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Every post by any author can now appear in upvotable which is my reading list and journal of upvotes! Every two days followers participating in upvotable posts are earning $50 to $100 in upvotes and SBD finder's fees by sharing posts in the comments! Here are the posts for today! Share a post in the comments to submit it for inclusion in Upvotable 21!

How did we create the list above?

In every upvotable we collaborate in the comments to make a list of the best reads which are usually from newer posts not on the trending page. Upvotable #19 comments were our source for these posts here after review for quality by @aarellanes. Albert creates a draft of the posts which I then use to read the posts, make comments, upvote, edit, and publish here!

Starting today, I am also adding posts by the top authors I follow that are upvoting my posts as seen at http://www.steemreports.com/top-voters/@jerrybanfield because it is my responsibility to give back to those giving me the most support and to be transparent about where my upvotes are going in any other posts I find helpful and upvote!

Would you make comments here with the posts you would like to see in upvotable #20 here because you will get a 10 SBD finder's fee for sharing a post written by another author that we share? 60 SBD were earned by curators submitting posts successfully today!

Jerry Banfield

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I have quite a few posts being an edcator an all :)
this one is about ice-breakers an original lesson::

i'm also in the process od "idiom week" publishing one each day
Day 4 from today: https://steemit.com/steemiteducation/@cwbrooch/never-stop-learning-idiom-week-day-4

Making money online never has been easier and more fun than is now -- with Steemit!!!

Not so easy... It is easy once you've got followers and has been around for a log time, otherwise is pretty hard actually

Lol, so true.

It ain't easy being easy..

yes you are right, steemit is the best ☺

This post about building and living in an earthship, the earthship Biotecture, Sustainable building and the off grid lifestyle. It's written with passion and very informative. Thank you Jerry.

Great article!!! Love it. I went to visit the Amish in Philadelphia and I was impressed how they live happily off grid and differently from this weird way we live called "modernity.

@eco-alex is amazing! Not just a man of words, also a man of action. One of the most inspiring writers on Steemit at the moment. Well worth reading his earthship story. Really empowering stuff, full of good ideas and also great anecdotes.

And there's even more to come!

Great work! Needs to be seen by more people.

I'm working on building communities in some of the less frequented topics like the NBA tag because I think that will help new users who aren't as crypto-savvy find a place where they can just jump in and not compete against whales. My newest post should help bring some discussion and debate to the NBA tag.


Thanks again for all you do to help out the little guys!

Thank you for your submission @brandonp, However, your post has over a $10 Payout. Also, your rep is over 60.

Great post Jerry :D
I love the work that you are doing for the network.

Could you keep us updatet about poloniex and whats going on with the STEEM deposit and Withdrawals?

Have a great day

What is HAPPINESS? - #Padre

Take a look, maybe you'll like it: https://steemit.com/life/@vandrei.razvan/what-is-happiness-padre


It is nice to see so many supporting the community and looking for good content. Please feel free to check out my post which contains "Steemit trading cards" with my artwork of 7 community members so far. https://steemit.com/art/@steemitadventure/steemit-trading-card-7-ned

I included 2 in this comment so you could give them a quick look.


Awesome post! I would love to pic this but I would like to see the cooking process :)

A dedicated Steemian can hope to start making $ 0.1-5 per post and progress up to $60-80 per post. Therefore, compared to the current earning potential of $1.2 per day, just one good post and engagement per day can help to earn up to 60 times more after a while !!

@jerrybanfield thank you for making this new exception to your upvoatable posts and I think this will be amazing and bring the best content forward in the future! Here is a post I would like to submit to try and get as many people to upvote and give back to this amazing community! Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Jerry!



Thanks @joeparys, This post was in upvotable #19.

Thank you very much @aarellanes

My wife just posted about why families should volunteer together. It is inspiring and very upvotable. https://steemit.com/family/@denisechips/what-families-can-do-to-make-the-world-a-better-place

So, yesterday I have cut my hair which I have been growing for 2 years and donated it to the cancer hospital, I think it is a different, interesting and inspiring topic


Awesome!!! very inspirational!

ccool cool

thanks man you are the best, i love you!!!!!!!!

Hello sir @jerrybanfield. This upvotable just like every other has some very good posts which delivers a concentrated message to the audience. I am glad that my submission got selected. Thanks to @aarellanes sir for having a look and understanding the meaning of my content. You both are really doing some amazing things on Steemit.
For next submission, I would like to submit a post by @fxenakis. In this post, the significance of being an introvert is shown and why introvert should become good writers. Have a look at it .

Thank you.

Thank you @cryptonet for always putting in good work finding these posts!

great choice... i myself was having the link to submit but you as always beat me to it...the post deserves the upvotes...good choice

Hi Jerry

My post goes along with your Steem Secret #4 post. I agree with everything you say in your post and I'm trying my best to reach my connections from other platforms.

I'm doing everything I can to promote steemit in my other networks because they are large and active. I'm not dumping those friends - I want to get them over here!

My post is about some of the social media steps I'm taking; and seeking Steemit connections on those other platforms. I also add some bonus info about how to use Canva to make appealing media for your posts.

The best action is taking place on Twitter for me right now. My feed was already very active and now I've gone nuts with steemit. My connections seem pleased.

I'm Tweeting all the posts I upvote and my own as well. I'm scheduling 5 days of tweets for each post. I'm also scheduling RTs from the feed of my Steemit TwitList and check it daily. It looks wonderful! Steemers look like interesting and accomplished people to join up with.

I'm getting excellent response to all this new action on my feed. Most of my ReTweets come from my non-steemer tweeps and my analytics are all soaring. I know this is sending people to Steemit who would not otherwise come.

I just added you to my Steemer TwitList and tweeted this post and will continue for a few days.

Thanks for all you do here to make Steemit a better place. I hope you like my post, and I really appreciate such a generous offer. You got me here 8 weeks ago and I'm not sorry about that :)


Jerry, you are keeping up the morale on steemit. I saw you video about the 2 best earning whales on steemit and how they cheat. Keep up the good work

Yes that was a fun video. I commented on YouTube because if you read mindhunter's (the top whale's) feed you can see him calling out the guy that was downvoting him. He makes some valid points. Then he gets a response, and they start a fascinating discussion. It's really tough to see who's right and who's wrong because they both make valid points. They also flat out admit to having multiple accounts.

Hello @aarellanes and @jerrybanfield. This is another great attempt by you guys to help some minnows getting some recognition and exposure for their work. Being a minnow is not so convenient here. A lot of hard work and still no one notices your content. Thank you very for accepting my submission.
This time I want to submit another post by @cryptonet. He is good and this article is written greatly on Procrastination and it's evils. Everyone in steemit community deserves to know about it. Have a great look at it .


Thank you for the submission! I think I am going to skip over this post today mainly to make sure that a new post has a chance. Please feel free to submit another post from @cryptonet in the next upvotalbe! I think on of their posts has been in the last 5 or so lol. But they are all WORTHY!

A newly joined internet radio guy. A friend of mine who I got to come over here and release his radio shows on this platform!

Hist first post, show him some newcomer love!!!!


I don't know. You make yourself looking like some internal god. Who are you to select posts or members for voting just because you put your silly pic on every of your posts?

After more than four years trying to support my family by growing coffee, I now reveal all!


Thanks for the great content @jerrybanfield

Please check out this well written emotional & real life experience shared by @diabolika on why "A dog is indeed a man’s best friend"

This post is about bringing the community together and helping us educate ourselves more on creating online income opportunities. https://steemit.com/money/@bitdollar/online-income-opportunities-1-what-ways-do-you-make-money-online

I choose this post with a new user who is advertising steemit on his youtube channel with more than 63k subscribers, please support him, he is a very important player : https://steemit.com/steemit/@rulesforrebels/steemit-is-it-worth-your-time-and-effort

Its great to see all minnows flourishing well. You're helping them really good jerry sir. I actually love your posts and this gesture to help all possible minnows who are in a dire need of exposure. You're just great.
Thank you @aarellanes for selecting my submission.
For upvotable 21, I have a post to submit. This is a post written by @annaguzc. She is telling how to motivate our children into positive way so that they can become smart and remain positive.
Read it once please.

THIS post is incredible but the person's rep is over 60 :(

This is great resource for newbies. Thank you!

Thank you for commenting!

Thank you so much @jerrybanfield and @aarellanes for selecting my nominated post for Upvotable #20. Your incredible efforts are really uplifting minnows who want to contribute quality content to the community.

I would like to nominate, these two posts for Upvotable #21.

1. This is a brief motivational post for Steemit users by @trendhobo. The author also shares some tips to succeed on Steemit:


2. This is a very informative post for Steemit users who use Chrome to surf steemit.com. The author @mobbs shares two awesome Chrome plugins which can give us easy access to steemit and to the profiles of our favourite members:


Hope you'll like the articles. Thanks :)

steemit tag post WILL NOT be accepted.

Ok. Will take care of it in future submissions. :)

@jerrybanfield - I happened to come across this post https://steemit.com/teammalaysia/@cikxaijen/some-of-the-best-photos-from-malaysia-sea-games written by @cikxaijen which highlights some phenomenal talent at the 29th Annual 'Sea Games' competition. This year it is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prior to reading the post I had never heard of the Sea Games. @cikxaijen did a wonderful job compiling images from different events - the posts end with an amazing image of "Anime-like Fencing - Double Light Exposure Technique" which is mind blowing

@cikxaijen has a reputation of 52 and I'm very surprised that even with a small promo bump to the post from myself - it still isn't getting the attention I believe it deserves.

This post is endorsed for "Upvotable 21" by @krytonika

Please Upvote this post, comment if you think it deserves the recognition to help it stand out for Jerry and friends to read and hopefully include in the next Upvotable

JERRY - Would you kindly use this post in "Upvotable 21" to help this post be seen so others can learn about Sea Games and the impact it is having on the people of Malaysia who are very proud to have it hosted in their country this year. Thank You

I would like to nominate the article "6 Vital Skills for High-Functioning Autistics" by @cheah for its great insight on the difficulties people with ASS have in functioning in a 'neurotypical' defined world. https://steemit.com/life/@cheah/6-vital-skills-for-high-functioning-autistics

The principal! He will give me TP! I would hate for my bungholio to get polio....Where I come from, we have no bunghole.

This post is about a cool crypto news feed that makes it easy to keep up to date with the latest posts from the leading crypto blogs, news and information sites on the web. Thanks Jerry.

Post needs more info and must be much longer.

Hey Jerry,
I made a comic strip about mushrooms. I hope you like it and thanks for doing this!

Why I like mushrooms cover.jpg

Hi Jerry, I hope it's ok that I post my own work as a suggestion.

I'm sorry if that appears conceited; it's just that I put A LOT of work in (5-6 hours per post) and I think the work is very high quality but I struggle to gain many new followers because I have no real presence online.

You can see this as one of my most recent posts :) https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@heavey/i-ve-studied-the-top-500-cryptos-there-s-profit-to-be-made

All the best with your work and your incredible effort to promote Steemit on other platforms. Keep up the good work mate :)

Awesome, Thank you for supporting and inspiring us, minnows! :)
In this post I take you with me on a roadtrip to one of many beautiful Slovenian region's for a refreshment in these hot summer days : https://steemit.com/nature/@warrkin/another-refreshing-hot-summer-weekend-savinjska-valley-slovenia
Thank you again, have a nice day #keepsteemin

Always amazing to have the content you write being recognised! Thank you so much! For the first time in my life, I feel like what I write is actually making a difference! I know the post mentioned was just one of my fun ones... but you catch my drift hehehe - Thank you @jerrybanfeld!!! Much love to you xxx

Love the uniform by the way ;) hehe

Doesnt he look like an old school professor?

rightly so :)

A best steemit definition is Reward for Passion. Its nice meeting you here

A Great Post by @vikbuddy on how to overcome Failures. Everyone must read this. Very helpful : https://steemit.com/life/@vikbuddy/how-to-overcome-failure

OMG! Thank you! I was hoping that this post would be shared! :D

I would like to nominate @kafkanarchy84 lastest post, as he is doing a good job in charity. If I win the SBD, I will send the SBD to this guy so that he wil help more people. https://steemit.com/steemit/@kafkanarchy84/guys-this-is-why-steemit-is-huge-real-charity-no-middleman-bullshit-in-action

Place widgets like this on your website:


I upvoted this comment with only 1% to get it just a little bit more visible... oh my good this still feels so bad. >.<

:O This is sweet!

Thank you! Have you tried it? :)

great post

Just released a new portrait tutorial! I would love if you guys checked it out. @jerrybanfield @aarellanes https://steemit.com/art/@barrysamways/how-to-draw-johnny-depp-art-lesson

I really took my time before putting this one out #qualitynotquantity #teamjerry

DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is CRAZY GOOD Barry!!!!! The payout is over $10

aww well figured you would want to check it out anyway buddy :) glad you like it.

Can I share my own post or should it be a post of someone else or both? A Really great idea!

This post is explaining how to have a banner on his account page on Steemit. It helps french community and others.

Ce post dit comment avoir une bannière sur son compte Steemit.


Great initiative here, Jerry!

Hi! I'd love to share some beautiful flowers to everyone. Thanks! Have a great day!

Please may i understand what Upvotable means and how to participate. Thanks

We take Post recommendations from the community. and if selected the post gets upvoted and the person that submits it gets 10 SBD (if someone elses post)

Great concept.

Here's some cryptopunk I think you might like @jerrybanfield. Looks like it got picked up by a deflated bot trail.


Very great post @jerrybanfield
I've just upvote this post

This guy is a great published author who shares excerpts from his works currently in progress... so neat to have this stuff on the block chain before it's ever even published in the main channels of literature.


You make incredible posts!

its not always the most flashy posts that are the best
i have been following tarazkp a while now and he writes the most interesting and inspiring posts
check for yourself:

This's a great idea. Here are some of my Manhattan skyline pictures at sunset I'd love to share with everybody. Thanks!

A great digital photographer, videographer, and SteemIt evangelist out dragging new members to Steemit (like myself):


Free Things to Do in Singapore (travel blog)
HOW YOGA CHANGED MY LIFE -many steamians didn't believe this blog was real but she showed her picture with her steemit sign :) https://steemit.com/empowerment/@ilze/how-yoga-changed-my-life
The Endless Stair

Good post I Upvote you

Hi Jerry! Appreciate you curating our content!

Here are my newest nature photos:

Hi Jerrybanfield! How are you I want to learn with your class then i would be send you money by BTC address but your course have no that choice me to send as btc then how can i send you the money to your school . cos i am Cambodian. please kindly help me to learn with your school.

Ill look into those . Your suggestions are always good .

Thank you :)

wow intersting.. follow

Hello @jerrybanfield, the person who wrote this post is very helpful to the community with his upvotes. He has helped me alot. His name is @libertyteeth. I would like to see him considered. Thank you

If you are married, you are definitely going to love this ! 😁https://steemit.com/meme/@imagicnation/honesty-at-its-best
Hope you enjoyed that...
With love:

Well Indeed they are good posts. But someone said only those posts which are without steemit tag, is it @jerrybanfield

My Gaming Post :P

Gaming History: Ultima Underworld "The most important game you should play"

Gaming History: Heroes of Might and Magic 2 "What fairytale should look like"

I really enjoy your posts.

Nice post, beautifully presented!!, Upvoted :)

Please follow me @ksvvb

thanks for giving us nice tips on new people to follow @jerrybanfield :)
hopefully there's room for more circus and juggling in steemit. I started to post content here around one month ago.

hope you can help spreading it.


thank you so much

Sorry @lucasgabd #introduceyourself posts will not be selected.

hahahaha no problem. well. I'll keep trying. maybe next time. ;)


how can i convert my steem to steem power?

If you already have steem in your steemit wallet then follow this simple step and get it done. go to wallet,click steem,click power up. Its that easy. if you do not have steem in your wallet then you must purchase from any exchange (i recommend bittrex, a leading US based crypto-currency exchange).

Hi Jerry, Not on subject, but where does one buy IOTA? Bitfinex is not taking new business from the US. Thanks.

Thanks for this opportunity. I am still VERY new to Steemit, but loving the platform. I love to see communities grow off in all directions: music, art, motorcycles, stamp collecting... The longterm strength of a new social media platform will ride on the passion of specific community champions, then the adoption by members of those specific communities. Let's be broad and passionate with our content :) Here is a post to consider.
Cheers, BuckyDurddle

Sranan Folktales is a horror web series about Surinamese traditional beliefs and superstitions.

keep it up

I really love these Upvotable, such a great concept to support and improve our community and content! I enjoyed this beer review: https://steemit.com/beer/@jarendesta/the-lord-of-the-beer-26-skoll
@meesterboom had another great blogpost from a vacation trip: https://steemit.com/life/@meesterboom/beware-the-dolmus
This was a fun read as well: https://steemit.com/music/@melbookermusic/is-a-nashville-telecaster-just-a-strat-in-disguise

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