users of the EOS blockchain is our number one priority. Users and non-users of EOS should have accessible and simple materials so that EOS can embrace all willing minds. EOS New York will conceptualize, produce, and distribute these materials across all channels.


For EOS to succeed it must be supported by a high-speed, low-latency network that spans the globe. We are but one part of that. EOS New York will seek to become the gold standard for data center performance by continuously improving our network offering and support. These improvements will be funded directly by our block rewards. Our technical specifications will become public so that all that wish to support this network on their own can properly benchmark their own ability to contribute. We've begun progress toward this goal by participating with dozens of other participants in the first EOS.IO community driven test network (https://steemit.com/eos-blockproducers/@xebb/bp-testnet-community-update).


What separates EOS from other distributed networks is a built in Constitution. We’ve seen what can happen when there is no attention paid to governance when we look back at how other distributed networks have operated over the past few years. This Constitution will be known, accepted, and binding. Before network launch, we will work with other Block Producer candidates to propose for community consideration an “EOS Users Bill-of-Rights” which will enshrine enumerable rights that can never be violated by network code. EOS New York’s own governance and processes will be made public so that they can be scrutinized and improved by all token-holders.


EOS has been referred to as Earth’s Operating System. It is a network not just comprised of 1’s and 0’s but of people. Community as a core value is paramount to establish a system that empowers both the individual and the group. We will seek out the conversations where they are happening: in chat rooms, in forums, in conference halls, and in back-rooms of pubs. This way we can hear the aggregate community view in articles and conferences but still never lose sight of “the tree within the forest” so to speak. We’ve begun this effort by forming and funding the EOS New York Meetups which we will continue to host each month (they can be found here https://www.meetup.com/EOS-New-York/). We want the community to be involved in any capacity where they feel they can contribute to making EOS a success. We have already joined forces with volunteers who wish to amplify our Meetup frequency in the New York area and look forward to meeting all of you who can attend.


Forthcoming transparency, communication, and expressiveness supports each of our core values. We are given a tremendous privilege and responsibility to act as one of many custodians to the network if we were elected as a Block Producer. We use the word custodian purposeful. We do not own the EOS network or the value it creates. The control of this network belongs to every token-holder as Block.One designed it. To maintain this structure of user ownership we must be completely devoid of opacity. What we do with our block rewards will be known. Our network specifications will be known. Our internal constitution and value commitments will be known. The value that we create and add back into the network will be measured. We will be accessible by Steemit, Twitter, E-Mail, Reddit, Telegram, EOS Go and wherever else the EOS discussions are happening.


Arguably the most important aspect of being a Block Producer is that we must be a net positive addition to the EOS.IO network. We must create value everywhere we can. We will do this by using block rewards for funding and our public profile for community exposure. Value-add items include incubating dApp development, reinvesting back into our own network architecture, hosting community Meetups, and collaborating and coordinating with Block Producers across the globe. We do not have all of the ideas because none of us are as smart as all of us. But we will have the resources to pull good ideas off the drawing board and into the light of day.

In Summary

We are for the betterment of global citizens in an effort to create a secure and censor-free internet. We hope that EOS New York will be allowed the privilege to be one of hopefully hundreds of block producers securing the EOS blockchain network. We will work tirelessly to educate the world about EOS, provide direct and indirect value to the network and the token-holder, and collaborate with communities around the world. We hope to continue the conversation we start today with all of you and welcome your questions, suggestions, criticisms or support in anyway.

We may be EOS New York, but we are all EOS.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to the continued development of the EOS.IO software, participating in the community test net, meeting many of you at the meetups, and ensuring that this launch is a successful one.

Please join us on February 8th for the inaugural EOS meetup in New York featuring David Moss of Block.One.

We are always looking to expand our team! If you have experience in classical consensus algorithms, blockchain development, or distributed networks please contact us at [email protected].


EDIT: Added in a source for the community testnet.


This is a fantastic introduction. I'm very excited to see where this goes and how the EOS ecosystem evolves over time to make the world a better place. If I wasn't heading to another conference at that time, I'd be tempted to head out to New York for your first meeting. It sounds like your team is taking this as seriously as it should be taken. Being a block producer for EOS is a huge responsibility and as token-holder, fan, and someone also interested in potentially being involved in securing the EOS network as a block producer at some point in the future, I'm very happy to hear about this announcement and the shared ideals we have for improving the world through blockchain technology.

I love the cooperation we're starting to see in the cryptocurrency space where different projects can promote and support each other. I hope we all move past a tribalistic, myopic view of just helping our own projects when we can all grow so much more by helping each other. Those with a good view of the future and how powerful collaboration is are already starting to see the benefits it brings.

Thanks Luke! We're happy we have your support.

Extremely excited to see what you guys produce in the next few months. You've already been adding immense value in the ongoing EOS Telegram discussions and your coordination of the first public block producer network on Dawn 2.0 is awesome.

I love this approach to radical transparency and hope it's a model that all block producers follow. In line with what we discussed in the F2P post, I think this type of thinking will set community driven BPs apart from the faceless mining pools that ultimately lack the decentralization that EOS promises.

Good luck and see you guys next week on the 8th!

See you then!

Pleased to work alongside the @eosnewyork team and looking forward to learning more about operations at the inaugural NYC meetup! Thank you for your contributions to EOS and the community.

Thanks EOS Go! We love you daily summaries!

I'm excited to see such an elaborate and thoughful introduction by an EOS block producer. You've set a high bar for the ones to follow.
I'm especially pleased about your stance on transparency. This is how we will make the Earth's Operating System a reality!

You'll get my vote, that's for sure!

Great introduction! Thank you for your leadership in the EOS community and I look forward to future interactions with the EOS New York team.

You guys are going to absolute crush the election process and totally become one of the EOS block producers who help the community and make EOS a uniquely special project. You've got my vote that's for sure. Wish I could go to the NY meetup on Feb. 8th.

This is perfect!

EOS and its token holders are in excellent hands with you guys at the helm of raising awareness and pushing this cryptocurrency into what I believe will be one of the top coins upon launch! Keep it up, wish I could be at the NY event!

Great introduction guys, I'm stoked on the future of EOS, can't wait until launch.

Great info. Good luck on your meetup.

I am excited for you guys!! You have the right values that would help build a resilient community around EOS. You should empower DAPP developers to bring this technology in to every industry. Wish you all the luck!!

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