Revealing Truth and Discovering Inspiration with Steem! Upvotable #22

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The honesty and passion in our community is amazing me every day! In the three months since I have started on Steem, I have discovered ecobuilding with @eco-alex and homesteading with @sthomestead along with continuing on our path to spiritual growth as one post after another by authors like @teamsteem, @jaynie, and @lexiconical gives me the truth! I have seen courage in authors like @steemed-open, @wunderwoff, and @eveuncovered willing to share the truth of their bodies with us while hundreds more authors shared in upvotable have planted ideas in my mind that stick with me and help throughout the day as needed! I got so excited about this today that I made an exclusive video for DTube explaining how the posts we have shared here together have helped me!

Watch Revealing Truth and Discovering Inspiration with Steem! Upvotable #22 video on DTube

Will we continue to collaborate to make the best list of the most inspiring and truth telling posts here every other day in this upvotable series? Here are the posts for upvotable 22!

How did we create the list above?

  1. Comments sharing posts in the previous upvotable post as seen at
  2. My favorite posts from authors upvoting me the most from @steemreports at
  3. Posts I upvoted which I found in my home feed, trending, or referrals in comments. See all the posts I upvote at

Would you make comments here with the posts you would like to see in upvotable #23 here because you will get a 10 SBD finder's fee for sharing a post written by another author that we share? 60 SBD were earned by curators submitting posts successfully today!

Jerry Banfield

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I like a lot the tendency of permanently looking to encourage the quality content; that's how Steemit is becoming increasingly more valuable...

Its so GREAT when we get the Sustainable bug.. It changes us from the inside out! When we totally get it.. and we desire it.. great things can happen!

I really hope you follow your passion with this .. it may take time to fully realise being off grid.. but the journey is a great one, and WELL worth the effort once you finally achieve the goal.. True security, real self sufficiency, no longer vulnerable to infrastructure failure such as we saw in the devastating Hurricane Katrina.. where an entire city almost wiped out because everyone was dependant on the state to provide everything.

Thank you for helping me support these issues and spread it all far and wide. It means a lot and gives me so much encouragement that what I am doing is not only needed but also appreciated!

To all who are reading this and wondering what this sustainable thing is all about, please do read part 1 of my blog where i explain my journey and why i did it.


Probably one of my favorite posts on steemit!

wowww!! yay! ;-)

Go @eco-alex and well said!
I am super inspired and committed to sustainability and have dedicated my life to sharing the potential with others. Great to meet and connect with you here on Steemit!

May the people be inspired by your sustainable bug!

thats the great thing about bugs.. they are contagious! ;-)) lol
Thanks for sharing your positivity with me.. it goes a long way.. and only adds to my passion!

Amplifying positivity now∞§∞

This is so true and I agree with you about all these great steemians you mentioned in your post. In addition, you are also a great guy and a big advantage to steemit. Thanks for sharing this , you always have my upvote.
In addition to my comment, I wrote about steemit being undervalued in my recent blog post and mentioned you there, feel free to check it out

Thank you @jerrybanfield sir. I really loved today entries. All the posts are good and very knowledgeable specially the 'motivation' one. You're doing great for all the minnows. I really like your work sir. And I would love to work with you if given a chance. A very big thanks to @aarellanes sir for reading and selecting the posts.
For next upvotable, I would like to submit a post by @ladaural. She is telling us how to publish a book if someone is good at writing.
Have a look at it, I think it would be highly crucial for all the steemians to know about it.

Thank you :)

Thank you so much @cryptonet for always contributing and finding content!

You're welcome sir.

Our First Baby - A personal story about Freedom, Consequences and Responsibilty (The ecoTrain speaks "What is Freedom? Am I Free?"
Sandy art. A beach festival.

I really enjoyed @stillgrideon post! Thank you!

Thanks for the recommendation @luckysteem . I just stumbled into this post and saw my story there. I'm glad it resonates with you. Good to connect.

My entry for upvotable 22, this post is really informative

My second entry, this post is also informative educating newbies about dtube

Read all the submissions and get to learn a lot of things. I am thankful to jerrybanfield for giving an extraordinary opportunity to those people who need recognition. I want to submit a post from @walkinharmony for next curation post. This post telling people the importance of hardship and why people must go through it.

Thank you @jerrybanfield and @aarellanes for bringing such an awesome content to read. Your work really motivates the steemians to contribute more awesome content. Many people have stopped copy-pasting and are working hard to bring original content because of you guys and other curators like @curie and @ocd.

I would like to submit this nice original article by @alexicp on the topic, "10 curiosities about the painter Pablo Picasso" :


Hope you'll like it. :)

Here is my Post for the next upvotables...Hope you find it worth mentioning...
It is a post about the Dental insurance and how they cheat their customers...

Thanks @jerrybanfield for promoting good work. Hi @aarellanes I would like to nominate this gem of a post by @cupidzero on irrefutable social construction of truth in the society we live. In my opinion It is definitely one of the best written post I have come across on steemit. I hope you like it too :)

Here is the link:





I have been following you...jerry since i started posting on steemit....i watch your video..on youtube..and come to know about you are my inspiration..!!!

Thank you for following Jerry since being a steemian :D

This is favorite post because I get to read a lot of great posts in this one single post. @jerrybanfield you're doing a great job helping minnows. It's great see you finding more. Thanks to @aarellanes too. I want submit a post for upvotable 23 . It is a post from @sharoonyasir . It is a great post and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly.

@jerrybanfield - I happened to come across this post written by @cikxaijen which highlights some phenomenal talent at the 29th Annual 'Sea Games' competition. This year it is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prior to reading the post I had never heard of the Sea Games. @cikxaijen did a wonderful job compiling images from different events - the posts end with an amazing image of "Anime-like Fencing - Double Light Exposure Technique" which is mind blowing

@cikxaijen has a reputation of 52 and I'm very surprised that even with a small promo bump to the post from myself - it still isn't getting the attention I believe it deserves.

This post is endorsed for "Upvotable 21" by @krytonika

Please Upvote this post, comment if you think it deserves the recognition to help it stand out for Jerry and friends to read and hopefully include in the next Upvotable

JERRY - Would you kindly use this post in "Upvotable 21" to help this post be seen so others can learn about Sea Games and the impact it is having on the people of Malaysia who are very proud to have it hosted in their country this year. Thank You @krytonika

My last submission for Upvotable 22 comes from a newbie Steemian by the name of @krytonika - he is very selfless and hesitant about submitting his own post but I do believe that it is worthy to be read by the masses and may bring some light into your thinking about ETHICS, STEEMIT GAMBLING, and FIBONACCI :)

Here is my link - Good luck @krytonika

Thanks for your support @cikxaijen !! Much love to #teammalaysia

maybe sometime you can put me into that list. I write about the truth of economics, about facts and history of money and sometimes about the money flow. I would lose too much steem by promoting myself though....

You need to share your content in the comments. We dont look for posts.

All upvotable posts are from the comments. However, Jerry and I look for multiple post when we are just perusing around steemit.

Jerry I would love to see this post get some recognition - @truefendy is very new at a rep of 35 I believe and the post could be a little longer and buttoned up better - but the Information and content to me was very eye-opening - I had no idea of what cyberwarfare truly entailed until reading this / Please consider is all I ask - THANKS JERRY

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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Awesome info thanks, Jerry you'll always a reliable source of information 🙏🏼

That is very kind of you! :D


great post. Thank you!

Thank you for commenting :)

That was informative. Thanks

Where's the hot and cold wallets to keep STEEM stored ? anybody know?

There is no cold wallet for steem. UNLESS, you memorize all your keys.

:D I like turtles too!

This is beautiful article written by @sweetpea "Things About Adoption That Surprised Me"

In this post i have proposed scientific and logical evidences that proves the existence of God-

Hi, @jerrybanfield and @aarellanes and thanks for your kindness to minnows and undervalued posts.Read the articles shared by this post and they were very nice to read. :)

I also found an amazing thoughtful article by @nitesh9 on the topic: "Should we eat Meat? Why and Why Not?" -

Just have a look. Thanks. :)

Hey @jerrybanfield how are you?
It's really cool to see what you've done for others. Sometimes it may sound like simple help, but it can totally change someone's life. Be the creator of the content or someone who is inspired by it. I'm happy to still have people like this in the world. Congratulations!

Helpful to find interesting posts and people ... thanks.

Will @jerrybanfield reply to me...

someday he will ☺ lol

Upvotable! Love this thread. Here is my nomination about how to take action all the time with this easy step.

Is this the correct link? I wasnt able to open it :(

@jerrybanfield, I admire your personality. I wrote something today about what pays more than any cryptocurrency. Let me dedicate it to you, cuz i believe this is your secret to success, not only in steemit, but in life.

This is true i agree with u ...i have seen ur work on youtube and blog .. i appreciate ur work..thanks for helping us :)

Thank you for your kind words! Best of luck on steemit :D

really like the way you do things :)

Thank you! I hope you submit a post in the future!

This is true and with steemit we stand.

Thank you! I hope you submit a post in the future!

I will and thank you for your support.

There is a lot of unique content and people are much more creative than on Facebook. It's giving hope that humanity may find its way into peace if more "unsurveilled" social sites will come up. Now we only need to find a new Google...

Thank you for your hard work :)

Thanks for choosing one of my posts. :)

I just like your expressions man as you usually show in youtube videos

Love this! A lot of ppl in my family smoke :(

great post! I wish it wasnt over $10 Maximum payout for upvotable!


Thank you! I hope you submit a post in the future!

Some really awesome contributors in this list @jerrybanfield! I really enjoyed all of them but wanted to take my hat off to

in particular!

Really love your #upvotable concept. It makes a huge difference in this community!

These people have build a Mars Rover for eath! It's worth checking out!

I appreciate you sharing my post Jerry thank you.

Hey..everyone,i want to thank "jerrybanfield" for his enlightments on steem...i join after watching your reviews on facebook..thank you for giving opportunity.

Hi Jerry, I'm loving these upvotables! If you wonder how likely it is you'd survive a zombie apocalypse, @sauravrungta wrote a fun article about it :)

@dragonslayer109 made a short article in which he shared a few words of wisdom on motivation and the road to reaching a goal

Have an awesome day!

Never heard to much mainstream hype about steemit, I joined a few days ago and this platform is amazing. Better then any "social media" bullshit out there. Thanks for the post!!

And for me, one advantage can read article from every post @jerrybanfield. I'm always glad whenever I open the steemit's homepage, I find a post from you. "There will be something new that will get today from @jerrybanfield," I think every time, see your post on my steemit homepage.

For that, I have voted for you as my witness.

Thank you for all the information you've shared so far. You inspire me in steemit.


Good morning @jerrybanfield! I am still trying to figure out the Dtube thing, and your video didn't seem to be able to play for me.

Maybe that is because it is still loading, since I saw your post 14 minutes after you posted. But anyway, I thought I would comment on the content of your post.

I love the Upvotable initiative! Anything that inspires manual curation is a wonderful thing! Thank you for putting this together.

I'd like to nominate a post I found last night by @stellabelle. I don't know Stella any more than I do any of the other authors I have found on Steemit, but this post from yesterday was a terrific thought provoking look at her own personal journey to overcome obstacles:

Thanks!!! Have a great day!

Excellent post! I always enjoy reading @stellabelle posts! Unfortunately this wont be added because the payout is too high.

Edited: Nevermind. I thought this was in response to something else. I've refound myself now.

Nice blog with nice posts
Learn LINOCUT technique with Marty - tutorial for beginners
MY DIGITAL DRAWING - frog eye - step by step (5 hours work)
MY ART - watercolor portrait with flowers - process

Thank you for your article

I was hoping this was a tour of the museum.

That would have been nice as well.

@icmultitudes is the conductor (as in conductor of an orchestra) on the ecoTrain - you've probably heard of it by now - a very talented, eclectic collective of conscious writers and creators.
I don't know how she does it but she's everywhere all the time. It's almost supernatural. Check out her top picks of the week :

Great thread @jerrybanfield, dtube is a valuable asset for the Steemit community! Thanks for sharing and the positive vibes!

Great selection as always!
Well done to everyone who was chosen!
This is a post that I would recommend being looked at:
I think it is brilliant advice, but also very original as well.
Keep up the good work ;)

Hey Jerry! Thank you again for featuring my post on my steemit widgets. I am working on a new project right now. Maybe you find it interesting too. It's called Steemit Wall

No Problem! This new project seems pretty Sweet!

Thanks! It still has some flaws and it was just meant to be an experiment but I will definitely continue developing this. With the right amount of support I won't stand in its way to get bigger! :D

Nice work @jerrybanfield ! amazing how you are bringing whole community together. I am pretty satisfied today to see the steem coin move a little bit in a positive way because it was struggling on a $ for a few days now...
I would like to nominate this video:

I'll look into these . I trust your judgments .

Hi Jerry! I really enjoy your posts and now your DTube vids. I actually just discovered DTube yesterday and I created my first video and uploaded it today.

I am super enthusiastic about SteemIt, and now DTube, and I honestly believe it's one of the best things that's happened to the Internet in a LONG time!

What better way for us to express our opinions and our beliefs and discuss current events? I don't even do it with money in mind. For me, it's all about enjoyment.

The fact that you make a little money is just a bonus. One of the things that I would like to get better at is rounding up exceptional posts that I enjoy and making some lists in the hopes that I can get these deserving authors a little more exposure.

I believe you said that you have been an online entrepreneur for several years, and the same is true for me. While content creation has not always been my strongest skill, SteemIt has helped me make huge strides.

It's just a very exciting time for the world of cryptocurrency as well as the world of social media. I'll admit I know very little about cryptocurrency. In fact, I don't even have a wallet or an account with an exchange site.

I'm not even worried about that because for now I plan to power up all of my Steem. I think this is something that is really going to take off, and if and when I ever decide to make a withdrawal, I'll worry about setting up a wallet, etc.

I have to say I'm really impressed with the speed of your progress. You've been an inspiration to me and I'm sure to a lot of newbies as well. Keep up the great work!

jerry ban field please help me add me some where .where i get some sbd because i want to start my m.phil and i want my semester fees please help me

@jerrybanfield help! What video format works on dtube ?? None of the videos I have uploaded work.

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See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Aug 21 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Thanks again Jerry for supporting us new steemit users. I have voted you for witness.
I would like to nominate this article by @jellyfishdonut about a Korean dish called bibimbap.

Really upvotable

Hi Jerry! I read one of your posts a couple weeks ago, I got enthusiastic and immediately registered. I realize it takes time for the crowd to find your articles

Please check out my recent post: Random Coin Talks #1 - LEOcoin

If you like it, it would be a huge honour to be added to your upvote list!

Cheers, Rob

This has to be the most beautiful peacock I have ever seen!!! So brilliant blue :)

I would like to suggest @stortebeker's challenge. It's a great concept and there is still time for people to sign up. He is trying to get a chain of homemade goods going around the world and to have the shipping costs paid by steem, but he needs a bunch more people to sign up. The newest post on the project is here:

Thank you for your article
I am now, I hope you will do me the gesture to help me boosting my publications :)
thank you !

Thanks for selecting one of my post @jerrybanfield. Am submitting this one, i hope you will like it.

Hey Jerry! Thanks for yet another helpful post.

I am currently trying to help people get into crypto investing (that I myself recently picked up). I'm no expert but what I'm trying to do is to put some of the more complex language into layman's terms to make the whole subject more easily approachable.

Would you take a look and maybe help me get the word out? All I want to do is help people get financial independence and freedom.

Keep up the great work! Peace, Love and Anarchy.


(it's in 3 + 1 parts)

Part 3:
Part 2:
Part 1:
Part 4:

whats up with the tinyurl? Post the full URLs next time, please.

I was just trying to save space. is there a problem using tinyurls?

It's great that you(and others) are doing things to help minnows! This is what makes Steemit truly amazing!

Here's my submission, a post about flying cars:

This is SWEET!!!! I hope there is flying cars in 2020. I wish this payout was under $10 :(

Hi @Jerrybanfield - My first Reply ever on steemit - 21 August 2017 - So I hope I am doing this right - I have not got to the tutorial about how to buy steem /steemit / ? My mind is just exploding with all that I have to learn about steemit, I have joined your free steem tutorials and I have watch some of the tutorial videos 2, 3, 4, time to get what you teach in to this thick old head of mine, and your blog ? ( Is that what it's called ) above, is a mind blowing directory of links, And one day I hope to be able to create a list as impressive - Thank you - and now back to the tutorials

Here's a great post worthy for upvoting! It's one of the most important issues we face today - Flu Vaccines: The Best Selling Vaccine

Hey @jerrybanfield and gang.


Great initiative you have going on here. Thanks for helping everyone out. I've recently started a new account called @animate where I share my animation work, and create customized Steemit gifs. I've created a few gifs for various members of Steemit that support the community. So I thought I'd make you one for your next #Upvotable post to say thanks for all your good work.

This first one only plays once.


This one is on a loop.


I hope you like them. They are pretty basic as I didn't want to stray to far away from your design. Let me know if there are any more you would like made. I understand you don't accept #introduceyourself posts but I've linked a post at the bottom to let you see some more of my work if you're interested at all.

Thanks again.

I made the Steemit gif at the top of this post so feel free to use it anyone. Thats why I made it. :)

ANIMATE IT | New Custom Animated Steemit Gifs For Your Steemit Posts

Jerry, I have been following that which you have produced from Udemy, Youtube and anywhere else I could find you. I guess I'm one of those raving fans you speak about. Thanks for what you do here. You, sir, are the reason I gave the platform a chance. I think I will be very glad I did. Thank you

Here is article i wrote about procrastination snd a few tips on how we can tackle them.. thank you for the privilege sir