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If this is your first time here, welcome! The @ecotrain are a community of around 20 passengers and 100 friends who live and love Steemit and write really beautiful posts on a wide range of topics on the theme of "things that make this world a better place". We love engaging with each other and our friends and are always happy to read your comments and get to know you. If you would like to meet us all as well as our friends on discord please stop by at .. the love is just getting stronger every day!

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I Saw These Dolphins Today On The Way Home

Heading home on the ferry this afternoon, the dolphins followed us about 4 miles into the journey. I wanted to share this video I made to show how beautiful and clever they are. One of them even seemed to notice that all of the passengers on the boat were watching and began jumping and twisting as if to say 'hi look at us'.

It's super therapeutic to see them in action in their natural environment. It also serves as a reminder that we need to be mindful that the seas and oceans are their home, not our dumping ground for sewage, plastic and human hazardous waste.


Unfolding Our Dreams With Intention - What Are Your Dreams Contest Entry

I've read many articles and books about manifestation, listened to countless YouTube videos about it. That if we set our minds to believe in what we want to achieve it will find us in due course. I'm a firm believer that the universe gives us exactly what we want when we need it, even hardships and difficulties. They are opportunities to grow, learn and develop. This doesn't just apply to our lives, it's a character builder too. I'm not sure where I'm going with this post so I'm not going to outline how it will unfold. Instead I intend to write from my heart and allow my instincts to freely flow into my dreams.



The Revolutionary Bull / Uranus in Taurus 8 years of restructioning 'stability' ANARCHY: food-crypto-steemit

I woke at 5am today, which just so happen to be the day just after Uranus officially went into the constellation of Taurus. I'm not normally up at this time so seemed liked there was connection there. Not only that the night before (the day of the actual switch over) I was feeling really restless and went for a walk in the hills behind me, there is only so far you can walk until you reach the boundary of a farm. I can see into the distance more rolling hills, I felt like I just wanted to keep walking, even if it meant trespassing on someones land, just to scrambled through the bush and break out of the safety of my fenced off cow paddock. This is the feeling behind Uranus and Taurus and I wonder if we will see some breaking down of boundaries in the years ahead.


Green Dreams - A submission for the @mountainjewel "What are your dreams?" Contest

Green Dreams

Ngalim Franklin (Mr. Green) is Founder/Executive Director of The Greens (@thegreens). Before he talks about his dreams and aspirations for the next five years, permit him highlight some things about himself.

On his creative name tag above, you can see that his purpose in life is to connect, inspire and collaborate with change makers to build thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. He wants to work to educate, empower and engage young people to advocate and act for the environment. These have inspired him to develop his Life's Development Goals (LDGs) which are to respect and affirm the dignity and rights of the human person, promote education for all and foster global environmental sustainability.


Simple Things-100 Days of Poetry Challenge: Day Seventy One

Simple Things

Today I choose to embrace the day,
to allow all that happens to find it's way,
to not hold back or seek to control
the natural flow that speaks from my soul,
to take a deep breathe and trust in myself
to open my heart and be at one with oneself
to ask no questions, to just be still
to be humble, gentle and overfill
my life with all that I'm grateful for


Why Do So Many People Feel Like They Have No Real Power?

Surplus Powerlessness

I came across this term recently and it really got me thinking, I like to spend my time writing and talking about how we need to become more empowered, looking at ways in which we can do so. But what will really bring about change in this world is when we all come together. Yet this is something that we struggle with in western society.Gone are the days of gathering food together and preparing it together.

Instead we now live in a time where we mistrust and become paranoid about others around us. Growing up believing that the only people we can really trust is ourselves.

My Sister-100 Days of Poetry Challenge: Day Seventy Three

My Sister

I am scared to think
of you not in my life,
scared to face the reality
that you are having to fight,
I am not ready to imagine
you not being here,
I try so hard
to not give into that fear,

I try to stay strong,
to be positive and brave,
to keep my head afloat
of all these emotions
that continue to rage
inside of my body



The Significance of Surya Namaskar

Our physical body is like one machine designed to work in a particular manner, we do not need to set any reminders or alarms for it to function, it does it daily tasks as designed and programmed. But it becomes our responsibility to take care of this machine with good diet, sleep, exercise and meditation both for the efficiency of the physical and mental health. The more we get disciplined in our lifestyle the better this machine operates.....

Surya Namaskar is a Yoga based exercise of 12 postures which takes care of the entire system. A regular practice of Surya Namaskar energizes the entire nervous systems, the glands and the muscular system of the body ensuring a balanced supply of oxygenated blood flow and bringing perfect harmony to all the systems of the physical and mental body.


Planting Trees in the Face of Devastation: The Twenty Year Promise

If you don't plant a walnut tree, in 20 years time, you won't have walnuts.

I've been searching the webs for this quote to no avail, but I'm more than certain I found it in a permaculture book and that it's Bill Mollison. Was he thinking of the Chinese proverb that tells us that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, and the second best time is now?

The 4000 Years old Cypress Tree 🌲🌳🌳🌲

This one is a real beauty and a marvel of nature. I wonder how these things happen in the universe so marvelous and unbelievable.....

This ancient Cedar Tree is considered to be one of the oldest creature on earth. This tree is more than 4000 years old and the scientist believe that it can reach upto an age of 8000 years. Isn't that something magnificent. It is located in the Yazd province of Central Iran. It is ranked on No 4 position in the world oldest Trees.

Some historians also claim that this Cedar Tree was planted by Yafth the son of Noah. The height of this tree is 25 metres with a trunk perimeter of 11.5 meters.

The Vegan Cheese Files Test #2: "It's Not a Complete Disaster" Vegan Parmesan

Look, all this experimenting is bound to end up in perfection, right?

I'm not even sure why I'm so obsessed with this mission to make vegan cheese. I'm not going to die without it (I don't think) but I'm curious, and it's a challenge. Can it really be done? My last one tasted cheesey and made a fab dip or stir through sauce, but I was low on agar agar so it wasn't the solid sliceable meltable cheese I had hoped for. I reckon you could definitely put it on a vegan lasagne though! You can read about my efforts here, in my Vegan Cheese Files #1.


Alcoholism in Youths of Today

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance capable of producing gratification, sedation, tolerance, physical dependence and causing damage to brain structures and other major organs such as the heart and liver. Once ingested, the alcohol molecule is rapidly ABSORBED and DISTRIBUTED in our body, and then METABOLISED from the stomach but above all from the liver that is the organ most exposed to its toxic effects, until its complete ELIMINATION. The DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) distinguishes alcohol dependence on alcohol abuse by defining the first pathological condition of the second. Those who depend on alcohol, in fact, show tolerance, which is the result of the adaptation of the substance to the presence of ethanol; altered control, that is the inability to stop or limit oneself in drinking; and psycho-physical dependence which implies a psychological state characterized by a strong craving (desire) for ethanol.

Researchers found a new cure against baldness

Researchers at the University of Manchester may have discovered a new cure for baldness : it is a known drug, already used against osteoporosis, which has the side effect of inhibiting the SFRP1 protein that acts on hair follicles and slowing down hair loss.

The study, the results of which are published on PLOS Biology , was conducted in the laboratory. Researchers have experimented with the effects of the drug on hair follicles donated by about forty people who have undergone hair transplantation.

The project manager, Nathan Hawkshaw, has made it clear that further clinical testing will be necessary before being able to state that treatment is effective and safe on people.

A new study shows memories can be transplanted 🤔🤔

Some forms of memory may leave traces in RNA molecules, and an experiment on marine mollusks suggests that they can be transplanted.

The transfer of memories from one individual to another, like files to copy and move on a stick, is a classic science fiction movie theme. Precisely for this reason they are discussing the results obtained by a Californian neurobiologist, who claims to have transplanted a very basic form of memory between two marine mollusks through a simple injection, moving not nerve cells, but RNA molecules . The research was published in the scientific journal eNeuro.


Our Lives are Really a Dot to Dot Picture

Our lives are really just one big dot to dot puzzle. But what those dots are makes all the difference to whether we are happy in our lives or sad.


A Terrible Week

Earlier in the week, my daughter had the most terrible tantrum that lasted over three days in the end. All triggered by the fact that I did not let her dance because it was 8pm and that is the dance cut off time.

So started the next three days of her screaming and yelling that she wanted a new family, she hated me and her little sister, she wanted to kill us and lots of not nice things and hitting out and kicking.


Ride With Me – Chemainus to Qualicum Bay

So now, after the first bike-touring adventure, here is the second part of my bike-trip up Vancouver Island, to my friend's property just outside Qualicum Bay.

Chemainus in a Bad Mood

I woke up well rested in a gorgeous part of the world (though it was an RV park). The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I had just had the best sleep anyone could ever wish for. I was so happy… until I looked at the time: Holy Smokes, it's 8:30!!! I slept longer than I'd wanted to. As I was packing up my tent, almost ready to go, an employee of the RV park came by, walking her dog. "Good morning," she said, "Did you fill out a self-registration form?" Most certainly I have. But since I expected to be on my way before anyone noticed, I had not slipped it under the closed office door. Now, I had no other choice but give it to her. Two crispy green $20 bills for the privilege of setting up my tent in a designated area. She told me I could pick up the one dollar change I was due when I passed by the office, but of course it was closed again. I felt properly gypped, but so be it.


Rescuing Mr. Bluebird - 🐦🌿🐦🌿

It seems that lately in the spring of the year we will have over abundant rainfall until I plant my garden and then is won't rain significantly for a couple of weeks. I've just gotten my tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash in the ground and now it is dry. I decided to take a couple of buckets of water down to the garden to give them a drink. As I was watering, a flash of bright blue in the grass caught my eye. There was a beautiful male bluebird fluttering in the grass with an injured wing.


Watch The Quantum Healing of a Cancer Tumor in less than 3 minutes using The Inner Technology of Emotion. The divine matrix is how we will heal our world.

In the last 1,700 years we have developed a sense of being separate from the creative force of the cosmos. The video that is shown below demonstrates something incredible that science is just starting to understand. The reason that this incredible healing works can be understood and used to not only heal ourselves, but also our entire world. This video is real, and I would like you begin by watching a very short part of it where you will see an ultrasound video demonstrating the technology from the ancient wisdom of the lost mode of prayer literally vanish a tumor.

This was demonstrated in a medicine-less hospital in Beijing China by Qi-Gong Masters. A western woman had been diagnosed with a 3 inch cancer in her bladder. Western doctors said they could not help her at all. There are three practitioners who are trained and experienced in this process. In this video you will be looking inside her body through ultrasound to see this 3 inch tumor disappear in 3 minutes in the presence of the language that heals.

@tribesteemup - A curation trail and community to be honoured, celebrated.. and followed!

Would you like to entrust your upvote with a group who have taken the time to find amazing Steemians without having to spend all day searching for and reading posts? Would you like to receive curation rewards automatically every day and support amazing people just by following a curation trail? Look no further than @tribesteemup!


Tell Me a Story: Treasured Mamas

A core piece of my spiritual belief system is, if I want something in my life, I need to be able to visualize it and feel it. I need to be able to get excited or enamored or some other strong emotion. I gotta feel the juice, ya know?! I need some kind of touchstone to help me visualize what it is I'm creating.

Many of you know I struggle with this frustration that our societies don't appreciate mothering. In fact most feminine qualities, attributes, and values are not seen, much less honored. I truly believe this is why many of us mamas get to the end of the day feeling like we aren't really sure what it is we have accomplished all day long, and we feel like it wasn't enough. As though bringing spiritual beings into physical form and then guiding them through all the challenges of learning to live in a body and the rules of social interaction, many of which are absolutely bizarre, is not valuable, not enough.

Superhero Secrets

I have been nominated by the lovely and amazing Aishlinn aka @trucklifefamily for a two in one challenge. First the#steemitnamechallenge where I reveal the Solarsupermama origin story. Then 5 things you probably don't know about me. I love these kinds of things. I love learning more about who people are and what makes them tick. I am always interested in the inner workings.

I'm a capricorn. As such I am incredibly straightforward. From the beginning all my email addresses have been some variation of my name. Any social media account has always been under my real name or the name of one of my businesses. I've never had the inkling to change my name. I'm just a practical kind of gal. In fact I never changed my name when I got married partly because I think that's bullshit but also because it's such a pain in the ass. Go change all my documents and cards. Um? No thanks.


Rice Bugs - Organic & Sustainable. Is "Vegan Rice" Just an Idea to Pacify Us?

She was outraged and vented earlier this week on social media. The organic rice at a local Thai vegan restaurant was served to her, complete with local rice bugs. Lets just say her post got a LOT of comment and traction. :) No need for television in Chiang Mai - just enjoy the visitor reactions to real Thai local culture on social media. :)

Myself and several other long-standing Chiang Mai residents basically offered the same practical advice: pick them out, relax, it's natural and not dirty, enjoy the organic rice. Cos organic rice here, 100% of the time, will have some bugs in it, especially if purchased in bulk or from a market or "zero-waste" no-packaging vendor. There is a good reason organic rice is mostly sold in small, vacuum packed plastic packs - it stops the bug eggs hatching in a zero oxygen environment. Even when you buy the really expensive 'quality' rice in 1kg vacuum packs at the western style supermarket, about a week or two after opening, the bugs appear.



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